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A Grain Of Salt

They’ll be counting the votes in the election for President of the United States a week from today. The polls have Joe Biden in a commanding lead. Four years ago at this time the polls had Hillary Clinton ahead – yet Donald Trump won the election. Is that going to happen again? The pollsters say […]

Stir Crazy?!

I had no set itinerary in mind when I left the house – I just knew it was going to be a long walk. I realized it had been six weeks since I left Sulzburg, other than a couple of trips to church and one visit to the doctor for a flu shot. Those were […]

Keep Your Eyes Open

At the best of times there is little to do in the area I live. These days, with so many pandemic-related restrictions, you pretty much can walk or stay at home. Which for me isn’t a problem. I like to walk. Though I admit the trails around Sulzburg, so admired by the tourists (which we […]

Don’t Get Excited!

That parcel isn’t for you. It’s for me. An early Christmas present. I should be excited, but I’m not – because I don’t know where it is. I ordered it online. Amazon of course. Partly because that is what you do these days, but mostly because I wanted it delivered to my home in Ottawa. […]

Logging On

I downloaded this graphic a few years ago, and I thought I had shared it here – but a quick look at old posts didn’t turn it up. So today seemed like a good day. In case you have forgotten what you learned in grade school, two words that sound the same but have different […]

World Teachers’ Day

If you are reading this, it is likely someone taught you to read. Most of us don’t teach ourselves, but learn under the guidance of a teacher. Today is World Teachers’ Day. As the husband of a teacher and the father of another teacher, I can appreciate the difficulty faced by those in the profession, […]

An Acorn Grows Up

Three years ago Monday we drove into Sulzburg for the first time, knowing this was to be our new home. Mind you, we hadn’t seen the apartment or signed the lease – and wouldn’t be able to that day as our prospective landlords were away. First impressions are important. Sulzburg struck me as a sleepy […]

Monday’s Smiles

What’s Best For Lydia?

I was going to make considerable comments on this situation, then decided to leave it with what was published on the website. Does this situation seem right to you? Iranian Christian converts Sam Khosravi and Maryam Falahi request prayer, after the appeal court in Bushehr upheld a decision to deny them custody of their daughter […]

Visions of Van Gogh

Walking through downtown Basel Switzerland I noticed these sunflowers in a yard. I immediately thought of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, who is perhaps best known for his paintings of sunflowers. Van Gogh was famously unsuccessful as an artist in his lifetime, but is definitely appreciated now. If you want one of his sunflower paintings, […]