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Saturday Memories

For those of us who grew up in the fifties and sixties (and maybe even into the seventies) this should bring back fond memories. For all I know there are still cartoons on Saturday morning television – but I never think to watch them. And they probably aren’t the ones from my childhood, so I […]

Health Care Challenges

My eye was hurting. My first thought was one of my eyelashes had somehow gotten a little twisted, so I flushed it out with water. That didn’t work though. It was still itchy and red. Quite annoying really. Especially since I wasn’t sure what to do. Back in Canada I might have called my doctor. […]


The church service at St. Cyriak, just a minute’s walk from our apartment, is at 10 on Sunday mornings. I gather it has been for centuries. But 10 a.m. isn’t when it starts. St. Cyriak is part of a multiple point pastoral charge, including churches in Laufen and St. Ilgen. There used to be a […]

All Hallow’s Eve

It is August. I am sure of that because I read it on the calendar. Though my first visit of the year to a Canadian grocery store had me wondering.   It had been ten months since my last visit, and there had been a few changes at my local store, more that is than just […]

York – 306 A.D.

Originally posted September 26, 2014. York was not on the original summer itinerary. The plan was to go to England’s Lakes District and do some hiking. But by the time we decided that as our final destination the price of accommodations was sky high, so we looked for cheaper options that would be just as […]

Gotta Dance

There was no polite way to say no, so I went. It was a learning experience. As an introvert I’m not keen on parties. I’m even less keen on parties involving people I don’t know. Which means I wasn’t overly thrilled when my wife relayed a birthday party invitation from one of the refugees she […]

Too Much Information (Cultural Differences XIV)

I had to write a job application cover letter in my German class. I could not believe the example we were given. I have the luxury of being the oldest person in my class. While that makes language acquisition difficult, I don’t have the same pressures the other students face. My work is in English, […]