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Triberg – III

Today more pictures of the waterfall in Triberg, Germany. I leave it to you to decide if the view is worth the five-euro admission price. More from Triberg tomorrow, though I haven’t decided yet if it will be pictures from the hiking trails or shots taken around town. Stay tuned for further details…   Advertisements

One Last Dali

There weren’t many sculptures in the Salvador Dali exhibit at the Messmer Gallery in Riegel, just the “Space Elephant” and a couple of others. You can probably figure out which one is the elephant.

You Can’t Hear The Difference

Pretty much everyone in North America knows peperoni, that mildly spicy Italian sausage that is the first meat you would add to a pizza. I usually take my pizza with just sauce and cheese, but if I want a little variety, I ask for pepperoni. But not in Germany. What a difference a “p” makes. […]

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Yesterday afternoon I was walking from Heitersheim to Sulzburg, and noting how quickly the corn is growing. It looks like it will be ready for harvest soon. As someone who loves to eat fresh corn on the cob it was a frustrating experience. I know that this corn is not meant for human consumption. Unlike […]

Bellying Up To The Bar

I’m sure the horse is underage – but that probably isn’t a big deal in Germany.    

Car Show – III

Happy Independence Day! If you are an American this is a big thing, even if the holiday does fall on a Wednesday this year.  For the rest of us, it is just another summer day. I could go on a rant about America’s history and place in the world, its politics and social problems, but […]

More Fleas

Another Flohmarkt (flea market) is being held today in Sulzburg. As I post this, it has about five hours left to run.  We just had one about a month ago, and I have a story to tell from that one, I think on Monday.  It’s not something I have been putting off but rather something […]