Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Big Give

I’m not really a garage sale sort of person. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate a bargain, but driving from place to place looking for one doesn’t appeal to me. It seems too much like work. I know there are people for whom garage sales are a major hobby. They are up at the […]

Mamertine Prison

It was the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. That was just a coincidence. Even though I am a skeptic I paid the small admission fee to see the cell where Paul (and supposedly Peter too) was held during his time as a prisoner in Rome. I am a skeptic. If you want me […]

The Church

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” That line is a paraphrase of a statement popularized by philosopher George Santayana. It was running through my mind a lot this week, with the news that Ottawa’s Northwestern United Church building is being sold to the mosque next door. I assume the reason […]

The Mosque

The first mosque I ever visited was in a Toronto building that started its life as a Presbyterian church. I don’t think that usage was predestined. It was the Summer of 1989 and the mosque visit was part of an orientation session being given before we moved to Africa. I think the idea was that, […]


I don’t know where this picture came from or what it is doing on my computer. What I do know is that I couldn’t decide what to post today. After cat pictures I think food pictures are the most common thing shared on the internet. But I don’t understand why anyone would care about any […]

Tulipfest 2016 III

I took about 100 pictures of tulips Sunday night, and reaction has been positive to the ones I posted here, so I am going to the well one last time. I’m not a flower person, but you might be. And some of these look more like a Van Gogh painting than a photograph. Enjoy the […]

Tulipfest 2016 II

As I mentioned yesterday, going to see the tulips at sundown made them look somehow different than last year’s midday visit. I’m not a person known for my colour sense (there’s a medical reason for that) so I’m not sure if describing what I saw as being mostly pastels makes much sense. To me many […]

Tulipfest 2016

Ottawa’s annual Tulip Festival wrapped up Monday. Most years I ignore the event, not being all that enamoured of watching flowers grow (though admittedly it is more interesting than watching paint dry). However, being a dutiful husband, when my wife said “let’s go see the tulips,” I went to see the tulips. And enjoyed myself […]

2003 Cats

In a shameless attempt to drive traffic to this site, and knowing that the internet was invented for sharing cat pictures, today is a cat photo essay. I found these in a file labelled 2003 on my backup drive. given that I am not a big cat fan, I can only assume these were taken […]

Opening Day

On the first day of the baseball season the stadium really is a field of dreams. Everything is potential; the harshness of reality has yet to take hold. Thursday night the Ottawa Champions took the field for the first time in 2016. (Starting the season here before mid-May leaves you at risk for snow. I […]