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Relaxing on a Saturday

The weather forecast is good – I’m going to spend the day at the beach. But I couldn’t resist sharing this one with you before I go. I’ll probably get in trouble for posting this – I have friends and family members who are accountants. Please don’t take this personally.   Advertisements


I’ve posted this one before. Another reason why I try not to use the autocomplete feature. My phone is very creative with the options it gives me, but never have I had to deal with a choice like the one depicted below.  

Lost in Translation

As an anglophone struggling to survive in Germany, Google Translate is my best friend. I carry it with me everywhere on my phone and consult it frequently. I know though that it cannot always be trusted. My daughter was visiting, and I took her to the local mini-golf course, the one no-one except me ever […]

Bellying Up To The Bar

I’m sure the horse is underage – but that probably isn’t a big deal in Germany.    

You Have Been Warned

Might want to share this with others even if you don’t have a blog.

Dining Etiquette

Apparently I was wrong yesterday – today’s post isn’t longer. I do admire people with a sense of humour though. If I had seen this sign I would have thought it was a warning that knives, forks and cups were not permitted. I guess that means you would have to eat with your hands, but […]

Is it Tuesday already?

Does it ever seem like there aren’t enough minutes in an hour to get everything done? Or days in the week? Or computers that cooperate? I promise (or at least I am hoping) to post something longer for tomorrow, but until then some humour to brighten your day. At least, I thought it was funny, […]