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What Happened? – II

Yesterday I reviewed Hillary Clinton’s What Happened. I realized as I was writing that I had more to say than I wanted to fit into one day, so today we pick up more or less where we left off on Thursday. Clinton, who spends most of the book rehashing the 2016 US presidential election campaign […]

Love and Denial

It seems a little strange that, due to the way the calendar works this year, today is not only Valentine’s Day, devoted to celebrating love, but Ash Wednesday, the day of fasting that opens the season of Lent. How are you supposed to celebrate the two together? Valentine’s Day is a big deal in North […]

The Facebook Reminder

Facebook kept sending me reminders yesterday. One of the downsides to digital communication is that for such sites you can turn notifications on or off but can’t be selective. I didn’t need this reminder. It was a friend’s birthday, and Facebook wanted to be sure I remembered to write something on his timeline. After all, […]

Politically Correct

The Senate of Canada has finally passed legislation to make the Canadian National anthem, O Canada, gender neutral. It has only taken a couple of years (or decades, depending on how you look at it). It has been a much- debated topic, reviving around the use of the word “sons” in the anthem in use […]

The Cover Charge

Judging from the signs I have seen, “flohmarkten” (flea markets) are a big deal in this part of southern Germany. Every weekend there seems to be one in a different town and everybody seems to go them. Maybe that is because there isn’t much else to do around here except walk in the Black Forest. […]


There was a party going on, though I never did figure out what the occasion was. It did show me the difference between Canadian and German liquor laws. Actually, I’m not sure if there are German liquor laws. We took the train to Freiburg Sunday morning at 10;30. You would think that at that time […]

The Kids On The Bus (Cultural Differences X)

When I was a child there were no school buses in our neighborhood; we had to walk to school. My mother tells me I was insistent on walking alone on my first day of kindergarten. I had not yet turned five. Supposedly she trailed me at a distance to ensure my safe arrival. Unnecessary really […]