Monthly Archives: November 2015

Entering The Season

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent. My wife insists that is when we have to put up the Christmas tree. To me that seems very early. She says December is a busy time, and if we put it off it won’t get done. I agree in theory, but somehow I don’t think we would […]

Grey Cup 2015

Today is the big day for Canadian football fans, the annual Grey Cup championship game. Unlike our cousins to the south, we don’t get all fancy and use Roman numerals to describe the game. We don’t need to add artificial gravitas to it – our trophy has been around for more than a century, something […]

The Shopping Trip

I try not to have preconceptions, but this is not what I expected. When I think of the Middle East I think of traditional markets, like Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Not an upscale shopping mall that would not seem out of place anywhere in North America. Okay, I have heard that they have places like that […]

Black Friday Once Again

It seems like only a year since I was spending my time avoiding Black Friday, that orgiastic explosion of consumerism the seizes the United States at this time of year and which is slowly creeping across the border into Canada. For the past three weeks I seem to have been inundated with emails and flyers […]

Thoughts On The Refugee Crisis

As broken election promises go, this is probably a good one. Canada’s new government has realized that it was unrealistic to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees before the end of the year. The target remains the same, but now it will take a couple of extra months. It is still an ambitious goal. The United States, […]

Waiting For A Plane XV – Security at Ataturk

Airports can be dehumanizing, and probably nothing in an airport is more dehumanizing than the security screening process. Empty your pockets. Take off your belt, your watch, and your shoes. Put everything on a conveyor belt to be fed into the x-ray machine. While that is happening step through this arch. It buzzed? Get patted […]

Love & Mercy

I think it was about 1979 that I saw Brian Wilson on stage with the Beach Boys. I don’t know when I have been more embarrassed for someone. Brian at the time was dealing with mental health issues, had been for more than a decade. The stories were legendary, how he had stayed in one […]