Monthly Archives: January 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

It’s that time of year again. Americans are celebrating Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow. They want you to think it is a big deal. If you didn’t know already, it is a championship football game. That’s American football, which is no relation to what the rest of the world calls football. It must be a big […]

My Mother’s Pet Peeve

My mother reads the obituaries in the newspaper each morning. She’s 86, and I suspect she is checking to make sure she isn’t listed. Her official reason is that as an animal lover she wants to see if anyone has left money to the Humane Society, but I know it is more just to see […]

Up, Up and Away – III

As we headed into the van for our hour-long balloon ride over Cappadocia, my friend Mike asked “so how much does this cost?” I told him we had a discount – 150 Euros each. The look on his face said it all. He doesn’t have my stinginess, but he’s not a spendthrift either. I could […]

Up. Up and Away – II

Cappadocia is one of the top three places on the planet to go for a hot air balloon ride, or so I have been told (the others, if you were wondering are the pyramids in Egypt and the Loire Valley in France). And for very good reason – the view is spectacular. I had never […]

Up, Up and Away – I

I am noted for my frugality. I make no apologies, and for the most part have no regrets about pinching pennies. Mind you, my idea on what is worth spending money on has changed a little bit over the years. In 1986 I was in Paris for the first time, and like any good tourist […]

York Castle I – The Time Machine

While it may be a staple of science fiction stores, I doubt time travel is a viable possibility. Relax though; I’m not going to give a scientific explanation why I believe that to be the case, nor a theological one. But in York last summer I stepped into a time machine of sorts that transported […]

The Blue Mosque

It is one of the most visited tourist sites in Istanbul, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, commonly referred to as The Blue Mosque. Of course it was a must-see when I visited Istanbul a year ago. I have visited dozens, maybe hundreds of churches in my travels over the years but I have been in very […]