Monthly Archives: December 2022

New Year’s Eve 2022

It’s been a difficult year for many people and for society at large. The COVID-19 pandemic continues, inflation is at the highest level in 40 years, our leaders seem clueless as to how to solve our problems, there are wars and rumors of wars…and teh list is never-ending. It seems appropriate therefore to end 2022 […]

Another Year Ends…

I feel as if I should be marking the end of 2022 here somehow, but I am not sure exactly how. For many people it has been a year best forgotten quickly. The COVID -19 pandemic seems to drag on, though at least the panic part seems to have died down as we have come […]

A Favorite Place

Had to change planes in Istanbul recently. With only three hours between flights there was no time to leave the airport to show my family the city that may be my favorite in Europe. Instead I just thought of the places I had seen, and today one of the highlights of a previous trip. This […]

Time Flies

Been a while since I went with a rerun here, but I thought today would be a good one. This post is from eight years ago today. Back then I hadn’t thought about the longevity of this blog – I was hoping to chronicle my summer vacation, and hadn’t thought of what would come next. […]

Completely Random

Looking through half-finished blog posts on my phone I came across one dealing with pandemic restrictions. It’s out of date now, of course, and I presume I had reasons for not publishing it at the time, though I don’t remember what they were. The post had this graphic inserted into it. I don’t know why. […]

Welcome to Boxing Day

There’s been a social shift in the past decade. Boxing Day is no longer what it once was. It used to be the day you got the best shopping deals, as retailers sought to unload leftover merchandise in the post-Christmas period. And they still do that. But the sales don’t seem as big. It’s Black […]

Merry Christmas!

May you have a peaceful day, filled with love from friends and family. Mine is shaping up to be anything but peaceful – but there will still be lots of love. Really, could I ask for anything more? Being human, I suppose I could. No need for details – I’ll save them for a future […]

Waiting on Christmas Eve

It is a time of waiting. Always has been. Christmas Eve. As a child we were waiting for the church service to end perhaps. Or for the snow to fall. Or for morning when presents could be opened. (We were envious of those whose tradition allowed them to open their gifts on Christmas Eve.) It […]

So Much I Could Say…

This video has had millions of views in just a couple of days if I am reading the analytics right. Does that mean it has gone viral? . There is so much I could say about the messaging, about government ads targeting children (which may violate Canadian advertising guidelines), about feeble attempts at humor, about […]

Reducing Christmas Stress

For many people, Christmas is a stressful season. It isn’t supposed to be. We just make it that way. I realized this week that I could reduce my stress by postponing some things until the new year. I canceled a meeting – and the other particpants thanked me profusely. They too were trying to squeeze […]