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What Pandemic Rights?

What is the responsibility of the state to keep its citizens healthy? Who decides what is appropriate? Where I live you are no longer allowed to walk along the streets, unless you are going to the doctor or the grocery store.  Police or other officials can stop you and ask where you are going. There […]

Land of Confusion

Are you as confused as I am? Or have Canada’s leaders lost touch with reality? You have to be 16 to get a driver’s licence. Eighteen to vote. And that isn’t all. There are age restrictions on who can smoke tobacco or marijuana, or legally drink alcohol. You can’t serve in the military until you […]

Narrowing The Field

Last week pundits were calling Bernie Sanders unstoppable in the race for the US Democratic party nomination. Now Joe Biden is the front runner. Last week Biden’s campaign looked all but over. Now other big-name candidates have dropped out, throwing their support to him in the hopes of stopping Sanders. Biden is the hope of […]

Lessons Learned? Probably Not.

It isn’t over. But at least the trains are running, for the most part. Passenger and freight trains were shut down in Canada for a couple of weeks. Not by weather, but by protesters. Rather than jump into the fray immediately, I thought I should take time to reflect on Canada’s recent political/economic crisispolitical/economic crisis. […]

Mere Propaganda

I had great plans for Thursday, then my computer developed a mind of its own. Which is why you are reading this post, a repeat from January 2015.     In our post-modern world Truth seems to have become a relative where it once was an absolute. Perhaps this is a logical consequence of the progression […]

An Election Non-Issue

Americans are voting in November. One issue that you are pretty much guaranteed to hear almost nothing about is gun control. Americans love their guns, and, on what seems like a regular basis, someone with a grudge will take one of those guns and shoot several innocent people. I think such incidents happen more in […]

The Other Candidates

American media is focusing on the race to find a Democrat to take on President Donald Trump in November’s election and ignoring what may be a more interesting race. There is a contest for the Republican nomination. Maybe contest is too generous a description. No-one expects Trump to lose his party’s nomination. That just doesn’t […]