Monthly Archives: June 2021

Vaccination Day

I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but I will confess to being a vaccine skeptic, at least where the various COVID-19 vaccinations are involved. Despite that, I’ll be getting my first shot today. To say I do so against my better judgement is perhaps putting it too strong. I have weighed the options, looked at the information […]

Speaking of Castles…

Six years ago today I offered you a photo essay of the castle in Badenwiler, pictures I took on my first visit there the previous month. At the time in never occurred to me i would spend four years living just a few kilometres away, and the Badenweiler castle would be one of those go-to […]

Government Logic

In order to slow down the spread of COVID-19 the Government of Canada has introduced measures restricting travel, including a manadatory 14-day home quarantine for those entering the country. The civil rights violations are before the courts, as many feel government has overstepped its authority. I’m supportive of necessary measures to preserve public health during […]

Another Castle

Given the travel restrictions, I didn’t visit many castles during our last 18 months in Germany. Then again, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Tourists don’t feel that way of course. Living in Germany, with a ruined castle on every second hill, I quickly reached the point where castles lost their appeal. Seen […]

The Fourth Plinth

When I took the picture I didn’t realize the sculpture was only temporary. It was early 2017 and it was my first viist to Trafalgar Square in (I think) 30 years. I didn’t remember having seen the giant thumb before – but it is possible in 1986 I didn’t want to waste film on it. […]

Jogging The Memory

You think you will always remember. But you don’t. I took this photo in the summer of 2009. Summer vacation in Germany. Exactly where? I haven’t a clue. I know it is within a couple of hours of Heidelberg, because the photos before and after include members of my wife’s family from that area. I […]

Coming Into Vernazza

In the hope that someday soon restrictions will be lifted and tourism will again become possible, I thought I’d share some pictures from my 2009 Italian vacation. My wife wanted to visit Cinque Terre, a region I had never heard of before. She sold me on the idea of five isolated villages with no access […]

Let Them All Talk

Having just fallen asleep watching The Lovebirds, you would think I would not have jumped into another film immediately. But there’s only so much time on a flight, and it isn’t as if I have had much opportunity to see new movies in theatres recently. With only enough time to see one more film, it […]

Are You Surpised?

I should be outraged, but I am not. This is the sort of political hypocrisy I have come to expect from this Prime Minister. Heaven forbid he should even try and walk his talk. Rules are for lesser mortals, not for him. Justin Trudeau is going to attend the G7 Summit starting Friday in Cornwall, […]

It’s A Secret!

The last thing they want is for the people to know why they made the decision. Because it probably wasn’t “science-based” at all. The government of Canada has been taken to court over its imposition of mandatory hotel quarantine on some travelers to Canada. Those arriving by air have to pay for a three-day hotel […]