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Turkey Time

I was at a church dinner Saturday, and this was one of the desserts on offer. Or so I was told – I’m not a dessert person and didn’t even look to see what was available. Someone did bring this back to my table, so I snapped the pictures before it was eaten. Just for […]

Storm Rising

It was fast paced from start to finish. And the ending couldn’t come soon enough. There are two possible reasons for me to finish a book I have been given for review. The first is enthusiasm. I want to get everything I can from the volume, whether it is entertainment or knowledge. Other times though […]

Wednesday’s Randomness

There are probably 50 partially written posts on my phone, and Tuesday I didn’t feel like finishing any of them. It must be the snow slowing me down. I thought instead of writing something I would find some humorous images online and share them with you. Last night almost nothing on the internet seemed funny […]

First Snow

Woke up to this scene Wednesday morning. A smattering of snow had fallen overnight. I knew it was a possibility at this time of year, but must admit I hadn’t been checking the forecast, so it took me a little by surprise. I expected it all to melt during the day, but some of it […]

Random Thoughts For Saturday

Last night I had a long bus ride, which is was looking forward to, not for the ride as much as to write some material to grace this space. It didn’t happen. When I worked in downtown Ottawa I would write a post a day during my commute. Some days I’d manage two or three. […]

Just A Reminder…

…winter is coming. This pile of snow really isn’t snow. It is ice shavings from one of Ottawa’s arenas. I noticed it when I walked by last week. It was a reminder though that winter is indeed coming. October is almost over and the snow could start soon. And while October snow normally melts immediately, […]

Seeing Thru The Windows

He said his name was Brad, and he was calling from the “Windows Service Department” about my computer. I had serious problems, or so he assured me. My computer was riddled with error messages. Given his accent, his mother probably never called him Brad. He also said he had never heard of Mumbai and Kolkata, […]