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Time to Get Back

There’s a famous quote about sausage making that director Peter Jackson should have given more thought to. “To retain respect for laws and sausages, one must not watch them in the making.” Maybe we would have been better off not knowing. Jackson’s  latest film, Get Back, an eight hour plus extravaganza in three parts, shows The […]

Not Your Average Movie

How do you squeeze 60 years of musical history into a documentary that lasts less than two hours? You can’t, but those behind The Jesus Music, which hits theatres today, have made a valiant attempt. It is difficult for me to objectively assess this film. The subject matter is something I know a little about […]

Thoughts On Mothers’ Day

It’s not an official holiday, but today is indeed Mothers’ Day in both Canada and Germany. Elsewhere too I presume. For me, it is only the second May since my mother’s death, so the day stirs up conflicting emotions. Normally I would be calling my mother, given that she would have been in Canada and […]

Beautiful Weeds

Saw these dandelions growing at the edge of a vineyard yesterday. Given their location, I guess they are just as much weeds here are they are in Canada. Which is strange when you think about it. People eat the greens and drink a wine made out of dandelion – why does this flower fall into […]

The Twist

I’ve shared this song with you before, but it has been six years and warrants another listen. Easter songs are full of joy. On Good Friday there’s a different feel. We know today that joy is indeed on the way, but it is still a somber occasion. So many of the lines from this song […]

Meanings Will Change

I did some time traveling yesterday, but managed to return safely to my office. I must admit though, I didn’t want to come back. On my digital turntable was Paul and… the first solo album from the guy on the middle of Peter Paul and Mary which was released in 1971. I’m not sure what […]

Wanna Buy A Car?

Those who aren’t sports fans watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. It is the most watched television event of the year, with advertisers paying millions of dollars for a short spot and putting their most creative advertising minds to work on the product. As a Canadian, I rarely watch the game – and if […]

2020 In Review – An Untimely Passing

This 2017 post was a repeat of a 2016 post and the fourth most viewed post here last year. Maybe the release of a new Gord Downie record brought it to the attention of various search engines. I listened to an advance copy of the album before its release date, but for reasons I no […]

2020 In Review – 10,000 Hours in Hamburg

As we continue our review of your favorite posts from 2020, I will admit this is one of my favorites, from 2015. It’s always nice to burst someone’s bubble, though the myth about the Beatles and how they honed their craft still persists. Apparently I am still the only one who has done the math. […]

The Song of 2020

I don’t know where the year has gone. I started this post a couple of months ago, intending to share it sometime before Christmas, and then I forgot. Yesterday I remembered, so I bumped what I had planned for today to next month. It has taken the world by storm. A simple song that has […]