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There has been a lot of bad publicity for airlines recently. Every day it seems there is a news story about someone who has missed a flight because of airline overbooking. There have been many well publicized American incidents, but the Canadian ones are just as compelling. Even the airline that advertises that it never […]

This Space Intentionally Left Blank – Again

There is no post today. You are just imagining that you are reading this. Today’s scheduled post was hijacked by circumstances. The details might fall into the “too much information” category, so I won’t burden you with them. Traveling, family commitments, laziness – it could be any, all or none of these. However, I don’t […]

U2 – Kicking The Darkness

  In 2013 I did a few guest posts for my friend Bruce’s blog. It wasn’t intentional. We had been having an email conversation about England’s Greenbelt Festival and some of my experiences there. He took those emails and published them (with permission of course). I figured now, with U2 on the road in North […]


I broke the law and have no regrets. They didn’t catch me. Well, technically it wasn’t a law, but I think a city bylaw. I didn’t ask what rules I was about to break, just told the transit employee I was going to take my chances and be riding the bus without paying. Now before […]

The Round Church – III

  I do wonder how you get chosen to be one of the fortunate students who gets to study in this place. It can’t be as easy as just sending an email request, can it? To me it seems like a singular honour, but maybe that is because I am living in Ottawa where the […]

This Is Spring?

It is May, not March. There is not supposed to be even a hint of snow. Is there someplace I can go to get a refund? –

The Picture Says It All

I’ve never been a huge fan of video games – and now I know why!