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View From The Top

I realized yesterday when I republished my post on The Atomium that I hadn’t shown the view from inside the structure. I remember in 2014 thinking I should do that, and thinking also it didn’t make much sense because I didn’t know what any of the buildings in the pictures were. That’s because I rarely […]

Today’s Bargains

I held off on posting this until I had been to the Flohmarkt (flea market) being held today in Sulzburg’s market square. Flea markets don’t hold much appeal to me, but it is tough to resist one that is a minute’s walk from my door. Not that there is anything that I need or want […]

What A Bargain!

Like anyone with an Amazon account, I get regular emails with items that are recommended for me based on my past purchases. All part of the “service” designed to part me from my hard-earned money. Offhand I don’t remember ever actually purchasing any of those recommended items, though I appreciate the suggestions. Yesterday’s though, from […]

Outside, After Dinner

Went to a family gathering on Saturday night. I expect to write a bit about that later. I won’t be writing about the experience of meetingĀ  a bunch of relatives for the first time. That probably doesn’t interest you. However part of the event was held in a museum, and that I think you will […]

Spring Weather

I’ve been hearing about the weather in Canada; doesn’t sound like Spring is coming anytime soon. Is this when I start to feel guilty about living in Germany? I’m writing this Tuesday on my bus in to German class. I’m feeling decidedly unmotivated. Nothing wrong with the class, but it is 25 Celsius (that’s 77 […]

Blue Light Special – II

I took a fair number of pictures as Sulzburg unveiled its new fire truck (see yesterday’s post). Since shiny red vehicles are always fun, I thought a photo essay was in order today. There was a wide rangeĀ  of fire fighting and emergency vehicles, including a snowmobile type with a sled behind it that I […]

Smart Car?

I never could see the reason for the Smart Car. It just seems so impractical. Not smart at all. I’m sure it must be ecologically friendly. After all, it barely seats two and has no luggage capacity to speak of. Two bags of groceries is probably more than it has room for. I can see […]