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Manchester To Jerusalem

The vigil was playing on the television in the background. I wasn’t paying attention, so I can’t say for sure if the words were uttered by clergy, politician or policeman. But they were clear and distinct, as though a shot had been fired. I jerked my head up. Monday’s suicide bombing in Manchester horrendous as […]

Not With A Bang But A Whimper

I had planned on sharing more pictures of the Kingston Penitentiary today, but decided those can wait until tomorrow. I am a political junkie and the hot Canadian political news takes precedence. More of the Kingston Pen tomorrow. As I predicted, Canada will not be following the American model and selecting a reality TV star […]

American Refugees

A couple of weeks ago I heard someone on a radio newscast suggesting it was perhaps necessary to call out the army to deal with the problem. I’m surprised no-one is suggesting it is time to build a wall across the border. Maybe that suggestion has been made, and I missed it. The question remains […]


I knew what was coming, and I still found the film unsettling. It is however not without hope. Faithkeepers is a new documentary that examines the plight of persecuted minorities, especially Christians, in the Middle East. It is not for the faint of heart, and is especially timely given the Palm Sunday attacks on Christians […]

Terror in London

I had a post scheduled today that I have shifted to tomorrow as I wanted to say something about Wednesday’s terror attack in London. When the images flashed into the TV screen, minutes after it happened, my initial reaction was “I was just there a month ago!” I was in London on business and while […]

The China Question

Apparently the Chinese government has its nose out of joint. Donald Trump has spoken to the President of Taiwan. I am sure that many people (probably most Americans) don’t understand why this is such a big deal. Democrats are probably saying that it is another sign Trump is unfit for office, without explaining why. Republicans […]

Sharing Tea

This time last year I was in Iraq. I had plans to return this month, but the fighting in the Mosul area made the trip unwise. I wrote the words below last November, and for some reason I don’t seem to have posted them before. With the current fighting expected to produce another half million […]