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Lessons Learned? Probably Not.

It isn’t over. But at least the trains are running, for the most part. Passenger and freight trains were shut down in Canada for a couple of weeks. Not by weather, but by protesters. Rather than jump into the fray immediately, I thought I should take time to reflect on Canada’s recent political/economic crisispolitical/economic crisis. […]

Mere Propaganda

I had great plans for Thursday, then my computer developed a mind of its own. Which is why you are reading this post, a repeat from January 2015.     In our post-modern world Truth seems to have become a relative where it once was an absolute. Perhaps this is a logical consequence of the progression […]

Welcome to Thursday

I had big plans for today’s post. I was going to be topical and witty. Maybe a coronavirus joke or two. But the ones I found online weren’t really funny. Not surprising given the spread of the disease. Maybe six months from now… Thoughtful political commentary seemed to be a good choice. But I couldn’t […]

More Japanese Garden

A photo essay today from the Japanese Garden in Freiburg’s Seepark.

Freiburg’s Japanese Garden

A cloudy February afternoon is probably not the best time to see the beauty of a Japanese garden. I went in anyway. I missed this area nestled on one of the edges of Freiburg’s urban Seepark. Somehow I walked past it a couple of times last summer without it registering on my consciousness. Even in […]

Thought For A Sunday

Originally posted on random thoughts from lorne:
I can’t remember if I have posted this picture before, but even if I have, it is worth repeating. I have friends who don’t read very much or very often. I feel pity for them – they miss out on so much. Sunday is a day of rest…

Making a Mark

It occurred to me this morning that I hadn’t done any flashback posts yet in 2020. I do like to post one occasionally, allowing new readers to see some of what they missed. Like this one, which was published five years ago today, February 22, 2015. One of the things I enjoy about vacation is […]

A Piece of History

I discovered this tractor in a barn recently. Don’t ask what I was doing in a barn, it isn’t relevant. I was excited to discover a piece of Canadian industrial history in rural Germany. It was like running into someone from home. When you meet someone from home unexpectedly, you tell your friends. That’s why […]


I don’t have time to binge-watch television. That explains why it took my wife and I almost two weeks to get through the ten episodes in the first season of the new Netflix series Messiah, which was released in January. It is a compelling drama that touches on so many aspects of contemporary society. A […]

An Election Non-Issue

Americans are voting in November. One issue that you are pretty much guaranteed to hear almost nothing about is gun control. Americans love their guns, and, on what seems like a regular basis, someone with a grudge will take one of those guns and shoot several innocent people. I think such incidents happen more in […]