Monthly Archives: September 2019

Choosing To Die

You knew it was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. A court has ruled that Canada’s medically assisted dying (MAD) law is unconstitutional. The checks built into the legislation, to ensure that only those terminally ill could use physician assisted suicide, have been overturned. Seems it is discrimination not to allow […]

Friday Night Rocked

I missed most of the music on the nineties. When you lived in Pembroke, Ontario, there wasn’t much choice. The local radio played (as I remember it) country music. Which means, in those pre-internet days, all I knew about the band Live was what I read. I could perhaps have named you a tune or […]

A Scary Day?

If you are superstitious you might want to stay home today. It’s Friday the 13th, a day many people fear. I have no superstitions. I’m not going to tell you this history of this day. I’m not afraid of the number 13. Some people are though. When I realized yesterday that today was the 13th […]

A Whole Lotta Love

Cityfolk starts today, Ottawa’s annual folk music extravaganza. For me it’s a trip down memory lane, as Robert Plant will close the festival Sunday night. You may not think of the former Led Zeppelin frontman as a folk artist, but the “folk” in Cityfolk has some elasticity. After all, the last time I saw Plant […]

And They’re Off…

I know some people don’t like it when I compare politics to sports, because they think I am trivializing the political process. But there are similarities. You have winners and losers – and a lot of heartbreak. The stakes are higher though. When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter who wins the […]

The Transformation

I’d never been in the place before, despite it being across the street from our apartment. Respectable people didn’t frequent Pembroke Ontario’s Windsor Tavern. My biggest memory of theĀ  place came from my days as a newspaper reporter on the court beat for The Pembroke Observer. The place was the focus of a domestic assault […]


I was walking down a street in Stockholm when I saw these. I think it may have been some children’s park, on the island of Skeppsholmen. I’m sure about theĀ  location, just not sure if this public art was aimed at children or adults. The lesson to learn from that is to write things down […]