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Need I Say More?

Let’s call this “Throwback Thursday” with this post from October 2014.   If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then I don’t need to say too much today. Maybe it’s my eyes, but taking the shade into account, I don’t think the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. […]

Does This Make Sense?

  Okay, I know it is a non-sequitur. But some days you wonder if there is a correlation. When I first saw the statistic, I figured it was a joke, but there are too many respectable news outlets with the same story for it to be ‘fake news.’ And if you read the entire article, you […]


I was walking along Bank Street, the main north-south arterial in Ottawa when I noticed the storefront sign. For all I know it has been there for years, but usually I drive this stretch of road so I’m watching traffic not store signs. The spelling error, which I presume has been there for years, just […]

Temperature’s Rising

As I get older sometimes the memory isn’t what it used to be. I was doing some computer cleanup yesterday and came across this post. I wrote it a couple of years ago, but don’t remember ever sharing it with you. If I did, let me know and I’ll work on improving my memory so […]

How Often Do You Clean Your Ducks?

It happened again last night. A telephone solicitor trying to get me to have my ducts cleaned. I’m not sure how often it is necessary to have that work done, but there seems to always be someone “working in your neighbourhood” which means “we can offer a very good deal.” Pardon me for being skeptical. […]

So Much To Do…

If you suspect today’s image is designed to distract you from realizing that I didn’t provide you with my usual lengthy insights on life, the universe and everything, you are correct. I couldn’t make up my mind what to post today, and decided to keep it light rather than provide with with deep insights into […]

Tuesday’s Tale

You know how easy it is for stuff to pile up. Your intentions are good, but you get behind on some tasks and never get caught up. I have that problem with email.  If it is essential I read it immediately. Other stuff can wait. And wait. I promise myself I am going to deal with […]