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Community Service

For me, one of the appeals of Sulzburg is the miniature golf course behind the city square. In an area sorely lacking in entertainment alternatives, the free course is a nice perk.  Of course, the problem with free is that you get what you pay for. The course is in sad shape – I figure […]

More Conspiracy Theories

Just to set the record straight and as a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I am not so naive as to take everything in this world at face value. I realize even paranoids can have enemies. However, I am not going to lose sleep worrying about vast global conspiracies and shadowy cabals who aim to control […]

All You Can Do Is Dance

I wasn’t sure how to react, so at first, I kept silent. Sitting on my couch were two people expounding an obviously bizarre conspiracy theory. It was apparent they believed every word. The internet has been a great boon to those who think the world is against them. You can always find someone, somewhere who […]

David and Goliath

If this is the big time, where are the fans? The stadium is empty.  Mind you, Lazio is the ‘other’ Rome club in Serie A football (soccer), the top tier of the sport in Italy. Roma is much more popular. Still, on a Saturday afternoon, on a holiday weekend, I would have expected more than […]

Easter In The Square

It seemed somewhat appropriate to head for St. Peter’s Square on Easter morning, even if I am not Roman Catholic. Tradition is important to me, and there is so much history, especially church history, in Rome. I think you could probably attend a different church every Sunday for 20 years and not visit them all. […]

Stadium Security

When the National Hockey League introduced airport-style scanners in their arenas I complained here. I thought such measures would make going to a game a hassle, and, like in airports, wondered if it was worth it. This past weekend I went to a football (soccer) game in Rome, Lazio versus Benevento. The security measures there […]

Thoughts For This Easter Morning

The foundations of the earth shook when the words were first uttered. Angels danced with joy. Christ is risen! Friday had been about despair and shattered dreams. How could everything have gone so wrong? It wasn’t supposed to end like this! But it was. God had a plan. Christ is risen! Saturday was no better […]