Monthly Archives: February 2016

Oscar Time

I know it is the 29th of February. I am missing out on the opportunity to dazzle you with some witty leap-day oriented post. Please forgive me. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annual awards, the Oscars, were handed out last night. It was a big deal, television pre-shows, the red carpet, millions […]

Bus Etiquette

I pushed my way through the group of four young adults blocking the bus’s exit. Clustered in front of the door you would think they were planning on getting off when I was, but that was not the case. I did a quick count as I exited. There were at least six empty seats in […]


Okay, I was wrong. Or maybe I was right and he changed his mind. Sometime in the past six months Donald Trump has become a serious political candidate. It is becoming increasingly likely he will win the Republican presidential nomination, making him a 50-50 choice to become the next president of the United States. How […]

Democrats and Republicans

Must be at least a week since I have mentioned Donald Trump, a week in which he has moved closer to securing the Republican nomination as candidate for the US presidency in the November election. But “The Donald” as one of his ex-wives used to refer to him is not my focus today. It’s time […]

Making Choices

I’m a pack rat, don’t like to throw things out but there comes a time when it has to be done. That means I’m trying to do a bit of decluttering these days. I am going through boxes of paper, deciding what to keep, what to shred and what to just recycle. I can’t decide […]

Cat Picture

In a shameless attempt to become a success and have this blog read by millions of people I hereby post a picture of a cat. Supposedly the internet was invented for sharing cat pictures. Now that you have seen this, please send me money. Or post it to every social media site you can imagine […]

Ghost At The Door

Families frequently have secrets. Sometimes not even deliberate ones. Once upon a time of my mother’s “secrets” scared me. Or should that be scarred me? In the summer of 1967, when I was 11 years old, my family lived in Montreal. It was Canada’s centennial year and the centrepiece of the celebrations was Expo ’67, […]

Comfort Food

Somehow macaroni and cheese never looks this good when I make it at home!

Sometimes A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words

  There is so much more I want to say. Social commentary. Theological insight. But I think the picture does say all I need to.

The Aftermath

Two days after Ottawa was hit with a major 50 cm snowstorm the bus system still doesn’t appear to be back to normal. Thursday afternoon buses were traveling through the downtown core were 45 minutes behind schedule. Supposedly that was due to high traffic volumes, which struck me as a strange excuse given that most […]