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The¬† month is over and for the second year in a row I failed to take part in any Oktoberfest activities. Soon they’ll be revoking my honorary German status. The closest I came was last week in Munich, which, as everyone knows is the spiritual centre of Oktoberfest. Well, I wasn’t actually in the city, […]

The Breaking Dawn

No the best of views from my hotel room, but I was still moved by the beauty of sunrise over the Mediterranean.

On The Bus Again

Took the bus yesterday, for the first time since coming back to Germany. It hasn’t changed in the three months since my last trip. When I was in German class, I took the bus every day and wrote most of the posts you read here on the trip. I used to do the same thing […]

Random Thoughts For Tuesday

I realized last night, as I was watching football online, that it was probably the first time in five years I had not done a thematic blog post for Canadian Thanksgiving. And it isn’t because I am not thankful. After a year in Germany the rhythm of the holidays I am used to has been […]

Fall Color

The leaves on the trees haven’t started to change yet – and I’m not sure if southern Germany gets the vibrant colors that we are used to in Canada. Certainly last fall was underwhelming. However, the city of Sulzburg has a number of displays around the market square with a Fall theme. I guess I […]

Onion Cake

It sounds more impressive in German than in English:¬†zwiebelkuchen. It is all the rage in my area of Germany these days. It didn’t sound appealing to me at all. I mean, onion cake? Onions are useful as an accent in salads or perhaps fried, but I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to put […]

Fake Cow

Went to an open house Sunday at the SOS Children’s Village in Sulzburg (more on that at a later date). There were various vendors selling refreshments. The big hit was a dairy. At least I think it was a dairy – they were giving out free yoghurt drink samples. I don’t drink (or eat) yoghurt, […]