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Cultural Differences VI – The Kitchen

Until this morning, when I walked into my kitchen, all I could see was empty space with a pipe protruding from the wall. The previous tenants took everything, including the kitchen sink. This is a whole new experience for me. In Germany, when you move, you take everything with you. That includes the kitchen sink […]

Stones of Remembrance

I wish I had brought a stone with me, but I didn’t know. As a small town, Sulzburg has few tourist attractions besides fresh air and hiking trails. However, it is known for its synagogue and Jewish cemetery, both no longer in use. Well, the cemetery is still there. So is the synagogue. It is […]

No Clothes, This Time

I wonder how it feels when the academic has no clothes? When their prejudices are revealed to the world and they stand naked, are they embarrassed? Or do they not even notice? The drawback to commenting on current news is that at times events unfold faster than This is the third time I have written […]

Cultural Differences IV

In North America it is common for retail salespeople to wear name tags. Turns out they do in Germany too, but there’s a big difference. The name tag is so much a part of the uniform that those wearing them often forget they are there. If I see a clerk wearing one I tend to […]

On The Bus

I may have mentioned from time to time that I am a big fan of public transit. It provides economical transportation, is relatively reliable and is environmentally friendly.  Because I am a fan, and also because we have no vehicle, I have been learning the intricacies of the local transit system. Well, maybe intricacies is […]

Remembrance Day 2017

A hundred years ago today the First World War was dragging on with no end in sight. The troops were mired in the mud of the trenches of France and Belgium. It was not a pretty war. My grandfather fought in that conflict. To honour his memory, each November 11, for as long as I […]

Only in Canada?

The Prime Minister is being slammed by the Leader of the Opposition because he won’t ask the Governor General to apologize for controversial comments. Welcome to Canada. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the Prime Minister has offended millions of Canadians by praising comments the GG made last week about scientific knowledge and religious belief. If […]