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Must Be Tuesday

I can’t remember if I have shared this before. If I have, it bears repeating. If I haven’t, today seems like a good day for it.

Wednesday’s Randomness

There are probably 50 partially written posts on my phone, and Tuesday I didn’t feel like finishing any of them. It must be the snow slowing me down. I thought instead of writing something I would find some humorous images online and share them with you. Last night almost nothing on the internet seemed funny […]

This Post Needs No Title

Need I Say More?

Let’s call this “Throwback Thursday” with this post from October 2014.   If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then I don’t need to say too much today. Maybe it’s my eyes, but taking the shade into account, I don’t think the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. […]

Does This Make Sense?

  Okay, I know it is a non-sequitur. But some days you wonder if there is a correlation. When I first saw the statistic, I figured it was a joke, but there are too many respectable news outlets with the same story for it to be ‘fake news.’ And if you read the entire article, you […]


I was walking along Bank Street, the main north-south arterial in Ottawa when I noticed the storefront sign. For all I know it has been there for years, but usually I drive this stretch of road so I’m watching traffic not store signs. The spelling error, which I presume has been there for years, just […]

Temperature’s Rising

As I get older sometimes the memory isn’t what it used to be. I was doing some computer cleanup yesterday and came across this post. I wrote it a couple of years ago, but don’t remember ever sharing it with you. If I did, let me know and I’ll work on improving my memory so […]