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Differing Views

My friend Carolyn, who had a hit a few decades ago (my how time flies) with a song called “Seize The Day,” posted the image above. Apparently it has been floating around the internet for a while and people keep sending it to her. I too have days when I realize it was probably a […]


When the news came late Monday it was as if it was expected. Gordon Lightfoot, Canada’s preeminent singer-songwriter had died at the age of 84. Just a few weeks ago he had cancelled his concert dates for 2023, and while fans were hoping they would be rescheduled I had a sense that the end was […]

Why Live Music?

Concerts are special. Not being able to experience live music in person was, for me, one of the biggest drawbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we can gather again, I’m trying to get out more often. Martyn Joseph, the Welsh sing-songwriter, played in Ottawa Friday night. He ends the Canadian leg of his latest […]

I Thought About It

Tickets went on sale today for U2’s Las Vegas residency, with paid members of the fan club having first crack at them. I must admit I was tempted. I’ve never been to Las Vegas. Then I looked at the prices. I don’t want to go to Las Vegas that much, not even to see one […]

The In-between Day

Yesterday was Good Friday. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. What do you say on the day in between the two? The day after Jesus’ crucifixion was a sad one. His followers hopes and dreams had been dashed. They feared for their lives. There was no reason for optimism. The man they thought was the Messiah, the […]

More Memories

For a few minutes on Saturday night I was a teenager again and just discovering the power of rock and roll. Chilliwack brought the 1970s and 1980s to Ottawa. Nostalgia is a powerful force, which explains why the thousand seat hall was sold out for a band that hasn’t had a hit in about 40 […]

Rock and Roll Memories

Do rock and roll bands have DNA? And if so, how is the ancestry traced? When does the connection become so remote as to make the band a completely different creature? I went to see Trooper last month. I remember buying their first album, sound unheard back in 1975, because it had been produced by […]

Jesus Revolution – The Music

Watching the film Jesus Revolution, I was struck by some things about the place and time that hadn’t hit me before. I remember seeing news reports and photos of the mass baptisms,┬ábut pictures don’t convey the power of the event the way a video does.┬áThe sense of joy and celebration came through on the big […]

I’m Giving Up

For today anyway. I was hoping for the perfect Valentine’s Day post. But the words wouldn’t come. So I thought instead I would switch to music. There are millions of love songs out there. Some of them I even like. I could post a video of a love song. It would be fitting for the […]

Thoughts At 2 a.m.

No, I wasn’t awake at 2. It’s a song title. Written by Julie Miller and recorded with her husband Buddy a few years back. I had the album, Breakdown on 20th Avenue South, playing in the background Tuesday morning as I was working. I chose it as ambient music, something soft that wouldn’t distract me […]