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Under The Pier

I’m begining to wonder if my annual pictures under the Pier at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, are influenced by the music of my teen years. Specifically, if I’m paying tribute to a record album I never owned, put out by my (then) favorite band. The album was The Best of the Guess Who, released in […]

A Fresh Start

This post from 2014 wasn’t the first time I had posted in this space, but it was a beginning after a false start. Since August 30, 2014 I have posted almost 2,700 times in this space. I’m not sure oif tehre is any way of measuring, but that is probably more than a million words. […]

That Time of Year

I’m going to be a little self-indulgent today and talk about me. And you. And our time together. As August winds down, it is anniversary time here at Random Thoughts From Lorne. If I had been thinking, I would have given this blog a better name. Hindsight is always, as the cliche goes, 20-20. According […]

Almost Unplugged

I took my computer with me on vacation. But I never turned it on. Never even took it out of the bag. At first it wasn’t deliberate. I figured as soon as we had less than perfect beach weather I would get caught up on personal email and check both work emails. But the first cloudy […]

Dreaming Of Summer

It is almost time for my annual vacation in Maine, where one of the highlights is eating local lobster. None of them look like this one though. I realize now I should have put something on the display case at the Canadian Museum of Nature so you could get a grasp of the size of […]

Discerning Tastes

Just a quick one today, we’ll let the picture say it all. This post is from November 2017. I lived in Germny for four years and never did wind up trying this brand. I didn’t buy this toilet paper I saw in a German grocery store, but I did admire whatever marketing guru came up […]

Down The Mental Rabbit Hole

I used to follow a blog where the author ran out of things to say. Actually, I still follow it, but I realized yesterday that it must be at least six months, maybe a year, since the last post. (I just checked – more than a year.) I suppose it is possible he died. At least […]

Only In Canada

Woke up yesterday to falling snow. It is the end of April. In Germany by this time of year I was wearing shorts. Here it was hat and gloves. I guess the stereotype of Canada as a cold, snowy country is true. Meanwhile, Germany yesterday looked like this, according to a friend there:

The Saddest Day

I didn’t want to write this post. I’ve been putting it off for a couple of months, maybe convincing myself that if I didn’t write about it, it wasn’t real.. But the time comes when you have to face reality. In the not too distant future, I am going to need a new phone. I’m […]

Random Thoughts For Wednesday

I’d blame COVID brain fog for today’s post, but I haven’t caught the virus yet. I guess that means I have no justification for what you are about to read. After two yeras of pandemic, many of us have noticed a certain amount of indecision creeping into our lives. That was my problem last night. […]