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Black Forest Ramble – VIII

When we entered the Lebensweg above the Black Forest village of  St. Ulrich, we did so from behind the church from which the village takes its name. It was founded by St. Ulrich himself almost a thousand years ago, and the monastery he started is still attached to the church where he is buried. I […]


 I wrote a post for today about the Supreme Curt of Canada’s decision in the Trinity Western University case. It was written within minutes of the decision being rendered and I have decided that, unlike most of the things I put here, it should be edited before publication. I have followed the case for the […]

Online Security?

I can’t say I’ve ever paid much attention to Facebook’s posting policy. All I ever post is this blog, and it is generally uncontroversial. I was aware that nudity is forbidden. I think I learned that from news reports quoting outraged mothers whose breastfeeding photos were deemed inappropriate. However, I was somewhat flabbergasted when Facebook […]

The June Pole

The tree in Sulzburg’s market square has been the subject of several previous posts here, and I really thought I was done with it as May came to an end. Back in December it was a Christmas tree; quite nice to look when we would return home after dark. At some point early in the […]

Ontario Votes

We take a break from our Black Forest series today because…. …it is voting day in Ontario. Voters are set to choose which of the three major parties will form the government. I will admit to not being all that excited. If we were still living in the province, I would probably have written extensively […]

Black Forest Ramble – I

It was a beautiful Saturday, so I took the afternoon off work. It has been a while – it seems Saturdays there is always something that comes up that requires sitting at the computer or going out and doing something for someone. My wife said she had heard of a nice walk in the Black […]

Another Day, Another Holiday

In Canada when there is a holiday approaching everyone knows it. Every store has a sign in the front door giving their holiday hours. Whether it is closing early Christmas eve, or just for the morning on November 11 to commemorate Remembrance Day, they want their customers to be informed well in advance, so they […]