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One Of Those Days…

The internet is all about funny cat videos – but I didn’t have the energy to find one for you today. Sometimes the start of the work week is like that. Advertisements

Why Today’s Post is Late

The picture sort of explains it all. And I make no promises for tomorrow either.

Just A Thought

I’ve Been Warned

I bought a new computer mouse. But I’m not sure if it is safe to use it. Maybe you can help me. The mini-mouse that I was using died about a year ago. I have used  the touchpad on my laptop, but it is sometimes not as  precise as I would like, So when I […]

Saturday Already

I had great plans, but I am moving in slow motion today. So instead of weighing in with several hundred well-chosen words about Canada’s latest political scandal, just this unattributed quote I ran across on the internet. I’d tell you where it came from, but I forgot to write it down. I’ll try to do […]

Is This Really Necessary?

Germany, as anyone who lives here can tell you, is a land of rules and regulations. It is a minefield for newcomers who are going to make some minor transgressions of laws written and unwritten – and you can be sure your neighbors will tell you after the fact. When I saw this sign though, […]

Groundhog Day

It is February 2, Groundhog Day, the day North Americans believe a rodent will emerge from its burrow and tell them when Spring will arrive. I don’t believe it. That is because I used to be a groundhog.  Before you wonder about my sanity or spirituality, I should say it has nothing to do with […]