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Wednesday’s Wisdom

2021 In Review: Merry Christmas – Christ Is Risen

We continue our look at the most popular posts of 2021 with this one from Christmas Day 2015. I understand the appeal of this one – without Christmas there would be no Easter. And without Easter Christmas would be unimportant. I’m not confused. I know it is Christmas – but the day would have no […]

2021 In Review: Language Lessons

When I wrote in 2018 about the two actors featured in the German language lessons millions of immigrants to Germany study, I didn’t expect the post to be more than a curiosity. I know the adventures of Tim and Lara made my classes a bit more fun, and given that this post was the sixth […]

Wecome to 2022!

It has become an annual tradition. At the beginning of January I post the top ten most viewed posts here from the previous year. Maybe it is a leftover from my radio days and those end-of-year countdowns. Those posts will start tomorrow. This year I have noticed a real difference. And it isn’t only that […]

Another Year Ends

This isn’t where we wanted to be. This isn’t where they promised we would be at the end of the year. As 2021 draws to a close we find ourselves in the same mental place we were at the end of 2020 – hoping the COVID-19 pandemic will end soon. But this time not believing it […]

Grey Cup Reflections

Today, a couple of weeks later than usual thanks to COVID-19, is the 108th Grey Cup game. Even though my Ottawa RedBlacks aren’t playing, it will be a very emotional time for me. Today we remember my friend Steve. Steve was a huge sports fan. He and I went to many a CFL game together […]

Now There Is One

News came in yesterday of the death of Mike Nesmith, guitarist for The Monkees, which leaves Micky Dolenz as the last survivinag member of the group. Mike wasn’t with them when I saw them in 2016, (bassist Peter Tork, who died in 2019 was) but I thought I would revisit that post anyway. What do […]

Turtle Time

What do you do if you are driving along and have to stop and wait for a turtle to cross the road? I came across this sign earlier this week near Picton, Ontario, and had to wonder. How long does it take a turtle to get to the other side? How often do turtles cross? […]

At the last minute…

…I received a lunch invitation today. Not being a social media butterfly, I forgot to take a picture of my meal. However, as I ate my fish and chips in the cafeteria of the Wellington Building, I was reminded of this post from five years ago. They don’t make them like they used to. Probably […]

Where Is The Uproar?

I gave it a week to simmer, to allow my outrage to die down. It hasn’t. What concerns me though is that no-one I have spoken with recently has mentioned to me that we have been part of a military experiment. Do Canadians not care? I have been asked dozens of times since returning to […]