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The Oil Crisis

The price of oil regularly fluctuates on the world market. It is at more than $120 a barrel as I write this, up from below zero a couple of years ago. (If you don’t quite understand the math to that, join the club.) People are feeling the pain at the gas pumps. But there is another oil […]


At first I thought I had missed the announcement. There was only one person on the bus, besides me, not wearing a face mask. Was the mask mandate back in force? I checked my news feed. Apparently not. A day after the mask mandate for public transit was dropped, the vast majority of people were […]

Heading Home?

Canada’s airports are in chaos, especially Toronto’s Pearson Airport. That is the airport I am supposed to fly to today. I’m not looking forward to the experience. When reports of problems processing passengers first surfaced a few weeks ago, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra placed the blame squarely with air travelers. People had forgotten the routine […]

Down The Mental Rabbit Hole

I used to follow a blog where the author ran out of things to say. Actually, I still follow it, but I realized yesterday that it must be at least six months, maybe a year, since the last post. (I just checked – more than a year.) I suppose it is possible he died. At least […]

Random Thoughts For Wednesday

I’d blame COVID brain fog for today’s post, but I haven’t caught the virus yet. I guess that means I have no justification for what you are about to read. After two yeras of pandemic, many of us have noticed a certain amount of indecision creeping into our lives. That was my problem last night. […]

Quick Thoughts On Masks

What do you think about having to wear a face mask in public places? Do you think they are effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19 or other diseases? Should your opinion matter? If you think so, why? Are you a doctor or other health care professional? An epidemiologist perhaps? I ask these questions in […]

Twisting Again

This weekend seems like a rerun. Third COVID Easter I guess; many people are still (understandably perhaps) leery of get-togethers. So let’s go back to 2015 again today with one of my favorite seasonal songs. Sometimes a song strikes a chord in your soul. I was going to write extensively about this song (actually I […]

Thursday Smiles

I figured it was about time to laugh again with some pandemic jokes. After two years though it is tough to find ones you haven’t seen already. So I thought I’d throw in the story below. Yes, I’m making you read – but you can visualize the pictures. One day, just before the gates open […]

Breathing Freely

Everyone was wearing a mask when I went to the grocery store on Tuesday. Even though they didn’t have to. Ontario lifted many of its pandemic restrictions Monday, including mask wearing in most public settings. I expected to see a lot of naked faces when I shopped. I didn’t. Some grocery store staff were unmasked, […]

Catching COVID

A little while ago, I got a text from a friend. He said: When we were kids, my parents sent us to visit friends who had chicken pox, so we would catch it. You’re welcome to come visit us 🙂. It wasn’t chicken pox in his household, but a case of COVID-19. Mild symptoms, as […]