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Does It Matter?

I saw this sign at the grocery story. It left me with questions. Does Canadian salmon taste better than other salmon? If so, what makes a salmon Canadian? Is it spawning location or should citizenship be determined by where the salmon has migrated to? Or do salmon have dual citizenship? Do salmon even know that […]


I was walking along Bank Street, the main north-south arterial in Ottawa when I noticed the storefront sign. For all I know it has been there for years, but usually I drive this stretch of road so I’m watching traffic not store signs. The spelling error, which I presume has been there for years, just […]

A Scary Day?

If you are superstitious you might want to stay home today. It’s Friday the 13th, a day many people fear. I have no superstitions. I’m not going to tell you this history of this day. I’m not afraid of the number 13. Some people are though. When I realized yesterday that today was the 13th […]

Don’t Be Afraid

I had a post scheduled to go for today, then I saw this sign as I was walking through downtown Pembroke yesterday. I thought it was a great message. Seemed like something appropriate for this Sunday. Today’s scheduled post has been shifted to Monday.


Saw this in the night sky when I was on vacation in Maine. Do you know what it is? Give up? No, it isn’t an Unidentified Flying Object, though I could probably have convinced you it was. It is a lantern, one of those disposable paper ones that people send off into the night sky […]

Hero From Another Time

Been thinking a lot about family recently and its importance to us. Been doing a lot of family things too, sometimes full of joy, other times tinged with sadness. Those I will write about, but there is some internal processing to do first. So today a family story. If you think you may have heard […]

The Beginning, Again

It’s that day again. On August 30, 2014 I began regularly posting in this spot, resurrecting a blog that had had one entry and then been temporarily abandoned. It is amazing I remembered the password. As I do every August 30, I’m going to look back and share some thoughts from that 2014 post, where […]