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First Reflections on Delta

Passion and fear. Fear and passion. Twin emotions that permeate Delta, the new album from Mumford & Sons, which is released today. Marcus Mumford and his bandmates have produced a sonic tour-de-force that will take multiple listens to unveil the depths of the lyrical exploration into the human condition. For someone like me, far more […]

Lonely People

As an introvert, I try my best not to overload on people contact. I need space and solitude. I’ve come to the realization that is one of the reasons why learning German is difficult for me. It is not just that the language is hard, but I was also thrown into a classroom with a […]

Eugene Peterson – Influencer

I never met Eugene Peterson, who died Monday at age 85, but I was well aware of his influence. You can find an outpouring of affection and appreciation online, and I am not going to add to that. I do think it fitting though that I re-post this piece, which ran April 16, 2016. When […]

SCC Solo

He’s hitting the road for his fall tour in September, but I got to see a preview earlier this month. The SCC Solo tour is definitely worth checking out. It is confession time. Steven Curtis Chapman (SCC) has been a dominant force in Christian music for three decades, selling more than 11 million albums, but […]

Generating Controversy

After more than three decades together you would think a rock band would have lost its ability to stir up controversy, especially inadvertently. Therefore, I was surprised to see Stryper in the news because Walmart refused to carry their latest album, objecting to the title. I must admit, when I saw the news report and […]

The Ear Worm

This wasn’t the post I had planned for today. That one will show up tomorrow. It is Monday afternoon as I write this, on the bus home from German class. The class was even more difficult than usual because I have an ear worm. You know about ear worms, right? A song or portion thereof […]

First Impressions on “Songs of Experience”

  I may come back to this one in the New Year, but I wanted to give my first impressions today. After all, a new U2 album is an event. The last one, Songs of Innocence, they gave away free and in the process managed to annoy millions of people who suddenly discovered it on […]