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A D-Day Anniversay

Today is the 79th anniversary of the Allied invasion of France, the first step in liberating occupied Europe from Nazi domination. I thought it might be appropriate to repeat this post from 2014. They knew it was coming. Not the exact date or time, but there was a sense of inevitability. One day they would […]

Dealing With Bullies

You learn it on the playground as a kid. The only way to stop bullies is to stand up to them. If you don’t they will continue to pick on you. Which is why many Canadians are wondering why the federal government hesitated to expel the Chinese diplomat accused of threatening the family of a […]

The Message

It was a short message with the world watching. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury spoke these words at the Coronation of King Charles III Saturday morning. If you missed it, or would like to read it as opposed to listening again (I’m a print person – probably not the only one), the text is below. […]


It was totally unlike me. I got up early this morning to watch  television, the coronation of Charles III. I don’t think I have watched live television (other than sports) since the 2021 federal election. Which means I didn’t watch Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Not did I watch Charles first wedding back in 1981, or […]

Anniversary to Remember

I realized earlier this week that it has been four years since I last posted this piece. Every May 4 I remember Kent State, even if I haven’t always noted it here. This year i already had some humor scheduled, but I didn’t want to let the day pass by without sharing this.. Forty-five years […]

Stumbling Stones Again

If you look closely, you can see two metal plaques placed among the cobblestones, memorials to two people who used to live at this location. They are a common sight in German cities. So common they are easy to ignore. The weather was a little frosty Sunday, but that didn’t stop us taking a walk […]

The Arraignment

Why shouldn’t a former president face criminal charges?. Or even a sitting president? Isn’t equality under the law one of the central tenets of American justice? Donald Trump in turns himself in at a New York courthouse today to face charges – exactly what he doesn’t know yet – and his appearance will be the […]

Standing On Guard

This was a familiar scene in downtown Ottawa last Thursday and Friday – snipers, presumably American, on the top of buildings. US President Joe Biden was in town and there were extra precautions. Walking through the downtown core you felt like someone was watching you. Because they were.

Two Presidents

When Barack Obama visited Ottawa in 2009 the city went wild. People were excited to catch a glimpse of him. I remember that day well. As my colleagues went up to catch a. glimpse of Obama arriving on Parliament Hill, I stayed in the office to answer the phone. After all, he’d only been in […]

A Matter of Perception

“I can go back to my constituency and tell people, first of all, I’m white, I’m of Dutch descent…Obviously I am not working for China.”  She doesn’t get it. Which is probably part of the problem. Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld told a House of Commons committee that she is safe from people thinking she has […]