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This Is Spring?

It is May, not March. There is not supposed to be even a hint of snow. Is there someplace I can go to get a refund? – Advertisements

The Picture Says It All

I’ve never been a huge fan of video games – and now I know why!

The Raccoon

Visiting the Metro Toronto Zoo, and this guy from the Canadian habitat caught our attention. Raccoons look so appealing in the zoo. They are less than appealing when I find them in my back yard trying to open the garbage bins.  

Breath of Life

  Delayed on the tarmac at Frankfurt Airport seemed like the perfect time to watch Breath of Life, a ten minute documentary about organ donation advocate Hélène Campbell. Hélène is well known for her campaign, to raise awareness of the need for organ donors both before and after she received new lungs. My connection to […]

The 2017 Juno Awards

I’m not a big fan of music awards. Inevitably the wrong artist or record wins, at least in my opinion. I even found that to be true when I was on a panel judging a national music award that shall remain nameless. I was the only judge from outside a certain geographic region – and […]

Some Random Thoughts From This Past Week

Canada’s largest drugstore chain had a computer glitch. No credit or debit cards were being accepted. Who carries cash these days? What would we do if the system went down as a whole, not just one store but everywhere? We have as a society become so dependent on technology, who knows how we would react. […]

Random Ramblings: March 4, 2017

Originally posted on The Life Project:
Today is Inauguration Day! OK, no it isn’t, but it used to be. Isn’t that great to know? Well it might come in handy at a trivia contest… March 4 is the date when the terms of the president, vice president and members of Congress begin and end as…