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Free Trip To Egypt

  It sounded like a scam, which explains why there were so few takers. Maybe as soon as you  arrived in Cairo you would be kidnapped, held for ransom or beheaded. Free Trip To Egypt  wasn’t a scam, but an idea from filmmaker Tarek Mounib ( a fellow Carleton University grad). Take a group of […]

Time To Party!

  Who knew this day would come? It certainly wasn’t something I planned for. On Sunday July 8, 1979, my only thought for the future was next week. Forty years later I look back and realize that my life and that of many others changed that day. Which is a good reason to celebrate. Feel […]

Rolling Thunder Review

I was there. But I didn’t make it into the movie. Marty Scorsese’s latest film was released yesterday, not in theatres but on Netflix, which seems to be taking over the filmmaking world. Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story is a look back at Bob Dylan’s landmark 1975 tour. It is an interesting choice […]

Not So Fantastic Beasts

The Academy Award nominations were announced yesterday. Not surprisingly, I haven’t seen any of the nominees. It isn’t that I don’t like movies. I’m not a big movie-goer, but when we lived in Canada, I would usually have seen at least half of the Best Picture nominees over the course of the year. I never […]

Little Women

Confession time: I’ve never read Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, Little Women, first published in 1868. I always thought, rightly or wrongly, that it was the sort of book women read, but real men didn’t. That meant I thought twice when offered the opportunity to preview a modern film adaptation, which hits theatres today. My […]

More Dali

As promised yesterday, a few more photos taken at the Salvador Dali exhibit at the Messmer Gallery in Riegel, Germany. Clicking on an image should enlarge it. I have lots more photos, but think this will be it for the prints. Tomorrow a couple of the sculptures.

Generating Controversy

After more than three decades together you would think a rock band would have lost its ability to stir up controversy, especially inadvertently. Therefore, I was surprised to see Stryper in the news because Walmart refused to carry their latest album, objecting to the title. I must admit, when I saw the news report and […]