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The Goal

It was a moment that defined a generation. Any Canadian my age, and many much younger, can tell you exactly where they were 50 years ago today, the afternoon Paul Henderson scored the goal. Americans my age know where they were when they heard about the assasination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. For a previous […]

Still Independent

A year ago thery hit the 30-year mark, milestone, though during COVID celebrations were muted.. Six months ago it looked like there would be no 31st anniversary. Today is Independence Day in a still independent Ukraine. For six months the country has resisted a Russian invasion at a horrible cost in death and destruction. Thousands […]

A Great Deal?

A few weeks back I told you about the German oil crisis and the shortage of cooking oil. Several restaurants i visited in May had dropped items like French Fries from their menu becasue cooking oil had gotten too pricy – if they could get any. Now a news report tells us of a German […]

Heat? What Heat?

As North America and Europe are sweltering with record temperatures and an increased number of forest fires, I’ve been thinking about the next ice age. The one that didn’t happen. Back in the early 1970s climate scientists were concerned that volatile weather patterns were a harbinger of another ice age like the one that froze […]

Thoughts on America

Is it a failed state, as many seem to think these days? Or does it remain the best example of democracy and a hope for the world? It seems appropriate on July 4, as Americans celebrate Independence Day, to give some thought to the state of the United States in 2022. Are things as bad […]

Overturning Roe

Imagine the outcry if it was the other way arouund. Imagine the reaction if the American president and vice president had referred to a Supreme Court of Canada decision in such a fashion, Canada’s government would have made a formal protest. It would have been a major diplomatic incident.  Feelings run high on all sides of […]

The Oil Crisis

The price of oil regularly fluctuates on the world market. It is at more than $120 a barrel as I write this, up from below zero a couple of years ago. (If you don’t quite understand the math to that, join the club.) People are feeling the pain at the gas pumps. But there is another oil […]

The Long Wait

Today is the 78th anniversary of D-Day, the start of the battle to retake Europe from the Nazis. It seems appropriate to revisit one of my first posts, written at the site and posted in 2014. Today is also, barring unforseen circumstances, the last day of my trip I am looking forward to being back […]

Are These Thoughts Dated?

In June 2016, right after the UK voted to leave the EU, I shared some thoughts about what the Brexit vote would mean for US politics and the upcoming presidential election. Seemed obvious to me, but apparently it wasn’t to the Democrats. Re-reading, I see some Canadian parallels as well. One paragraph in particular struck […]

Some Thoughts On War

The destruction in Ukraine contnues to be at the forefront of many people’s minds. Somehow it seems less rmote than the war in Syria did a decade ago. Perhaps that is becasue there are so many Canadians of Ukrainian background who have been asking for and offering help to their ancestral homeland. Today’s thoughts were […]