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Emergency Room

Follow the blue dots, the nurse said. Which is fine if you can distinguish between blue and purple – but sometimes I can’t. I figured it out, though why they didn’t tell me I was going to emergent care, I don’t know. I had never heard of emergent care. I gather it is part of […]

Mr. Walker Had A Car

This post was first published four years ago. It came to mind last night for some reason. I’ve updated a couple of points. I was running errands with my mother. That means I drive her wherever she needs to go, wait until she is finished, then drive her to the next place she wants to […]

Sticker Shock

  Back in Canada after a ten month absence and feeling a little disoriented. The jet lag isn’t as bad coming from Europe as going there, so it isn’t to blame. There are new buildings, including a huge Amazon warehouse on the outskirts of town that wasn’t there last year. The new light-rail project is […]

The H Word

It finally happened. A German used the H word in my presence. I haven’t been all that surprised that Adolf Hitler doesn’t come up in conversation here. You could say it is because Germany and Germans prefer not to remember the Nazi era. It has been almost 75 years, that generation is dead, most of […]

American Justice

There are times when the US seems like a third-world country run by a tinpot dictator with no sense of the rule of law. The latest high-profile case from American courts has a bizarre ending that makes the justice system look silly. Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman has been sentenced in a  New York courtroom. […]

Tasty Confusion

For me it was a new twist on pizza-making. I think I liked it. But it did take me aback at first. Do you see what they have done with this one? It was at Zeus 2, my favorite pizzeria in Germany. It is fairly new, an offshoot of Zeus Pizza which has been running […]

If It Looks Like Hypocrisy…

Definition of hypocrisy 1: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel The Canadian Prime Minister is defending the right of one of his party’s candidates in the upcoming federal election to oppose the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Yet […]