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Snake In The Square

I noticed the snake when walking through the market square. Turns out my wife knew all about it. The snake is a COVID-19 project, though I can’t remember now if she said it was city or school authorities who instigated it. Something for children to do, during the lockdown, a joint project that respected social […]

Interactive Friday

I gotta admit, I’m curious as to this one. My first thought was my friend Peter, he knows a lot of music – but I can’t decide on the song. As I get older I find the memory isn’t what it used to be (if it ever was) and remembering all the lyrics of everything […]

Let There Be Laughter

  It’s Saturday. For most of us the workweek is over. It’s a time to relax, go somewhere, do something. Except…. Where I am, and probably where you are too, there isn’t much attraction in going places. Yes, I could now take the train to Freiburg and shop, something I haven’t been able to do […]


It is easy not to notice something that isn’t there. Which is why this scarecrow I saw Monday afternoon took me by surprise. It was in what is essentially someone’s backyard, a children’s play area that backs onto one of the trails I walk on frequently. I’m sure it wasn’t there last week. Scarecrows are […]

The Shortage

Stores in my part of Germany appear to be well-stocked with what seemed a month ago to be the world’s most precious commodity: toilet paper. You can find different jokes and memes online poking fun at the situation. I’ve shared some here already. Saturday night though I experienced edible toilet paper, something I had previously […]

Truth: 2020 Version

For those of us used to working from home the “new normal” probably isn’t that different from the old one. I don’t get excited about car rides – can’t go and visit people yet, and nothing here is open that I want to visit.  

More Gnomes

Saw these ones for the first time yesterday. Maybe I just hadn’t noticed them before, but that is unlikely considering how many are in crevices in the old city wall.