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Now I Know!

I have passed by this contraption dozens of times in the past year as we walked through the vineyards on the outskirts of Sulzburg, and each time wondered what it was. Firewood was all I could think of, but why would it be so elaborately housed? This past Sunday the mystery was solved. Touring the […]

The Aftermath

A few more pictures today, borrowed from a friend’s Facebook page, of my neighbourhood after Friday’s tornadoes touched down in Ottawa. Schools are all closed today, though power has been restored most places.

I Think Today Is Thursday

The trip back to Germany was uneventful, much better than the 42-hour marathon we took getting to Canada six weeks ago. Now comes the adjustment again to language and culture, which will take much more than the adjustment to this time zone. It was so nice to be in the same time zone as the […]

White Pumpkins?

Pumpkins are orange. Always have been, and I thought they always would be. Imagine my surprise to discover that in my year away from Canada there have apparently been some new varieties of pumpkins cultivated. Multi-hued ones caught my eye, but the ones that really stood out are the solid white ones. As a traditionalist […]

Meet The New Cat

My mother had a birthday recently, and my siblings and I pooled our resources and got her a new cat. I think it was a surprise, even though my cousins had given her sister a cat for her birthday a couple of months back. Both women are living in seniors’ residences, which have a no […]

15 Minutes of Fame – Revisited

Four years ago today, August 31, 2014, I began blogging regularly in this spot, reviving an idea that had lasted all of one post in 2011. That 2014 post explained the genesis of what was to become a (usually) daily occurrence. Sometimes I try to be funny (and occasionally even succeed), sometimes I am serious, […]

Poor Conditions

First walk in Ottawa’s urban forest this year. I guess no-one from the National Capital Commission changes notices as the seasons change. The tobogganing hill is closed occasionally in the winter after  freezing rain – it gets too slick to be safe. I presume that is the “poor conditions” referred to on the sign. It […]