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This Time Last Year…

In 2022 at this time the trucks were on their way across Canada to Ottawa. Over the next little while I’m going to repost some of my thoughts on the Freedom Convoy. It is going to be very interesting to see what happens when the Rouleau Commission inquiry report is released next month. Was the […]

The Red Chamber

The ongoing renovations in Canada’s parliamentary precinct means there has been a certainly amount of shuffling as buildings close and reopen  Canada’s Senate, for example, is now located in the government conference centre, moving there in 2018. The building was a railway station when I first was in it, about 1966. Then it sat empty […]

Taking Off – Maybe

The timing was fortuitous. When Canada’s Minister of National Defence announced that the government is buying 88 F-35 fighter jets, the announcement was timed for when the Prime Minister would be out the country.  That way he didn’t have to take any questions. For him this is an especially embarrassing purchase, which explains why the […]

Picking A Speaker

As 2023 starts we are reminded of the popular definition of insanity wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We’ve seen that at work in Washington this week. In many ways the American political system is broken, and constructive change is beyond the political will. Those […]

Deja Vu

The Public Health Agency of Canada announced it would not follow other countries’ lead to screen travelers from China for COVID-19. Just like in 2020. Then it reversed its decision. Just like in 2020. The Chinese government says such screening is racist and meant to punish the Chinese people. Just like in 2020. My suspicion […]

So Much I Could Say…

This video has had millions of views in just a couple of days if I am reading the analytics right. Does that mean it has gone viral? . There is so much I could say about the messaging, about government ads targeting children (which may violate Canadian advertising guidelines), about feeble attempts at humor, about […]

Only In Ottawa

The commission of public inquiry report on Ottawa’s light rail (LRT) system is out and the results are not pretty. As expected, the report isn’t complimentary towards those in charge of the multi-billion dollar project. Ordinarily you would expect repercussions for those who made bad, possibly illegal, moves while misleading the public and city council. […]

Don’t Vote For Me!

Municipal election day in Ontario is today, October 24. When I go to the local polling station I get to choose who I want to represnet me as mayor, councillor and school board trustee. One thing that I won'[t be doing is putting an X next to my own name. I was asked by several […]

The Goal

It was a moment that defined a generation. Any Canadian my age, and many much younger, can tell you exactly where they were 50 years ago today, the afternoon Paul Henderson scored the goal. Americans my age know where they were when they heard about the assasination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. For a previous […]

Is It Monday Already?

I couldn’t resist sharing this one to start the week. My first Zoom meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. (Well, I also have one at 4:30 a.m. that I routinely skip. Everyone else on that call is based in Europe, and we have an agreemment that my sleep is important.)  I’ve never suggested that Zoom […]