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Simple Logic

Our re-runs continue, but I thought we should take a break from travel for a couple of days. I wrote this one in 2015. I’m not sure if my mother ever read it – she didn’t make it online until 2017, when she was 88. She read the daily posts here, but she never mentioned […]

A Picture Is Worth…

Welcome to re-run time. Some of my favorite posts, mostly older and travel related, while I myself am on the road. This post, from 2014 gave new meaning to an old proverb. If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then I don’t need to say too much today. Maybe it’s my eyes, but […]

Take The Day Off

Just a few smiles for this Saturday.

Still A Classic

It is Good Friday. Seems appropriate to replay this radio drama and post from 2015. As a radio guy I have a great appreciation for the traditions of the medium. I missed the golden age of radio drama. By the time I was born television, though still in its infancy, was beginning to take off. […]

Thursday Smiles

I figured it was about time to laugh again with some pandemic jokes. After two years though it is tough to find ones you haven’t seen already. So I thought I’d throw in the story below. Yes, I’m making you read – but you can visualize the pictures. One day, just before the gates open […]

Tuesday Again

I had planned on posting earlier today. The reason I didn’t is below. I hope to do better tomorrow.

Language Lesson

Yes, I have posted this before, but it has been almost six years, so you might not remember it. I thought it might bring a smile to the start of your Monday.

Two Smiles

Just a couple of lighter moments today. I’m running behind schedule.

Smile…It’s Monday

I have mentoned before that I don’t share the aversion to Mondays felt by so many. I usually like my work. I have been wondering if the reaction to Mondays is as acute as it once was, given that so many people now work from home. The days just seem to blur. A day-at-a-time calendar […]

The Question

Another older post resurfacing today, this one from March 3, 2015. In case your math skills are poor, that is seven years ago today. Wheo knew I would be posting still in 2022? Why do people ask me what my favorite Bible verse is? I just don’t get it. Is it some type of spiritual […]