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Dining Etiquette

Apparently I was wrong yesterday – today’s post isn’t longer. I do admire people with a sense of humour though. If I had seen this sign I would have thought it was a warning that knives, forks and cups were not permitted. I guess that means you would have to eat with your hands, but […]

Is it Tuesday already?

Does it ever seem like there aren’t enough minutes in an hour to get everything done? Or days in the week? Or computers that cooperate? I promise (or at least I am hoping) to post something longer for tomorrow, but until then some humour to brighten your day. At least, I thought it was funny, […]

For Those Who Have Had A Long Week…

Need I say more?

Did You Order a Tuesday This Week?

Monday was one of those days. So was Sunday now that I think of it.  No time to think, no time to write. That’s what happens when you are up before the crack of dawn and out of the house. There was/is a seminar in Basel that I was/am attending. That means I’m missing a  […]

What A Bargain!

Like anyone with an Amazon account, I get regular emails with items that are recommended for me based on my past purchases. All part of the “service” designed to part me from my hard-earned money. Offhand I don’t remember ever actually purchasing any of those recommended items, though I appreciate the suggestions. Yesterday’s though, from […]

I Have Heard His Name Before…

…but seeing this quote in my Twitter feed (and a number of others when I went looking for the image) has convinced me that I want to read some works published by Stanford University professor Thomas Sowell. If what I saw quickly online is any indication, he has a tendency to speak his mind and […]

From me to you today…