Thursday Humor

I realized yesterday it has been a while since I shared the latest COVID-19 memes, so that is what we have today. We’re all tired of social distancing and working from home, but it looks like the virus will be with us for a while longer.

Spending time scouring the internet may seem like a waste of time, but with the car broken down and my computer acting up, it was a nice break from reality. Or at least a part of reality.

I will be first to admit my sense of humor is an acquired taste. My wife isn’t sure I even have a sense of humor – she doesn’t think I’m funny. She may be right. But I’m going to share these anyway, and I have more for Friday.

Welcome to 2020.


I must admit, I guffawed at this one. I know (think?) it is staged, but I can see it happening.



This explains a lot. I have noticed there appear to be more birds singing this year.



I couldn’t resist this one, even though it is more social commentary than humor.


And one last one for today – also more social commentary than not. We humans have a tendency to mess up the simplest of things.


And that’s it for me until tomorrow. I’m hoping the images my computer rejected today will be acceptable then. I thought I was in charge, but apparently I was deluded.


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  1. Great!

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