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Science Meets Religion

When I first saw the t-shirt in a store window I knew I had to buy it. Of course it would be on a Sunday and the store was closed. For those who don’t speak German, the words are from of Genesis 1:3. And gott Sprach¬†means “And God spoke.” Und es ward Licht is “and […]

One of Those Days

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. I hope.    

Welcome To Thursday

One Of Those Days…

The internet is all about funny cat videos – but I didn’t have the energy to find one for you today. Sometimes the start of the work week is like that.

Furry Creatures of Rome

When you think of furry animals in Rome, most tourists think cats. After all, there is a much-visited cat sanctuary downtown. But cats aren’t the only wild animals you can see if you keep your eyes open. There are also nutria, animals I had never heard of¬† before last week. Had you? We were in […]


What happens when you have a problem with your phone? Do you phone the company? My cell phone stopped working yesterday afternoon. Except it didn’t. The wi-fi worked fine. Emails continued to arrive, as did Twitter messages. Phone calls and SMS? Forget about it. The reason, my phone informed me, was “SIM card not provisioned.” […]

Why Today’s Post is Late

The picture sort of explains it all. And I make no promises for tomorrow either.