Monthly Archives: October 2020

Handling A Crisis

I remember waking up when the bomb went off, though I didn’t know what it was. I found out the next morning that there had been a terrorist attack on a nearby bridge. That was 1963. We think of Canada as a peaceful place, but growing up in Montreal in the 1960s we were very […]

A Golden Day

The fall colors in Sulzburg are nothing like the vibrant red, yellows and oranges that I am used to in eastern Canada. Yet they have a beauty of their own. Walking by Castellberg, on the outskirts of Sulzburg this week, I was struck by the beauty of the vineyards in the late afternoon sun. The […]

Making Hay

Something about these bales caught my eye as I walked along the creek that connects the villages of Dottingen and Heitersheim. I’m not sure how they got there – no fields in sight – or where the hay is going, given there don’t seem to be any farms in the immediate area, just vineyards. I […]

A Grain Of Salt

They’ll be counting the votes in the election for President of the United States a week from today. The polls have Joe Biden in a commanding lead. Four years ago at this time the polls had Hillary Clinton ahead – yet Donald Trump won the election. Is that going to happen again? The pollsters say […]

Doing Politics Right

After seeing this commercial, I’d vote for these guys. No idea how I’d make the choice since they are running against each other. Probably base it on policies. Politics seems to be broken these days, like so much else in society. In their quest for personal victory, many politicians trample the truth, decency and the […]

Stir Crazy?!

I had no set itinerary in mind when I left the house – I just knew it was going to be a long walk. I realized it had been six weeks since I left Sulzburg, other than a couple of trips to church and one visit to the doctor for a flu shot. Those were […]

Keep Your Eyes Open

At the best of times there is little to do in the area I live. These days, with so many pandemic-related restrictions, you pretty much can walk or stay at home. Which for me isn’t a problem. I like to walk. Though I admit the trails around Sulzburg, so admired by the tourists (which we […]

COVID Friday

It is Friday. I always like to end the week with something light and humorous. I leave it to you to decide whether jokes about COVID-19 are humorous. I wonder if this is a real product? If not, how long before it becomes one? Can you see a market for something like this? Me too. […]

The Last Debate

I won’t be watching tonight – it’s a time zone thing. I’ll catch the highlights in the morning. Maybe. Tonight’s second, and last US presidential debate is crucial.  The rules have changed. It will be tougher for Donald Trump to talk over Joe Biden like he did in the first debate. And, given social distancing […]


Several years ago a friend introduced me to the satirical Babylon Bee website. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s friends didn’t tell him about it. Maybe that is due to a lack of friends with a sense of humor. Or of friends who would frequent a Christian site such as the Bee. Whatever the reason, last week Trump […]