Monthly Archives: February 2016

Oscar Time

I know it is the 29th of February. I am missing out on the opportunity to dazzle you with some witty leap-day oriented post. Please forgive me. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annual awards, the Oscars, were handed out last night. It was a big deal, television pre-shows, the red carpet, millions […]

Bus Etiquette

I pushed my way through the group of four young adults blocking the bus’s exit. Clustered in front of the door you would think they were planning on getting off when I was, but that was not the case. I did a quick count as I exited. There were at least six empty seats in […]


Okay, I was wrong. Or maybe I was right and he changed his mind. Sometime in the past six months Donald Trump has become a serious political candidate. It is becoming increasingly likely he will win the Republican presidential nomination, making him a 50-50 choice to become the next president of the United States. How […]

Democrats and Republicans

Must be at least a week since I have mentioned Donald Trump, a week in which he has moved closer to securing the Republican nomination as candidate for the US presidency in the November election. But “The Donald” as one of his ex-wives used to refer to him is not my focus today. It’s time […]

Making Choices

I’m a pack rat, don’t like to throw things out but there comes a time when it has to be done. That means I’m trying to do a bit of decluttering these days. I am going through boxes of paper, deciding what to keep, what to shred and what to just recycle. I can’t decide […]

Cat Picture

In a shameless attempt to become a success and have this blog read by millions of people I hereby post a picture of a cat. Supposedly the internet was invented for sharing cat pictures. Now that you have seen this, please send me money. Or post it to every social media site you can imagine […]

Ghost At The Door

Families frequently have secrets. Sometimes not even deliberate ones. Once upon a time of my mother’s “secrets” scared me. Or should that be scarred me? In the summer of 1967, when I was 11 years old, my family lived in Montreal. It was Canada’s centennial year and the centrepiece of the celebrations was Expo ’67, […]