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Is This The Beginning?

Heading off on vacation, and I’ve been waffling about what to do here. Normally when I travel I repost some of my favorites, but I’ve been feeling to lazy to do even that. So today some humor-related cartoons. If you aren’t traveling today they are probvably pretty funny. If you arfe, especially if you are […]

The Joys of Flying

I was looking at flights for a business trip this fall, and dreading the process. None of the options allowed me to avoid Toronto’s Pearson Airport, which in recent months has been the worst in the world (Yay Canada, we’re number one!) when this list came to mind. You can tell it is an old […]

Changing Science

I don’t remember where I found this one. Twitter probably. I thought it was funny. I’m actually rather sympathetic towards the World Heath Organization and the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, mistakes were made, but I doubt they were deliberate. You could make a strong case that they did the best they could under the circumstances – […]

Starting Another Work Week

After taking the weekend off from this space (did you miss me?), it is time to get back into a rhythm. But no-one wants to really want to do that on a sunny summer day, especially when it is Monday. So let’s try for a little humor instead. Maybe if we ease into the week […]

Thursday’s Smiles

Sunday Grammar

Yes, I shared this one before, but I was smiling at it again yesterday so thought it was worth passing on for those who haven’t seen it before.

More Than Anger?

From the front it is just another car. But there’s a warning to those driving behind. I saw this car parked in a Cairo neighborhood and was left with qustions. The first being, I wonder what percentge of people here read and understand English? Then I wondered, is the driver suggesting he or she is […]

Do You Agree?

And all the people said “Amen!”

Summertime Thought

Beach reading season is officially with us. I thought this was an appropriate reminder for the end of June. I do read a fair amount of books electronically, but not usually by choice – and certainly not outdoors where the glare makes reading difficult. Sometimes though there is no paper option. I will say though, […]

No Rhythm

Trying to get caught up still after being away for a month, and I haven’t found a rhythm for my daily posts here. That will happen soon, I hope. Today just a few smiles with a Monday theme.