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Another Death In The Rock and Roll Family

When I saw Tom Petty perform in July it never occurred to me I was witnessing one of his last shows. The news of his death of cardiac failure earlier this week was a shock. I know there is a generation of performers who are aging and not likely to be with us much longer. […]

Hefner and Disney

Hugh Hefner is dead. The damage he did lives on. The details on that would be book-length. The Playboy founder was 91when he died. Possibly most people thought he was dead already – Playboy hasn’t been a cultural force for decades. His magazine pretty much ignored God. I wonder about the discussion Hefner is having […]

Music With A Message

Sometimes a line resonates with you; it speaks to your soul. I saw Switchfoot perform earlier this year. First time I had seen them in concert since 2011. That Switchfoot show was the best live performance I saw that year, better even than U2. There was something special about the energy of the crowd and […]

Still Rocking After All These Years

Scratch one from the bucket list. Not that I actually have a bucket list. I missed Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers the last time they were in Ottawa, 36 year ago. I don’t know why it took so long for them to return when the 2017 RBC‎ Ottawa Bluesfest schedule was announced, with Petty as […]

Howl of the Wolf

Strangely enough for the event they call Bluesfest, there are very few blues acts. It wasn’t that way in the beginning of course, but over the past 20 years the festival has become an everything festival, with country, folk, hip-hop, rap, EDM and rock bands headlining on successive nights. You have to work really hard […]

Night of The Zombies

It’s not that I love music any less. Just a sign of how busy my life has become. The 2017 edition of Ottawa Bluesfest was a week old before I made my first excursion.  No time for that one either (I have a project on deadline) but under some circumstances you have to make an […]

Canada Day Reflections – II

When my children were younger and complained about something I would tell them not to just complain but to offer a solution as well. It is a sound principle: be part of the answer, not just part of the problem.  Otherwise you are just a whiner. I have complained a couple of times about the […]