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Two Faced

Wandering through downtown Basel, Switzerland, I came across this sculpture of the Roman god Janus. I was struck by the skill involved in creating something that intricate that presents two completely different faces to the world. What you see depends on which side of the statue you are looking at. Janus was the god of […]

The Wheat Fields

Over the Christmas break I spent some time cleaning out my digital closet so to speak. I dumped a couple of hundred emails, read and filed some others and did some cleanup on my phone. That’s where I found this un-posted piece from 2017, written shortly after moving to Germany.   After two months here […]

Dreaming of Glory

Today another post rescued from my phone that I meant to share months ago. It’s a sequel to what you read here yesterday.   I attended an Ottawa Senators hockey game recently and noted the team had fallen on hard times with lowered expectations. On offer was a special promotion sponsored by McDonald’s. If the […]

Welcome to 2020!

Happy New Year! Despite what you may have read elsewhere, it is not the first day of a new decade. That comes on January 1, 2021. I have no idea how or when the idea started that decades begin with zero. I guess if enough people accept something wrong as true, it magically becomes true. […]

The Last Rant

I’d say it was time for my last rant of the decade, but that would make me more upset. Let’s call it my last rant of the year. What has been annoying me the past couple of weeks is the not usual end-of-year news reflections that seem to be dominating the media, but that the […]

Flying Frequently

I must be an optimist. Why else would I have a frequent flyer plan? My account was just reset by the company to zero because I have had no qualifying flights for a year. Rather ironic that the reset was done the day before a flight that qualified for points. I know the rules and […]

Christmas Messages