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True Words

I last posted this five years ago, with the title “The Picture Says It All.” I’m one of those “slices of trees” people.

Testing, Testing

I’m on the road this month (and into June), gathering material for a series of travel posts that will be appearing here shortly. Until then I am rerunning some of my favorite posts from past years, such as this one from 2015. During my childhood I was not exposed to the delightful children’s books penned […]

Shaped By The Waves

I read fiction for enjoyment. But I don’t mind if it makes me think a little.  You’ve heard me, on occasion, discuss the flaws of the romance novels, which I occasionally review here. While I am not a fan of the romance genre, I am a sucker for a good story.  Which most romances aren’t. […]

Different Time, Different Place

I keep telling myself that stretching my mind is good for me. Which explains why I read Until Leaves Fall in Paris when it was offered to me for review. I’m not the target audience for romance novels. I think it has something to do with my gender. It isn’t that I am not a […]

Never Say Never

I spent a good chunk of the weekend feeling uneasy. I blame the novel I was reading. Never, the new book from Ken Follett is a topical modern-day thriller. Follet made his reputation with thrillers, then expanded into historical blockbusters, and it is nice to see he hasn’t lost his touch. When you think of […]

2021 In Review: Pigs Is Pigs

It has been a perennial favorite here since I foirst posted it seven years agao, and last year it was the most view post of the year. Reading the post has me heading to the basement bookshelves to read teh book again. I had to write a book report last week for a course I […]

2021 In Review: Those 10,000 Hours

In the ninth spot as we review 2021 is the 2015 post that was in sixth place last year – and is the most viewed post of all time at Random Thoughts From Lorne. While I appreciate the point author Malcolm Gladwell was trying to make, his choice of The Beatles as an example of […]

My ABC’s

I had a different post planned for today, then got sidetracked and forgot to finish it. Instead, this one, which was first published here six years ago. During my childhood I was not exposed to the delightful children’s books penned by Canadian author Dennis Lee. By the time he turned his attention to writing poems for […]

Is It Just Me?

Some days I just want to sit and read. Not emails. Not Facebook or other social media. Not a newspaper. A book. A real book with pages, not a tablet. Anyone else feel that way today?


With a post title like “Denial” you might be expecting me to be weighing in on the Canadian election results. Which I will do at some point in the near future, but right now I thought we could all use a distraction. Joseph Quentin is a famous fixer. If you have a legal problem, he […]