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15 Minutes of Fame – Revisited

Four years ago today, August 31, 2014, I began blogging regularly in this spot, reviving an idea that had lasted all of one post in 2011. That 2014 post explained the genesis of what was to become a (usually) daily occurrence. Sometimes I try to be funny (and occasionally even succeed), sometimes I am serious, […]

Pantheon Pictures II

We close out or three-day look at one of Rome’s top attractions with some more photographs.

Pantheon Pictures I

Today and tomorrow some random photos from the Pantheon in Rome. Like many great churches it is also the final resting place for some notable people. I leave it to you to do the research as to which tombs are featured in these pictures. There’s a king (more than one actually) and a well known […]

Reflections from the Pantheon

The first time I was in the Pantheon, 2009 I think, I didn’t have my camera with me. Didn’t even have my cell phone, though I don’t know why. When I was there in April I made it a priority to visit again.   There’s something about the Pantheon that draws people. Perhaps it is […]

Urban Floating

It didn’t appeal to me as a family outing, but I was outvoted. So, I carried the bags.  For several months my wife has been intrigued by the idea of floating down the Rhine river in Basel, Switzerland. Turns out it is very popular – thousands of people do it, and there are usually only […]

The Gate

I had to be in downtown Ottawa yesterday to see my doctor. No, nothing wrong, it was my annual physical and I apparently am set for another year between medical appointments. Since I was downtown I took the opportunity to run a couple of other errands, one of which took me to Chinatown. As I […]


I was looking for something to use as a photo essay for today and came across these pictures of a mushroom of sorts that I took last October in Badenweiler, Germany. They didn’t look familiar, so I don’t think I have published them before. I don’t eat mushrooms, but there was something aesthetically pleasing about […]

Poor Conditions

First walk in Ottawa’s urban forest this year. I guess no-one from the National Capital Commission changes notices as the seasons change. The tobogganing hill is closed occasionally in the winter after  freezing rain – it gets too slick to be safe. I presume that is the “poor conditions” referred to on the sign. It […]

Searching For Dracula Again

It is Tuesday, and I decided that today we’d go for an encore, a post originally published on September 25, 2014. At this point I have no idea what is coming up when Wednesday rolls around. Dracula is everywhere in Romania, perhaps the country’s biggest tourist draw. But a flawed one that many Romanians are […]

After The Rain

The evening sky looked very beautiful, so I snapped a couple of pictures to share.