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Poop and Scoop

Dog owners know that they have a responsibility to make sure their pooch doesn’t leave nasty deposits on public (or private) property. Vigorously enforced municipal bylaws back that up. I expected Germans to be even more diligent than Canadians when it comes to cleaning up after their pets. It is a clean country, and citizens […]

Saturday Pet Care

I think the first time I saw this one was before the internet was invented. I smiled when I came across it again yesterday and decided it was worth sharing.  How To Give a Cat a Pill 1) Pick cat up and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a […]

Bus Mystery

If you visit here regularly you know I am a big supporter of public transit. No matter where I am. My home town is Ottawa, and the system there regularly frustrated me; I have written about it often. The frustrations didn’t stop me from using it daily. When it worked it was a great ride […]

Political Musings For Your Wednesday

What is the goal of a political party? Is it to win power or is it to put forward policies that will be good for all even if they are unpopular? As Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives choose a new leader this weekend I’ve been pondering the question. Ontario voters will elect a new provincial government in […]

Sunday Stretch

Just a little something to exercise your brain this morning. I’m a written word guy – I love to read. This seems simple, until you try it. I couldn’t do it on the first try, but found if I take it slowly and concentrate, I can get all the way through this correctly. How about […]

What Is This?

We were out for a walk in the nearby vineyards and came across this fallen tree – with a large carving as part of it. It appeared to have been brought there and was beside a pile of what looked like firewood. I’m sure there’s a story there, but there was no-one around to ask.

Public Washrooms

I don’t normally indulge in bathroom humour, but a couple of recent visits to public facilities left me with questions. Specifically about urinals, so if you would rather not read about such things, now is the time to stop. In North America I am used to plain white urinals. Nothing fancy. They used to always […]