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Questions Canadians Won’t Ask

Returning after a four-year absence, there is a sense that this is not the Canada I left. Maybe it is the pandemic, but it feels like there is something more. I’ve been asking questions, pointing out absurdities, and people are staring at me as if I am from another planet. There is a climate of […]

Whose Life Is Worth More?

Last year the Canadian government boasted of its hard work to protect Canadians from COVID-19. Before any vaccine had been deve;loped, it entered into agreements with several pharmaceutical companies to purchase doses if they were successful. Deals were signed for hundreds of millions of doses to cover a population of 38 million. Details are secret, […]

Canceling Canada

It is a holiday in Canada today, though many have chosen not to observe it. Today we celebrate the 154th anniversary of the founding of the nation. Or some of us will. There are those who say there is nothing to celebrate. Last year most events were canceled due to COVID-19. This year COVID is still […]

Great Minds Think Alike

Smaller minds too. Look at the numbers from earlier today when I tried to book a COVID-19 vaccination using the Province of Onatrio’s online booking system. Your number in line: 3546798Number of users in line ahead of you: 50621Expected arrival time on the website: 8:51 AM ESTYour estimated wait time is: 54 minutes Do I really believe there are three-and-a-half […]

Ballot Casting Time

Back in Canada I have been feeling a little conflicted as to what should be filling this space. So today a compromise. There is so much happening in Canada, politically and socially, stuff that has nothing (or at least very little) to do with COVID-19. However, I have the impression that sometimes when I delve […]

The Dream Is Alive

It was so long ago that there were no DVDs. The internet was in its infancy; there was no World Wide Web. No streaming. In 1993 the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup. Since then no Canadian team has won the iconic trophy. When my son was very young and just discovering sports we would borrow […]

That Time Again

Today some more COVID images. We will return soon to our regularly scheduled programming. Long before society does.

More Monday Smiles

I saved some from yesterday to start your week with a laugh, I hope.

Time To Smile

In theory the end of this pandemic is in sight. Vaccination rates are up, cases of COVID-19 are down, societies are opening up. Can somebody inform Canada’s Prime Minister? Doesn’t seem that much is changing here, despite now leading the world in the percentage of the population to have received at least one dose of […]

Vaccination Day

I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but I will confess to being a vaccine skeptic, at least where the various COVID-19 vaccinations are involved. Despite that, I’ll be getting my first shot today. To say I do so against my better judgement is perhaps putting it too strong. I have weighed the options, looked at the information […]