Monthly Archives: October 2018

Liliental – IV (Wanderer)

Came across this sculpture at a lookout on the trail in the Liliental forest. It seems to fit nicely into its environment.   Advertisements

Up In Smoke

Take a deep breath. On second thought, maybe you had better not. The second-hand smoke is likely to be pretty thick. Canada’s Liberal government has finally kept an election promise, albeit one that should not have been made. Today, possession and use of recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada. Criminal lawyers are rejoicing. The business […]

Liliental – III

Saturday was a perfect day to enjoy the fall colours.

Liliental – II

More images from Saturday’s walk through this forest area.

Liliental – I

Our neighbours suggested a walk in the forest in the Liliental area, about an hour’s drive from Sulzburg. Yesterday was a warm (25C) Autumn day, perfect for such an outing. We weren’t the only ones with that idea. There were hundreds of people on the walking trails, enjoying the fall colours. The change of seasons […]

The Waiting Room

I have posted this before. It was written three years ago today, when the future was a very big unknown. There has been much change in my life in the past three years – change that would not have happened if that surgery had been unsuccessful. It seems appropriate therefore to post it again, for […]

On The Bus Again

Took the bus yesterday, for the first time since coming back to Germany. It hasn’t changed in the three months since my last trip. When I was in German class, I took the bus every day and wrote most of the posts you read here on the trip. I used to do the same thing […]