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Is It Jealousy?

There has been a fuss this week over the Pandora Papers, as there was over the Panama Papers a few years back. Now we know where the rich and famous are doing their banking. I’m not sure I understand why this is news. That people of means use banking havens to avoid paying taxes is […]

A Matter of Responsibility

The Dutch defence minister resigned Friday after being censured by her country’s parliament over her handling of the evacuation of those who had helped Dutch forces in Afghanistan. The foreign minister had already resigned over the same issue. For this Caandian it was shocking to see a cabinet minister accept blame and resign over anything. […]

Reflections on 9/11

Twenty years. A defining moment. You probably remember exactly where you were when you heard the news. So many lives lost. Not just that day but in the wars that followed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thousands on September 11 in the US, more than a million, according to some estimates, in the violence that followed. […]

Musings on Afghan Democracy

The last Canadian evacuation flight left Kabul earlier today. Twenty years of foreign policy initiatives have vanished almost overnight. That the Taliban so swiftly conquered Afghanistan came as no surprise to me. If we learn nothing from the history of Afghanistan ,it is that foreign  interventions are not successful in the long run. So now we […]

Trump Free

After more than a hundred days of the Biden presidency, Donald Trump seems like a faded memory. Or perhaps a nightmare we have all woken up from. It is amazing how quiet he has been since his banning back in January by the social media platforms he was using. Maybe traditional media is finding things […]

Spy Games

Germany’s security agency has had its knuckles rapped. And rightly so. I can only hope that those in charge are held to account. The agency announced a week or so ago that it was investigating the country’s primary right-wing party, AFD (Alliance fur Deutschland) , because of concerns about some elements in the party. Which you […]

Buying Bitcoin

Have you got yours? People are making millions! Some are losing millions, but we don’t hear as much about that in the daily financial news. Cyrptocurrencies are the rage and everyone wants to invest. But do they understand what they are doing? A few years ago one Bitcoin would buy you a pizza. Now it […]

Walking Past History

How many times did I walk past without realizing what I was seeing? Twenty at least, maybe more, though these concrete slabs aren’t part of my usual daily walk. Yesterday my wife asked: “Do you know what those are?” I had to admit I didn’t.  There probably isn’t a German alive who would have said that. […]

Speak – or Remain Silent?

What do you do when you see an injustice? Do you publicize it? Attempt to correct it? Confront those responsible? What if in doing so you make the situation worse? What if innocent people are harmed by your corrective measures? For Canadian Parliamentarians this isn’t an academic question. On Monday they voted in favor of […]

A Matter of Perspective

I remember it as if it were yesterday, even though it was more than a decade ago. February 19, 2009. For some people it was a really big deal. Barack Obama was coming to Ottawa. Traditionally an American President’s first foreign visit has been to Canada. Donald Trump didn’t follow that, and who knows if […]