Monthly Archives: November 2020

Time To Smile

Time to smile a little today. I don’t need any reason other than that it is Thursday, do you? A few years back I suggested that anyone who wanted to get in on the ground floor of an expanding business should consider a career in tattoo removal. I stand by that assessment. This one should […]

Happy Birthday Pete!

Due to some computer issues Monday I find myself being a day behind this week, which is why you are getting Tuesday’s post on a Wednesday. Tuesday was Pete Best’s 79th birthday. You may never have heard of him, but you might have heard music from his band. They were called The Beatles. I wrote […]

More Than A Pile Of Sticks

I must have walked by this pile of old wood in the vineyard on the edge of Sulzburg a dozen times in the past two weeks, never giving it a second thought. Until the last time. I should have wondered why the pile was there when I first saw it, but my mind tends to […]

Ever Heard of Him?

One of the delights about visiting someplace new is learning bits of local history, things you don’t read in history books. I, for example, had never heard of Saint Arbogast. Had you? Walking through Dottingen one afternoon, I visited St. Arbogast’s Chapel on the spur of the moment. I’d seen the tower from a distance […]

Saturday Smiles

Let’s keep it light today. A selection of jokes for your Saturday. One Saturday morning in Whyte’s Auction House the bidding was proceeding furiously and strongly when the Chief Auctioneer suddenly announced, ‘A gentleman in this room has lost a wallet containing ten thousand dollars. If returned, he will pay a reward of two thousand […]

Difference in Perspective

Another day, another extreme weather warning for Sulzburg. Why do I read these things? The weather app on my phone occasionally gives me alerts about unusual weather expected in my area. They are generated by the German meteorological service, so they have a feel of authority to them. What they don’t have is me taking […]

Why Trump Lost

Yes, they are still counting the votes, but even Donald Trump knows in his heart he lost the 2020 US presidential election. Not because it was fraudulent but for one reason: COVID-19. There are three reasons COVID-19 was fatal to the Trump presidency. He might have managed re-election despite one or two of them, but […]


We were early at the playground to meet friends, so there was time for a short walk around the area. You’ll never guess what we found. It was the free-range chickens that first grabbed our attention, then we saw the vending machine with the eggs. Up close we realized there were more than eggs. In […]

The Next President

The election results tell us Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. Are you sure about that? And I’m not talking about the ongoing legal challenges the Trump team has mounted to try and overturn the results. I don’t see much hope for success there. Which may mean that Joe Biden […]

What Is This?

Are you sure? I know it looks like a lemon, but maybe it is an artist’s conception of a canary. I love public art. I get frustrated though when there is no accompanying plaque to tell me what the significance of the piece is. This one can be found just outside the pedestrian core of […]