Monthly Archives: October 2015

A Ghostly Tale for Halloween

I am a ghost. That seems like a reasonable admission to make on this Halloween. Not the spectral type of ghost, though I remain invisible most of the time, but a flesh and blood ghost writer. My words, someone else’s name on the publication, someone else giving the speech. The acclamation of cold hard cash. […]

Lost Luggage IV – Who Is Mr. Hinds?

The saga of my wife’s lost backpack from her summer vacation continues, as we now attempt to get compensation from Air Transat, compensation that they are legally required to give under the “Montreal Convention” that covers air travel and lost luggage. What should be a simple process isn’t. She filed her claim on return from […]

The Niqab Debate

It is a discussion that needs to be had, though it is unfortunate that it became an election issue. Political points were being scored over something that is far more fundamental than party politics. The niqab has been much discussed in Canada recently, with the government and the courts taking opposite positions. Strangely, they are […]

Legalizing Pot – II

Back in the 1970s I was convinced it was only a matter of a few years before Canada would make marijuana a legal substance. My thought was that governments wouldn’t be able to resist the tax revenue that could come from making it like alcohol. Why should organized crime get all the income? What was […]

Legalizing Pot – I

In my time in radio I was used to playing listener requests. If someone wanted to hear a song I would do my best to play it, as long as it fit the format of the show. Requests for Led Zeppelin fell on deaf ears when I was doing a classical music show. And yes, […]

Screwing Up The System

They’ve been around for 30 years, but today I have to use one for the first time. Canada Post is ending home delivery to my neighbourhood and I will have to pick up my mail at a community mailbox. It’s a financial decision to keep the postal service in the black. I think it is […]

Leadership Matters

I am a political junkie. I think I showed great restraint in the amount of posts I devoted to politics during the Canadian federal election. If you don’t care for politics, especially Canadian politics, you may not agree. In the election aftermath there are a few themes I want to address that seemed better dealt […]

A Matter of Survival

How do I get on these email lists? I have no idea. The sad thing is, I’m not paranoid enough to really appreciate them when I do read them. The ones offering me various weapons to protect myself, just in case, I usually delete unread. Guns don’t kill people. However I have the impression people […]


This post ran one year ago today in the immediate aftermath of the attack on Parliament Hill. The question raised, the striking of a balance between justice (which may at times be more vengeance) and love remains a difficult one. The natural response is to strike back at those who hurt you. The Christian imperative […]

One Year Later

It was one year ago today that a lone terrorist attacked the National War Memorial in Ottawa and then the Parliament Buildings. That day had a profound impact on not just this city but on our country. I wrote three posts on the subject immediately following the incident (including while locked down if you click […]