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A friend brought me a newspaper from the airport lounge. I don’t get to see many physical English-language papers in the depths of the Black Forest, so I was very grateful. It was the Gulf News, which is published in the United Arab Emirates. It appears aimed at the expatriate population there, especially those from […]

Cultural Differences V

Sometimes the differences can be surprising. Canada switched to the metric system in 1975, so I wasn’t anticipating any problems in the kitchen – I know how metric measurements work. I figured I could read the numbers on the packaging. The problem started when we started purchasing things for the kitchen. Pots and pans were […]

More Scammers

I guess it had to happen sometime. I got my first spam email with my work account. Apparently some information is missing from my PayPal account. I’d be perturbed if the email was addressed to me. However, it was addressed to “Costumer.” With the note “Pleas read this email.” I don’t work in the theatre, […]

No Post Today

I have three posts completed and ready to go. But I don’t have internet access at home, so you don’t get to see any of them today. I did try to use my phone as a mobile hot spot, but that isn’t working well. When  I try to move photos here it crashes. My book […]

Sometimes It Works

Isn’t technology wonderful? I’ll admit I don’t always feel that way. Technology can be a burden, a vengeful master, an out of control addiction that we would be better off without. But this past Sunday I saw a new to me application that brought a new perspective to the church service I was attending. We […]

Powdered Ice Cream?

Sometimes the memories blissfully fade – until someone brings them flooding back. When I posted about the cola I drank on a recent visit to IKEA there was a comment about different substitutes for the real thing. And suddenly I remembered powdered ice cream. You’ve probably never heard of the stuff. You can be thankful […]


A roadside stand in Ihrlingen, unattended. You put your money in the red container if you are going to take anything.  The sign is a reminder though to those who may be tempted. “Das 7. Gebot: Du sollst nicht stehlen” translates as “The seventh commandment: Thou Shall Not Steal.” That’s from Exodus 20:15 in The […]