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Christmas Comes Early

When I arrived downtown Monday, I noted that there were film crews near Parliament Hill.  I thought it might have something to do with the first anniversary of the arrival of the Freedom Convoy, but I was wrong. Turns out it was a Christmas movie. Yes, in January, when there is actually snow on the […]

So Many Questions

Mixed feelings best describes my reaction to Lifemark, which hits theatres today. (In Canada  It can be seen in select Cineplex & Landmark Theatres. In the US it will be shown on about 1,400 screens, though in Canada you might have to look to find it.), I suspect that might be because of the difference […]

Let It Snow!

I stepped out of my office Monday into a snowy scene. Quite unusual for Ottawa in August. Mind you, the snow was supposed to be in New York City (I think), and the newspaper headlines at the kiosk indicated I’d missed a few months and it was December already. Christmas in July is sometimes a […]

A Truly Extraordinary Woman

I fell in love with Clara Kip when on first meeting. She was perfect, almost. I didn’t tell my wife. There were, of course, a couple of problems. First, at 79 she really was too old for me. And she was dying.  We probably could have overcome those obstacles. What we couldn’t get past was […]

Looking At The Eyes

Sometimes miss the obvious. I never thought of the story of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker as something people would pay to see. Even less would I think that Hollywood would treat their story (somewhat) sympathetically. Maybe that is due to my own prejudices. Even before the scandal that brought down their televangelist Empire I […]

Who Was Louis Wain?

It was the title that first grabbed me: The Elecrical Life of Louis Wain. I’d never heard of Louis Wain before. Supposedly he changed the way we look at cats.  I also chose the film for Benedict Cumberbatch, a talented actor who tends to choose projects unlike the usual Hollywood drivel. What better time than on […]

To Watch, or Not To Watch?

I think Jennifer Lopez has only made one movie. But it is a formula that works for her. So she makes the same flm over and over, just changing the names of the character and slightly altering the plot. Marry Me, which was on of the films I watched on a recent international flight, is […]

Licorice Pizza

It sounds disgusting. For the record, I would never eat a pizza with licorice as a topping.  But I couldn’t resist a coming of age story set in the 1970s. After all, that’s when I came of age. Of course, I didn’t come of age in California. Nor was I a child actor. Which made […]

In-Flight Movies

I don’t remember when I was last in a movie theatre. Three years anyway. That shadowy past we refer to as pre-pandemic. There was no theatre when we lived in Sulzburg. There was one in Mullheim, about 10 km away, but it, I think, only showed films in German. To anything in English you had to go […]

Testing, Testing

I’m on the road this month (and into June), gathering material for a series of travel posts that will be appearing here shortly. Until then I am rerunning some of my favorite posts from past years, such as this one from 2015. During my childhood I was not exposed to the delightful children’s books penned […]