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Dangerously Beautiful

I was walking by my neighbor’s place when I noticed the icicles growing from the roof, down past the second floor windows. That makes them close to two metres (six feet) long. They look pretty, don’t they? If you think about it, they are also hazardous. One really sunny day and a little more melting, […]


Ottawa’s transit commission has said that this winter they will keep their articulated bus fleet off the road when more than 30 centimetres of snow is forecast. Buses not on the road don’t get in stuck the snow Problem is, 30 centimetres isn’t a magic number. As I headed downtown this morning there was a […]

A Take of Two Stores

They may be the world’s biggest retailer, but Walmart doesn’t appear to know much about Canada. Or at least about Canadian weather. My snow shovel broke. Not surprising after 20 Canadian winters.  It is still usable, just a chunk missing from the blade, which broke off when I hit ice. Still, with at least two […]

Another Year Begins

Welcome to 2023. Does this new year feel any different than the old one? If it does, I hope it feels better. This year has so much unrealized potential. I feel as if it is going to be a good one. I say that every year – I’m an optimist. In print anyway. Or maybe […]

Another Year Ends…

I feel as if I should be marking the end of 2022 here somehow, but I am not sure exactly how. For many people it has been a year best forgotten quickly. The COVID -19 pandemic seems to drag on, though at least the panic part seems to have died down as we have come […]

Completely Random

Looking through half-finished blog posts on my phone I came across one dealing with pandemic restrictions. It’s out of date now, of course, and I presume I had reasons for not publishing it at the time, though I don’t remember what they were. The post had this graphic inserted into it. I don’t know why. […]

Merry Christmas!

May you have a peaceful day, filled with love from friends and family. Mine is shaping up to be anything but peaceful – but there will still be lots of love. Really, could I ask for anything more? Being human, I suppose I could. No need for details – I’ll save them for a future […]

A Christmas Tradition

The emails from friends started coming at the beginning of December. The theme was the same: is there a new picture of Willow in the Christmas tree. Willow’s annual appearance in the tree has been popular here too. Last year though, we never caught her climbing the branches for a new snoozing place. We thought […]

Under The Pier

I’m begining to wonder if my annual pictures under the Pier at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, are influenced by the music of my teen years. Specifically, if I’m paying tribute to a record album I never owned, put out by my (then) favorite band. The album was The Best of the Guess Who, released in […]

A Fresh Start

This post from 2014 wasn’t the first time I had posted in this space, but it was a beginning after a false start. Since August 30, 2014 I have posted almost 2,700 times in this space. I’m not sure oif tehre is any way of measuring, but that is probably more than a million words. […]