COVID Friday

As promised, a bit more COVID-19 humor for today. At least, I thought  these were funny.


There’s been a lot of speculation about the “new normal” and re-starting the economy. Some things see to be too soon, others not soon enough. And different jurisdictions have different rules on how to best handle the pandemic. I guess this next one is supposed to be encouraging.



And look what staying at home got them four years ago – and that was only one day!  I can’t decide if this is praising or chastising those Americans who didn’t vote in the last Presidential election.

Here’s a blast from the past, and a reminder just how quickly society can change. Video stores used to be such a big part of our lives – but they were only around for about 25 years. I wonder what that means for the phone stores on every city block these days.


In recent months everyone has had their email inbox inundated with customer service updates from companies we do business with, or maybe did business with years ago. I’ve been a little surprised at how few airlines I have heard from, though there is one I haven’t flown for a decade that sends me regular updates on the pandemic.


At this point I must admit I’m tired of companies telling me what they are doing to weather the pandemic. Good business means you take precautions you may not have needed to take before. That’s what reputable firms do. If you weren’t reputable I wouldn’t have done business with you in the first place. So you don’t need to keep reminding me how responsible you are.

(By the way, in producing this post I went to extra lengths to reduce the possibility of you contracting COVID-19 while reading it. Not only did I wash my hands before starting to type, but I downloaded the pictures only from internet sites certified to be COVID-free. Plus, I have not one but two different virus protection software programs running on this computer at all times. If something I say makes you uneasy, queasy or even sick, you are at least assured it isn’t COVID.”)

My mother would have echoed this one – we’ll let her have the last word.



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