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Refugees I – The Flight Out

Twenty-five years ago today I became a refugee. Technically I suppose I still am one. We’ve never gone back. In April 1990 we were living in Monrovia, capital of Liberia (West Africa if you need to find it on a map). A civil war had started on Christmas Eve. Government troops seemed mostly ineffective, and […]

My Morning Commute

I was on the bus and got annoyed. Have I ranted on this subject before? I can’t remember. I am a big fan of public transit. It is cost-effective, somewhat efficient and reasonably ecologically friendly. By choosing to live close to Ottawa’s Transitway we have avoided the need for a second vehicle. However, while I […]

The Blown Call

The Ottawa Senators unlikely hockey playoff run ended last night. In the end the team was not beaten by their on-ice opponents, the Montreal Canadiens, but by an officiating mistake. I pity the referee whose early whistle cost the Senators the tying goal. By losing sight of the puck he, in theory, could have cost […]

C. S. Lewis on Modern Bible Translations

Originally posted on Thinking Out Loud:
It’s hard to believe this wasn’t penned yesterday. I don’t know the original date it was written, but it first appeared in the collection titled God in the Dock, and we found this excerpt in another anthology tiled The Joyful Christian. Since Lewis died in 1963, we know the…

Cash Cow or Cash Cat?

My wife tore up the letter from the City of Ottawa, or I would have posted it here. It seems Marshall’s license is due for renewal. If you read this blog regularly you know that Marshall was our cat, who died last month. The city knows we have a cat because the Ottawa Humane Society […]

I Dare You

I couldn’t resist – can you? If you are like me you will be left with a lot of questions. Sorry, I have no answers in this instance.

High Praise

One of the things I miss about radio is the immediate feedback, people calling in to tell you they appreciate the song you just played, to make a request or sometimes just to chat. I don’t get that in my current radio gig, though there is the occasional email contact with listeners, if the customer […]