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Reflections on the Psalms

I ran a video clip from Bono, lead vocalist for the band U2, about a year ago, where he was talking about the Psalms. There’s an addendum that came out this past week that I thought you would also be interested in. I have promised myself that I will write more about U2 this year. […]

Tax Time Woes

If you are Canadian, the deadline to file your income tax is this Monday. We get two weeks more than the Americans do. I’m not sure if that is because our government needs the money less or if it is because our system is so complicated it take us longer to figure things out. I […]

Kingston Pen – II

More pictures today from the Kingston Penitentiary. I think I will have one last set on Monday – Saturday and Sunday’s posts are already planned.  With the last set a couple of days ago it was suggested that this complex would make an ideal location for luxury condos, given that it is located right on […]

Not With A Bang But A Whimper

I had planned on sharing more pictures of the Kingston Penitentiary today, but decided those can wait until tomorrow. I am a political junkie and the hot Canadian political news takes precedence. More of the Kingston Pen tomorrow. As I predicted, Canada will not be following the American model and selecting a reality TV star […]

Kingston Pen – I

For the next few days I’m going to give you a glimpse of what we saw when we toured Kingston Penitentiary last summer. It is a massive complex, imposing both inside and out. I don’t think the pictures can really convey the experience, but if you can’t get tickets to see the place yourself, I […]

Signing My Life Away

I wrote this last year to be the introduction to my series on the Kingston Penitentiary, then wound up postponing the series. Yesterday, with tickets going on sale for the 2017 season I ran a post about the place, but it was out of order. Just pretend you read this one first, and that you […]

Prison Is For Everyone

Tickets go on sale today for the new season at one of the hottest tourist attractions in Canada. The infamous Portsmouth Prison, better known as the Kingston Penitentiary, is once again opening its doors to tourists. The structure was opened for tours last summer and sold out quickly. My wife and I were fortunate to […]

About Those Lies…

Most of us were raised with childish notions about God, sometimes planted in the gardens of our souls by others who had the best of intentions. But those ideas have found root and become assumptions that continue to engage our minds and hearts without question. Don’t be too surprised when the Holy Spirit begins messing […]

The Raccoon

Visiting the Metro Toronto Zoo, and this guy from the Canadian habitat caught our attention. Raccoons look so appealing in the zoo. They are less than appealing when I find them in my back yard trying to open the garbage bins.  

Stockholm Subway

Sometimes I suffer from information overload. I have half a dozen posts ready to go, and couldn’t decide which one to use today. So we’ll go with a photo essay instead. These pictures are from the Stockholm subway. I was impressed with the light and clean feel to what is probably a relatively new system. […]