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The Joys of Bureaucracy

Changed dental plans. Not a big deal. New plan came into effect on specific date. Went to the dentist on two days after that. Submitted claim. Claim denied. Telephoned to enquire as to why. Simple explanation. Plan went into effect on X date. I had gone to dentist on X plus two days. Asked them […]

Tuesday’s Truth

I was going to expand on these words of wisdom I found online. Then I thought that if you don’t already understand, no explanation will make it clear.

Saturday’s Smiles

I went looking online for something to brigfhten your day, and everything that came up seemed to come from the Bizarro comic strip. The newspaper I subscribe to doesn’t carry this one – I had forgotten how much it can make me smile. I hope it does the same for you.

I Didn’t Believe It…

… so I looked it up. Turns out you can believe some things you read on the internet. I do occasionally put forth arguments here on various issues. I have no illusions though that anyone is convinced by what I say – no matter how right I am.

First Day of School

I jumped the gun with Saturday’s post, but where I live today is really the first day of school – at all levels. Given that, I thought some back-to-school humor was in order.

Getting A Jump On Tuesday

School starts again Tuesday after summer break, at least in most places in Canada. There are a few schools that have already had students return. Even though it is Saturday, I thought a few back-to-school chuckles might be in order. I thought these were mildly amusing. Did you?

Is This The Beginning?

Heading off on vacation, and I’ve been waffling about what to do here. Normally when I travel I repost some of my favorites, but I’ve been feeling to lazy to do even that. So today some humor-related cartoons. If you aren’t traveling today they are probvably pretty funny. If you arfe, especially if you are […]

The Joys of Flying

I was looking at flights for a business trip this fall, and dreading the process. None of the options allowed me to avoid Toronto’s Pearson Airport, which in recent months has been the worst in the world (Yay Canada, we’re number one!) when this list came to mind. You can tell it is an old […]

Changing Science

I don’t remember where I found this one. Twitter probably. I thought it was funny. I’m actually rather sympathetic towards the World Heath Organization and the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, mistakes were made, but I doubt they were deliberate. You could make a strong case that they did the best they could under the circumstances – […]

Starting Another Work Week

After taking the weekend off from this space (did you miss me?), it is time to get back into a rhythm. But no-one wants to really want to do that on a sunny summer day, especially when it is Monday. So let’s try for a little humor instead. Maybe if we ease into the week […]