Monthly Archives: January 2019

Language Issues

I can’t decide. Is German a rich language full of imagery, or one with a weak vocabulary that fails to provide adequate scope for expression? The latest linguistic curiosity I have come across is the German word for glove. You know, those things you cover your hands with when it gets cold in winter. Not […]

Weinberg in Flammen – II

Just  a picture post today – the hills above Britzingen and the Weinberg in Flammen festival from Saturday night.

Weinberg in Flammen – I

Most people have heard about the big festivals of the world, such as New Orleans Mardi Gras and Rio’s Carneval. But you probably haven’t heard of Weinberg in Flammen. Saturday night was the annual “Vineyard in Flames” festival in Britzingen, or maybe I should translate that as Wine Hill in Flames.” Britzingen is about five […]

Wanted: Leaders For Our Times

Ever have a love/hate relationship? That’s what I have been having with Moral Leadership for a Divided Age. I love this book. I hate this book. I am inspired. I want to scream. Why did they do this to me? The premise is simple enough. If you want to understand leadership, just look at leaders. […]

Bell Tower

Sometimes you don’t notice what is right in front of your face. After more than a year in Sulzburg I noticed for the first time this past week that the bell tower of St. Cyriak church is lit at night. It is just around the corner from our apartment, I’m sure I must have walked […]

Small Things

One of the differences between Canada and Europe is size. Everything seems so small here. That isn’t my imagination, it is a reflection of everyday life. Refrigerators are smaller, which means food comes in smaller packages. The biggest size of butter I can get is 250 grams, and the largest milk is a litre. For […]

The Geriatric Vote

There is a certain prestige involved in being the world’s oldest person. The oldest living person on record (Biblical accounts are not considered records in these things) was a Russian woman who died earlier this week, supposedly at age 128. Her age has been disputed – there were no records of her birth, and allegations […]


There is an old tower in Sulzburg that has intrigued me since I first noticed it a year ago. It looks to be about 400 years old, a remnant of the walls that once surrounded the city. It was behind one of those walls, and I could find no way to get to it. If […]

Not So Fantastic Beasts

The Academy Award nominations were announced yesterday. Not surprisingly, I haven’t seen any of the nominees. It isn’t that I don’t like movies. I’m not a big movie-goer, but when we lived in Canada, I would usually have seen at least half of the Best Picture nominees over the course of the year. I never […]

Winter Wonderland

I am a Canadian. Talking about the weather is our national pastime. Especially in winter. In my small corner of Germany though there doesn’t seem to be the same incentive. There is no winter here, though I have trouble convincing Germans of that. Like Canadians, they love to talk about winter weather. Last winter I […]