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Doors Open 2023

It is the annual Doors Open weekend in Ottawa, where various public buildings – churches, embassies, museums and other public and private places of interest – are open for free tours. You can’t possibly squeeze them all in. I’ve probably been in about half of them before anyway, and it being a busy weekend already, […]

Dancing Cows

Spent some time last week at a retreat centre just outside of London. I was drawn to this lamp. What sort of person would create such a thing? What sort of person would buy it? Was it an impulse decision or something planned? The place was an old barn, so maybe it was appropriate. I’m […]

Random Thoughts on Monday Morning

I’ve got to stop hanging around with people who think big thoughts. They lead my brain down unsettling pathways. I’ve also got to stop reading Ecclesiastes, even if it is one of my favorite books of The Bible. It too makes me think, reflecting on society – where it is, where it is going and […]

Urban Sunset

Viewed from between two stores across the street from my house. I’m not usually looking that way at the right time. Cities can be ugly places, lots of concrete, full of people in a hurry and not much green space. But you can find beauty if you look for it.

Dreaming of Summer

Warm spring, almost summerlike weather has my mind wandering. It will be brought back into focus on Wednesday when temperatures are expected to dip below freezing. The early morning walks along Old Orchard Beach are one of my favorite summer rituals. At 6 a.m. there are very few people on the beach. At low tide […]

The Easter Song

Happy Easter! Christ is risen! Easter is one of those days when I miss being on the radio. There are so many great Easter songs, and I always loved to share them with the audience. So a couple of videos today, different versions of a song that reflects the spirit of the day. “Easter Song” […]

Two Presidents

When Barack Obama visited Ottawa in 2009 the city went wild. People were excited to catch a glimpse of him. I remember that day well. As my colleagues went up to catch a. glimpse of Obama arriving on Parliament Hill, I stayed in the office to answer the phone. After all, he’d only been in […]

Renovation Time

These photos jumped out at me when I was looking for something else yesterday. I took them three years ago, early March 2020. I had volunteered to help friends who were remodeling a business space in Kandern, Germany, turning it into a coffee shop. As always with renovations, there are surprises, things that put you […]

The TikTok Question

Originally posted on random thoughts from lorne:
This week the Canadian government banned TikTok from government phones, following the lead of several other countries. In the US, legislation has been introduced that would ban the app entirely. There are security concerns about the data the app collects, and the ability of the government of China…

Just a Reminder

If you haven’t taken the TikTik poll yet, you can find it here. Click on the answer of your choice.