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Just For Fun

I was looking at old travel photos earlier today, debating if I wanted to share some. I can’t decide if it is a good idea. In these days of travel restrictions it seems a little cruel to talk about places we can’t visit. Yet at the same time they bring back good memories and warm […]

2020 In Review – Pigs Is Pigs

I’m not sure who introduced me to this book first, but it remains a perennial favorite. I do remember it was the go-to novel for eighth graders who had neglected to do a book report. You could read it in a couple of minutes, and your report might be longer than the book. This perennial […]

Following The Directions

Do you believe product descriptions? Do they influence your choice when you are buying something? I was thinking about that this week as I defrosted the freezer compartment of the refrigerator in our apartment. As you can see in the picture above, it needed it. And that is only the ice from the first of […]

RIP Charlie Daniels

American music icon Charlie Daniels died Monday, felled by a stroke at age 83. I only saw him perform live once, about 1980 I think, in Ottawa. I did read is autobiography though, and reviewed it here in October 2017. No need to add anything more.     He’s a simple man (by his own words) […]

Seven Lies

Would you kill someone to make your best friend happy? How important is that person to you? Honesty is, as we all know, the best policy. Once you start lying, it is tough to extricate yourself from the lie and its consequences. Usually one lie leads to another. And another. Maybe Jane should have told […]

A Conspiracy Of Bones

There’s never a beach around when you need one. Which means I’m not sure how I feel about A Conspiracy Of Bones, the new novel from Kathy Reichs, published today. I spend two weeks each summer on vacation in Maine, sitting on the beach all day and devouring mysteries and thrillers from the local library. […]

That Unbroken Circle

I have never traveled further south in the USA than New York City. Which is probably why I had never heard of Sean Dietrich, who blogs as “Sean of the South.” He’s a big deal down there. That means I didn’t know what to expect with Will The Circle Be Unbroken, which hits stores today. […]


Spoiler alert; the book became a hit. But probably anyone who watches Tolkein knew that already. I remember reading about this film when it was being made, but missed it in theatres. Thank you Lufthansa for showing it when Air Canada didn’t. (I should note, Lufthansa had no Canadian movies available. Sometimes hard choices have […]

Mind Games

Some days it seems like I have a mountain of books to read – and never enough time. It could be worse though. Back when I was working in radio, a couple of book publicists discovered that I was willing to not only interview authors coming through town but that I would actually read the […]

Pigs? Yes, Pigs

My 2015 post about one of my favorite books of all time was the fourth most read piece here in 2019.  I had to write a book report last week for a course I am taking. No need for details, let’s just say I didn’t much enjoy the experience. It reminded me too much of […]