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Your Saturday Smile

It has been a long time since I published any humor about COVID-19 or the pandemic. I guess as it drags on people aren’t finding it funny anymore. And we can’t count on Donald Trump to say something to make us all laugh. Today just a few things that were scarpy the bottom of the […]

The Sign

Saw this for sale in a store on the weekend. Almost bought it. But then I couldn’t decide where I would hang it.

I’m A Winner

I’d been working for a few hours, so the timing was good – I needed a break. The phone scam was new to me, so I played along. The caller told me I had won $85,000 from some online gaming board. I should have been taking notes – much of what was said I didn’t […]

What About The Food?

The signs in front of this Texas restaurant show a great sense of humor. Does it matter what the food tastes like? Anybody been there? Somebody on staff seeme to come up with a new sign message each day. You can view hundreds online. I want to know how I can get that job. I […]

Monday Morning Smiles

Allegedly these are all real signs you can find in Texas. You’ll pardon me if I express my doubts – some I suspect have been edited for effect. I discovered them when I decided to hit some click-bait on Twitter. Most of the photos ddn’t make me laugh – but these were amusing enough for […]

Who’s On First?

It is a classic comedy skit, so old it’s origins predate television. Abbott and Costello with “Who’s On First.” The television version above dates from 1953. Even though i know what is coming, I still find it funny. Which is probably why I enjoyed the updated script a friend posted to Facebook recently. I found […]

Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

I don’t remember when I first came across this one. Which may be because it was sitting in my draft posts file for the past five years. I have heard this sentiment expressed in several different ways over the years. I sympathize, but to me it seems incomplete. When I make a mistake, I hope […]

That Time Again

Today some more COVID images. We will return soon to our regularly scheduled programming. Long before society does.

More Monday Smiles

I saved some from yesterday to start your week with a laugh, I hope.

Time To Smile

In theory the end of this pandemic is in sight. Vaccination rates are up, cases of COVID-19 are down, societies are opening up. Can somebody inform Canada’s Prime Minister? Doesn’t seem that much is changing here, despite now leading the world in the percentage of the population to have received at least one dose of […]