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Thoughts At 2 a.m.

No, I wasn’t awake at 2. It’s a song title. Written by Julie Miller and recorded with her husband Buddy a few years back. I had the album, Breakdown on 20th Avenue South, playing in the background Tuesday morning as I was working. I chose it as ambient music, something soft that wouldn’t distract me […]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I worked in radio for decades, finally (I think) retiring in 2019. These thoughts are from 2015. I am a crusher of dreams and ambitions. Or at least I try to be. Unfortunately I am not always successful. I’m the guy people come to when they are trying to get established, the guy who tells […]

Musical Mecca

Welcome to re-run time. Some of my favorite posts, mostly older and travel related, while I myself am on the road. While I am away I am busily writing new material which will start appearing here when I get home next month.  I’m already looking forward to sharing the new material with you and hope […]

Twisting Again

This weekend seems like a rerun. Third COVID Easter I guess; many people are still (understandably perhaps) leery of get-togethers. So let’s go back to 2015 again today with one of my favorite seasonal songs. Sometimes a song strikes a chord in your soul. I was going to write extensively about this song (actually I […]

Lost Together

Maybe it was because it was the first indoor rock concert I’ve been to in five years. Maybe it was the band, which after almost 40 years together is tight, polished and knows how to please a crowd. There seems to always be one band that epitomizes Canada, that lurks in our collective psyche. Today […]

Mother Russia

I was thinking about my friend Myles yesterday, I have no idea why. Myles died while I was living in Germany. I didn’t know he was sick, and never got a chance to say goodbye. I remember the day I met Myles. It was July 1, 1978, in Alfred, Ontario, at an outdoor show when […]

Listening To Legend

My friend Rob texted me to suggest I take a listen to his new music video, and share it with my friends if I liked it. So here it is. Rob is one of those 21st century type of friends – we’ve communciated a lot over the years but have never met. I first became […]

Hey John

The war in Ukraine has been taking up much of my thoughs these days. I have friends who have fled Kyiv for their safety, leaving some family members behind. I have several unfinished posts reflecting on the situation and the global politics involved. At one time, I worked for a Member of Parliament who was […]

Shades of Revolution

As I watched the ongoing live streaming coverage of Freedom Convoy 2022 over the weekend I could help but think: Gil Scott-Heron was wrong. Or was he? You probably aren’t aware of the music of this American poet. He’s been dead for more than a decade, and the times he chronicled were over long ago. […]

Time to Get Back

There’s a famous quote about sausage making that director Peter Jackson should have given more thought to. “To retain respect for laws and sausages, one must not watch them in the making.” Maybe we would have been better off not knowing. Jackson’s  latest film, Get Back, an eight hour plus extravaganza in three parts, shows The […]