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The Shoe On The Roof

Today is a red letter day for book lovers as Will Ferguson’s latest novel, The Shoe on the Roof, hits the bookstores. Given that his last novel, 419, won Canada’s most lucrative literary award, the Giller Prize, it is safe to say this is a highly anticipated book. Ferguson’s reputation has established him as a […]

Cultural Differences – II

In North America time is money. We are always looking for ways to save it; it may be the most valuable thing we own. Europe runs at a different pace. That was obvious the first time I went to a gas station to fill up the car. We had borrowed a car to run some […]

Furniture In Hell

I have a theological conundrum that has been bothering me this week. Time to put it out for your consideration. I was wondering if all the furniture in Hell (assuming there is furniture in Hell) comes from IKEA. If you’ve ever struggled with putting together IKEA tables, dressers and other furniture based on their drawings, […]

A Driving Lesson

I knew that eventually I would have to get behind the wheel of a car and discover first-hand what it was like to drive in Germany. I just didn’t expect it to be this soon. The Autobahn is legendary, no speed limits, but I haven’t been on it. No, for me it is winding mountain […]

Cultural Differences – I

I mentioned not long ago that I was planning on doing a series of posts on cultural differences I had discovered between living in Canada and living in Germany. I’ve got a few posts started, but nothing finished yet. Then I remembered. When I started this blog most of my posts were reflections on a […]

A Walk in the Vineyard

It is always nice when you can combine business with pleasure. Last week, having newly arrived in Germany, I had a leisurely walk with my new boss. It was supposed to be a half hour, just to stretch our legs, but it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, and there was no reason we couldn’t talk […]

Hefner and Disney

Hugh Hefner is dead. The damage he did lives on. The details on that would be book-length. The Playboy founder was 91when he died. Possibly most people thought he was dead already – Playboy hasn’t been a cultural force for decades. His magazine pretty much ignored God. I wonder about the discussion Hefner is having […]