Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Breaking Dawn

No the best of views from my hotel room, but I was still moved by the beauty of sunrise over the Mediterranean.

Improving Air Travel – II

I had to pass through Athens Airport last week. I really can’t tell you anything about the place, other than that it now tops my list of least favourite airports. I took no pictures to share with you, there wasn’t time. You could say it was at least partly my fault. When I booked my […]

View From Above

I glanced out the airplane window and then looked again, concentrating this time. We were flying somewhere over Greece, a place I have never been to before (and still haven’t been – I was only changing planes in Athens). Something about the landscape below struck me, a certain beauty that seemed different, though I’m not […]

Improving Air Travel – I

I think I mentioned a little while back that I was retiring my “Waiting For A Plane” series, which had reached 30 installments, of posts written in airport waiting areas. So I am not sure how to characterize this one, which was written yesterday in Munich while I was waiting for a plane. I have […]

I Went For A Walk

Took a different route than usual, wound up in the vineyards to the west of Sulzburg, with views of both Laufen and Ballrechten-Dottingen. You can see the fall colours in the vineyards. I have no idea how long the warm fall weather is going to last – but I intend to take full advantage while […]

No Partridge…

…but I did find a pear tree. Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I took a mid-afternoon break fro a walk through the vineyards at the edge of town, choosing to go west instead of my usual east. (East is closer and less hilly.) I had heard that it was zero Celsius back in Canada, […]

A Cheap Shot…

… but do you think there’s a certain element of truth in it?

Eugene Peterson – Influencer

I never met Eugene Peterson, who died Monday at age 85, but I was well aware of his influence. You can find an outpouring of affection and appreciation online, and I am not going to add to that. I do think it fitting though that I re-post this piece, which ran April 16, 2016. When […]

Notes From My Spam Folder

I try not to look too often in my email spam folder, the “junk” mail filtered out by my service provider. It usually is junk, though occasionally some of the mailings I subscribe to wind up there. I just checked it for the first time in a few weeks and discovered I have been missing […]

Another Walk In The Vineyards

It was a hazy Sunday afternoon, and the cool weather has finally started. For me that means the leftover grapes in the fields are getting close to my preferred temperature. I like them cool, as if they had been refrigerated. Warm grapes don’t appeal to me. So I was pleased that, for whatever reason, there […]