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Wednesday’s Advice

    Of course you have to know before you pick up the phone that it is a telemarketer – which can be difficult, even with call display. I worked in radio for years – when I answered the phone that way it was true. Strangely enough, while I recall the odd solicitation on the […]

The Best Laid Plans…


You have been warned!

Saturday Pet Care

I think the first time I saw this one was before the internet was invented. I smiled when I came across it again yesterday and decided it was worth sharing.  How To Give a Cat a Pill 1) Pick cat up and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a […]

Gun Culture

There have been many words, probably millions, written in the past couple of weeks after the  latest mass shooting in the United States. I debated whether I was going to contribute to the discussion, wrote a post and put it on the back burner, deciding that a few more days or weeks to percolate was […]

Sunday Stretch

Just a little something to exercise your brain this morning. I’m a written word guy – I love to read. This seems simple, until you try it. I couldn’t do it on the first try, but found if I take it slowly and concentrate, I can get all the way through this correctly. How about […]