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Once There Was A Way

Do you ever wonder “What if?” Bryce Zabel obviously does. Once There Was A Way is the result. As a music fan I lean more towards The Rolling Stones than The Beatles. Admittedly The Stones lost their relevance sometime in the 1970s, but I would till go see them perform if they were in my […]

The Day The Angels Fell

Sometimes you start a book and don’t finish it, for various reasons. You might run out of time (especially of it is a library book); you might lose interest in the topic; or you might lose the book. Hey, it happens! None of those three apply to Shawn Smucker’s debut novel, The Day The Angels […]

Hurt Road

You’ve probably never heard of Mark Lee, which means you are unlikely to read this book. Hurt Road is for the fans who know that Lee is the founder and guitarist for the rock band Third Day. When I think of Third Day, I think of Mac Powell, whose distinctive voice gives the band their […]

Seventh Decimate

In Stephen R. Donaldson’s latest novel, there are six “decimates,” supernatural powers that can be used for good or evil. The sorcerers of Amika and Belleger have employed their decimates for centuries in a war that is unending. Both sides are looking for something that will give them an edge, deliver victory and bring peace. […]

The God Guarantee

Worry is a natural human emotion. Worrying about the future seems to be something a lot of us do. But is that necessary? Or healthy? One of the reasons we worry is that we doubt our abilities and God’s ability to use them. We lack trust perhaps, or fail to understand the potential we have. […]

How Do You Argue?

I like a good fight, of the verbal kind anyway. A spirited exchange of ideas, an attempt at persuasion and perhaps some changed minds. I have some political buddies I have been meeting with regularly for about a decade. We get together to talk sports, politics and world affairs. Over a couple of hours, we […]

Bending Politicians To Your Will

Graham Steele is breaking ranks. Politicians are going to hate his new book, which is being published today. Steele, a retired politician and former political staffer who spent some time as Finance Minister of Nova Scotia, has penned a readable guide to how ordinary citizens can get politicians to do their will. Call it a […]