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Signs of COVID

I was listening to the Mayor of Ottawa on the radio earlier today talk about how some people are apparently ignoring the restrictions on public gatherings during the pandemic. He said the city’s tip line received more than four hundred calls on the weekend, with people reporting everything from their neighbor having a party to […]

Would You Fall For This?

It was in my email spam folder, a note from the chairman of one of the world’s biggest philanthropic organizations. I should count myself lucky – I had been chosen to receive $5,300,000. I didn’t click on the link. It seemed strange that I would never have heard of such a prestigious organization, so I […]

Sweet Stuff

I’m more of a salty snacks person, but even though I wouldn’t want to eat these treats I noticed in a Freiburg café window, I certainly can appreciate the artistry. Which one would you choose? Or would you want to eat them all?

In The Stream

When I walk the trails around Sulzburg I am never quite sure in advance what I am going to see. Each day, it seems, my eyes are opened to something new. On Tuesday, for the first time, I realized that I had walked past many times past portions of the Berlin Wall, without realizing what […]

Self Portrait

Summer is here. Well, not really, but it felt like it Sunday. It was 18 Celsius in the vineyards above Sulzburg.  It was warm and sunny, a great day for a socially distanced walk on the Castellberg. Especially when a bench beckoned in the sunshine, a perfect place for fresh apple crisp and coffee from […]

Rubbing It In

My Canadian friends are reminding me that Winter is nowhere near over. I read news reports of record low temperatures in Texas. Weather seems to be a topic of conversation everywhere. Most of the time the comments aren’t complimentary. Not wanting to make anyone envious (or maybe I do), it appears Winter is over where […]

Speaking Your Truth

You’ve heard people say it. You may even have agreed with it. “Speak your truth.” “I needed to speak my truth.” It is time to confess: I’m getting so tired of “truth.” I want to but all these truth-speakers a dictionary so they can look up the word. “your truth” just doesn’t exist. Neither does […]

Thoughts For Monday

I thought I should say something inspiring to start the work week – and this is what Google suggested. I figure computers rule our lives anyway, so I went with it. Not that I endorse its message completely. It seems somewhat dated. I agree we should focus on what is important, though it would help […]

Playing With Toys

They seemed a little embarrassed at first, but as my wife asked questions they warmed to the topic. They had looked rather out of place walking along the path. We came across this grey-haired couple on one of our afternoon walks. From a distance we weren’t completely sure what was going on. They couldn’t be […]

Groundhog Day – Again

For many people, it feels like we are stuck in a pandemic loop. Every day is just like the previous one, with no way of getting off this treadmill. When will it ever end? I have seen it likened on many occasions to the 1993 film Groundhog Day, which tells the story of a weatherman […]