Monthly Archives: October 2016

Trick or Treat!

I was going to ignore today’s Halloween celebrations, especially as it actually comes later than usual this year. If that confuses you, bear with me. Tonight across North America millions of children will take to the streets begging complete strangers to give them candy, with an ominous threat in their demand of “trick or treat.” […]

One Man, One Piano, A Thousand Memories

Somebody asked me if I was going to review the Burton Cummings concert I attended Saturday night. The answer is, yes and no. I had my critic’s hat off for the evening, for the most part. I was there as a fan to relive some teenage memories. Burton delivered on those. The only real disappointment, […]

Useless Political Correctness

The headline reads “Document reveals RCMP strategy for possible ‘flood of foreign fighters’ fleeing Mosul offensive.” I think it is supposed to make me feel safer. I am pleased to read that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are prepared to deal with returning fighters. I would expect no less of our national police force. […]

Thanks For The Memories

“Gee guys, I wish you had asked me sooner. I just accepted an offer to become lead singer of the Beatles.” – 15-year-old Burton Cummings response to being asked to join The Guess Who. He was kidding of course. But that oft-told story is an example of Burton’s legendary self-confidence. He did leave his band, […]

Nanny Car for Nanny State

I have lived in a cold climate pretty much all my life. I know what it means to be Canadian. So I was somewhat offended when I turned the ignition on my car on the first cold morning of the Fall. As the system came to life a warning message was displayed on the dashboard: […]

Real Life Dilemma

I was on the phone with a friend who was updating me on his recent health challenges. He said his doctor had asked him a question. His situation is serious. Actually that is an understatement. He is facing a life-threatening situation, a brain tumor in a very tricky location. Surgery is a necessity, and even […]

Fall Colours IV

I took a lot of pictures on our Sunday afternoon walk, which may turn out to have been the last day with double-digit temperatures this fall. Yesterday afternoon we had a snow squall, quite an intense one. My wife and I will still walk in winter, though maybe not for as long each time. When […]

Fall Colours III

After two days of torrential rain the sun finally broke through the clouds Sunday. With winds gusting to 70 kilometres  per hour, I wondered if there would be any leaves left on the trees. Surprisingly there were still a few, and even more surprising to me is that many are still green. To me the […]

I wasn’t sure about whether I should continue the topic we have looked at the past couple of days, but the terrorist attack on Parliament Hill was a pivotal event for Canada, so I have decided it doesn’t hurt to look again at what I said about it in 2014.  TERROR STRIKES HOME (Published October […]

Reflections Once More

This post ran two years ago today in the immediate aftermath of the attack on Parliament Hill. The question raised, the striking of a balance between justice (which may at times be more vengeance) and love remains a difficult one. The natural response is to strike back at those who hurt you. The Christian imperative […]