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Discerning Tastes

Just a quick one today, we’ll let the picture say it all. This post is from November 2017. I lived in Germny for four years and never did wind up trying this brand. I didn’t buy this toilet paper I saw in a German grocery store, but I did admire whatever marketing guru came up […]

Down The Mental Rabbit Hole

I used to follow a blog where the author ran out of things to say. Actually, I still follow it, but I realized yesterday that it must be at least six months, maybe a year, since the last post. (I just checked – more than a year.) I suppose it is possible he died. At least […]

Only In Canada

Woke up yesterday to falling snow. It is the end of April. In Germany by this time of year I was wearing shorts. Here it was hat and gloves. I guess the stereotype of Canada as a cold, snowy country is true. Meanwhile, Germany yesterday looked like this, according to a friend there:

The Saddest Day

I didn’t want to write this post. I’ve been putting it off for a couple of months, maybe convincing myself that if I didn’t write about it, it wasn’t real.. But the time comes when you have to face reality. In the not too distant future, I am going to need a new phone. I’m […]

Random Thoughts For Wednesday

I’d blame COVID brain fog for today’s post, but I haven’t caught the virus yet. I guess that means I have no justification for what you are about to read. After two yeras of pandemic, many of us have noticed a certain amount of indecision creeping into our lives. That was my problem last night. […]

Maybe He Is Real

Went for a walk in the neuighborhood shortly after Sunrise on Easter Sunday. Spotted this rabbit. No sign of eggs though.

Old Songs, New Feel

I was raised in a non-liturgical church tradition. That didn’t mean we didn’t have a worship liturgy, just that we didn’t call it that.  Part of that upbringing was a disdain for written prayers, except, of course, The Lord’s Prayer. The theory was that God wanted to hear what was on our hearts, spontaneous thoughts, […]

Words To Ponder

Normally I wouldn’t quote an obscure American President, or even a well-known one, but for once I stumbled across a statement that I agreed with! No idea if President Taft really said this. If you are a long-time frequenter of this spot, you know I have used that quite before – 2015 I think it […]


I can’t remember if I have shared this image before – it’s been sitting on my computer for a couple of years. It seemed like a good reminder this morning, especially as I think on all the things I “must” get done in the coming week. Everything somehow seems urgent some days, yet at the […]

Wednesday’s Wisdom