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The Shoe On The Roof

Today is a red letter day for book lovers as Will Ferguson’s latest novel, The Shoe on the Roof, hits the bookstores. Given that his last novel, 419, won Canada’s most lucrative literary award, the Giller Prize, it is safe to say this is a highly anticipated book. Ferguson’s reputation has established him as a […]

Deadly Proof

A good story draws the reader in. From the outset you want to know more about the characters and the situations they find themselves in. From that perspective, Rachel Dylan has been successful with her latest novel, Deadly Proof. I wanted to know more about lawyer Kate Sullivan and her battle with a big pharmaceutical […]

The Way of Hope

As a private person I am always mildly in awe of people who can bare their souls in print for thousands or millions of strangers. I can share personal details of my life, and do here from time to time, but there are lines I will not cross. Melissa Fisher has crossed all lines in […]

No Longer Broken

Being less than perfect I really appreciated Steve Wiens book Whole. It touched a chord within my soul, so to speak. We are all broken people in one way or another. Many of us don’t want to admit it. I know I rarely do.  Steve Wiens is not only willing to admit it, he’s working […]

Did You Know It’s Voting Day?

They go to the polls in northern Iraq today, the area residents call Kurdistan. By the time you read this the results may be known. No matter the outcome it is a political problem, not only for the central government in Baghdad but for the rest of the world. I have been to Iraq a […]

Goodbye Old Friends

  Decluttering is such an ugly word. But it has to be done. I may have mentioned that I have a passion for the printed word. That’s partly because I have a thirst for knowledge and partly because there is no better entertainment than a good book. There comes a time though when hard choices […]

Striving For Perfection

I am not perfect. This post is proof of that. One of the books I read on the beach in August was The Perfect You by Dr. Caroline Leaf. I wrote a post about it, how reading it was challenging but I thought worthwhile. Somehow that post vanished into cyberspace on my phone. I’d blame […]