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Sunday Funnies


Public Service Announcement

A friend sent this video to me. I can’t properly describe my reaction. Horror and amusement mixed maybe. But it does get across the essential of how to stay safe in this pandemic, so I figured why not share it.

Hoarders Beware!

I had a post I really wanted to share today, then I looked at the date. Something along the lines of this picture seemed more appropriate. If only this picture were true….


Maybe people haven’t been stocking up on toilet paper and pasta because they are afraid. Maybe this new art form is all the rage. I wish I was that creative.  

Not What You Were Expecting

I wrote an introduction to today’s post that developed a life of its own – you may see it tomorrow or the next day. It was too serious on a day I wanted to be funny, or as funny as I ever am. My plan was to write something that didn’t involve pandemics or politics, […]

That Unbroken Circle

I have never traveled further south in the USA than New York City. Which is probably why I had never heard of Sean Dietrich, who blogs as “Sean of the South.” He’s a big deal down there. That means I didn’t know what to expect with Will The Circle Be Unbroken, which hits stores today. […]

Friday Already?

I don’t have anything profound to share today. Well, I do, but I want to let it percolate a bit more before I tell you. So today instead a little bit of humor I posted here four years ago. I still think it is funny.