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Tuesday’s Filler

I’ll admit it, I am too lazy to finish a post for today. Or too busy doing other things. I’ll let you decide which. But I figured I should provide you with an opportunity to laugh – even if I am making you read the jokes.

Monday Reflections

I thought I would wait until later in the day to do a Monday humor post. Most of us have finished work by now, and maybe you need something to make you smile. Even if it isn’t a need, I hope you get a chuckle from these images. Some Mondays feel that way, don’t they?

Friday’s Thoughts

The day is almost over, and I need to lighten up a little. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead – though I would describe it as “good busy.” I’m hoping to get caught up on a few things that I didn’t get to this week, but they are self-imposed deadlines. So to end your Friday, […]

Life Is Like That Sometimes

It isn’t that they didn’t have GPS back in those days (which is where the recalculating joke comes from if you haven’t used one). Nor is it that difficult to get from point A to point B navigating by sun and stars, even with a million people. It wasn’t a geographical challenge that kept the […]

Dinner For One

Some things just don’t make sense. Or perhaps they are just weird  Which which can make them more fun. New Year’s Eve, 2022, found my family together in Cairo. It was the first time in years, a decade or more, since we had all celebrated in the same location. It was there I discovered a […]

It Still Works

I posted this eight years ago – and I got a laugh when I tried it again today. I couldn’t resist – can you? If you are like me you will be left with a lot of questions. Sorry, I have no answers in this instance.

Resisting Temptation

A couple of years back I clicked on a link for a clothing company that makes t-shirts with amusing slogans. I almost bought one. That I didn’t stems from a couple of things. One is that I don’t need more clothes, or if I do it isn’t t-shirts I need. My radio career left me […]

Must Be Monday

The Aftermath

Jordan Peterson has come and gone, and Ottawa is none the worse for the experience. And Monday, the day he was in the city, the Dilbert comic strip made reference to the attempts by the Ontario College of Psychologists to have Peterson submit to some sort of reeducation program to bring his message into line […]

I Couldn’t Resist…

…adding some humor to your Monday.