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The King Of Canada

In all the pageantry and ceremony surrounding the coronation of King Charles III, I doubt the British people have paid much attention to his relationship with the colonies. Which doesn’t mean there has been no discussion of the monarchy in those colonies. Canada had strong ties to Queen Elizabeth II as the only Queen most […]

The Dream Dies…Again

In 1993 the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup, the ultimate prize in professional hockey. No Canadian team has won it since. The Cup, donated by the Governor General of Canada more than a century ago to the best team in hockey, is a very Canadian thing. For decades only Canadian teams were eligible to […]

Marching For Life

They showed up on Parliament Hill Thursday by the thousands, politically incorrect and marching for life. The media ignored them, as pretty much happens every year. The annual National March For Life is the biggest demonstration in Ottawa each year. The cause, rights for unborn children, is not fashionable. That so many of the demonstrators […]


I overheard this on the elevator this morning on Parliament Hill. It sounded like the person was quoting, so I checked online. The first hit suggested it comes from Socrates. That works for me. It’s also not very different from some of the Biblical proverbs. I have no idea how I lived this long without […]

The Message

It was a short message with the world watching. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury spoke these words at the Coronation of King Charles III Saturday morning. If you missed it, or would like to read it as opposed to listening again (I’m a print person – probably not the only one), the text is below. […]


It was totally unlike me. I got up early this morning to watch  television, the coronation of Charles III. I don’t think I have watched live television (other than sports) since the 2021 federal election. Which means I didn’t watch Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Not did I watch Charles first wedding back in 1981, or […]

Does Tradition Matter?

As Charles III is officially crowned on Saturday, the Government of Canada is allegedly quietly changing its royal coat of arms to move it away from its British and Christian heritage. I’m not sure what to think about that. Coats of arms aren’t static. Canada’s has been amended before, most recently in 1995. Nobody pays […]

Stumbling Stones Again

If you look closely, you can see two metal plaques placed among the cobblestones, memorials to two people who used to live at this location. They are a common sight in German cities. So common they are easy to ignore. The weather was a little frosty Sunday, but that didn’t stop us taking a walk […]

On Strike

There are no winners today as 155,000 Canadian civil servants walk off the job in the largest strike actions  in years. I’ve been there before. . More than thirty years ago I walked the picket line in a similar job action. I was an enthusiastic union supporter and believed in the cause to the point where […]

Climate Uncertainty

Ottawa’s famed Rideau  Canal skateway didn’t open to skaters this winter, for the first time since it was established in 1971. It was too warm A couple of thousand kilometres to the west, the city of Winnipeg didn’t have a day in March where the temperatures rose above freezing. Coldest it has been since 1889. […]