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Are These Thoughts Dated?

In June 2016, right after the UK voted to leave the EU, I shared some thoughts about what the Brexit vote would mean for US politics and the upcoming presidential election. Seemed obvious to me, but apparently it wasn’t to the Democrats. Re-reading, I see some Canadian parallels as well. One paragraph in particular struck […]

Before The Vision

Welcome to re-run time. Some of my favorite posts, mostly older and travel related, while I myself am on the road. While I am away I am busily writing new material which will start appearing here when I get home next month. I’m already looking forward to sharing the new material with you (six posts […]

Now There Are Six…

We are in the home stretch, more or less. The contest to see who will be the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (and potentially Canada’s next Prime Minister) has been narrowed to six candidates. I think there were about a dozen this time last week, as candidates scrambled to meet the deadline […]

First Impressions

“It’s great to have a vision but you have to be able to actually get things done.” That is the challenge facing Conservative Party leadership hopeful Leona Alleslev. Can she convince enough party members that her vision of Canada is the right one (pun intended), and then convince Canadian voters to allow her to implement […]

Not Even A Long Shot

Last week I heard Roman Baber speak. You are forgiven for saying “who?” It was a political meeting, a chance to meet one of the candidates running to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and probably our next Prime minister. Baber is one of the candidates perceived to have an almost zero chance […]

Yesterday’s Man? Maybe Not

Sometimes perceptions don’t match reality. I saw that in action this past week. The race is on to find a leader for the Conservative Party of Canada, to replace Erin O’Toole who was ousted by the party caucus earlier this year. I’m following the race closely, given that the new leader may very well be […]

No April Fool’s Joke

The price of gas went up at the pumps today. I’m not sure by how much, because I haven’t been out yet. News reports earlier suggested the hike would be 11 cents a litre (44 cents an American gallon). Certainly the war in Ukraine has been the cause of some of the recent hikes in […]

I’m Not A Doctor…

Back in the 1980s there was a television ad, for cough syrup, I think, featuring an actor who said “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on television.” It was as if TV conveyed authority and expertise.  We know it doesn’t. If it did, reality television star Donald Trump would have done a much […]

It’s Not The Bad Guys…

… who worry me, but the good guys. People who are obviously evil don’t last long. Dictators like Hitler or Stalin may have a short run, but in the end they are removed from power. What I fear more are the self-righteous, those sure their cause is just, and apparently unable to understand why anyone […]

Pictures of Leadership

There’s a lot I could say about Russia’s cowardly attack on Ukraine. I’ll save that for another day. I saw this graphic last night and was struck by what it says about leadership. There might be fewer wars if those in charge had to go into battle themelves.