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Forty Degrees of Separation

I turned on Ottawa radio yesterday (online of course), looking for Canadian news. What struck me most though was the weather. In Ottawa it is still winter. Morning temperature was minus 21 Celsius –  and that isn’t taking the wind chill into account. It felt a lot colder than that to those leaving for their […]

Kaysersberg Castle – II

To followup on yesterday’s post, a series of pictures taken of the ruins of this 13th century castle in Alsace.

Kaysersberg Castle – I

I suppose you could look up how many castles there are in Europe. My guess is several thousand, with most of those in ruins, good only as tourist attractions. What is it that draws us to castles? Or is it just me? I grew up on the legends of King Arthur, the courage of the […]

On The Line

Jagmeet Singh’s future is on the line today. The leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party is contesting a by-election. If he loses he will be expected to step down as party leader. Singh’s strategy since winning the party leadership in October 2017 has been to travel the country meeting Canadians. He passed up on the […]

Karanalik Kalise

I’m not even going to try uploading pictures and a new post for today, given the weak internet connection where I am staying. I’ve got a few posts planned for when I get back to Germany next week and those will have pictures attached. So today I thought this post from a few years ago […]

Technological Challenges

This is not the post I had scheduled for today. Which has me mildly annoyed, as I had some pictures I wanted to share today. I think I mentioned I was traveling on business these days. In a perfect world I would have planned ahead and had all the posts for the time period written […]

The Rules

Some of them make sense. Others I had to wonder about. Millions of people visit the Acropolis in Athens each year. It is one of the busiest tourist sites in the world. If each person took a pebble home as a souvenir, there wouldn’t be much left at the end of the year. Not to […]

Lighting Sequence

It is a simple thing, yet it shows a major difference between Canada and Germany. The traffic lights here are different. I haven’t asked why, because I think I figured it out on my own. See if this makes sense to you. In Canada the traffic light sequence is green (go), yellow (caution) and red. […]

Me and The Arrow

  Sixty years ago today an event took place that changed Canadian society, the effects of which are still felt, something which would have a major impact my life, though I didn’t know it at the time. In a move that was either absolutely insane or fiscally prudent, the Conservative government of John Diefenbaker canceled […]

That Church Again – II

More photos of the interior of St. Stephen’s church in Breisach, about a 40 minute drive from our hone in Sulzburg. Tomorrow we will be remembering one of the pivotal days in Canadian history. Just thought you should be told in advance.