Monthly Archives: July 2018

Road Safety

They’ve been doing some road work on the main street in Sulzburg. I have no idea why – it didn’t look to me like anything needed to be done. Not being a homeowner I pretty much ignored it. Not my taxes, at least not directly. I paid a little closer attention though when my bus […]

Another Art Exhibit

I don’t think I knew there was an art gallery inside the Markgrafler Museum in Mullheim. Then again, many days I am unsure of just what I know. I chalk it down to trying to live in my third (or fourth if you count Latin) language. The art gallery is the middle floor of the museum, […]

Return to the Lebensweg

We had guests from Canada, and when they were given options as to what they would like to see or do, they chose to walk the Lebensweg in St. Ulrich. Naturally we went with them. It’s a short walk, 3.8 kilometres according to the sign, and this time we made no deviations from the trail […]

Another One Bites The Dust

I knew the day was coming, but I hoped it would never arrive. After 163 years The Pembroke Observer is ceasing its print edition. I expect the online edition to follow shortly – I’m not convinced people really want to read newspapers online. It was a cliché, but that made it no less true. Former […]

Lost in Translation

As an anglophone struggling to survive in Germany, Google Translate is my best friend. I carry it with me everywhere on my phone and consult it frequently. I know though that it cannot always be trusted. My daughter was visiting, and I took her to the local mini-golf course, the one no-one except me ever […]

Giving Directions

My German teacher supposedly appreciates my sense of humor, though she has told my wife if I don’t curb it I will fail the government exam. Which doesn’t phase me – I don’t plan on writing the exam, though I guess I haven’t told her that. When I was a child, my teachers would complain […]

The Unmentionable Books

It was one of those “get to know you” exercises in German class. One of the questions was: “what do you do for a living.” Usually I say I am a consultant. This time I wasn’t really thinking and used the first word that came to mind. I said I was a writer, which is […]

The Slam Poet and the DJ

  We’ve spent every day together for the past few months, but now Tim and Lara are leaving my life. We didn’t really have a proper goodbye. Lara is a young girl from Poland who came to Germany to learn the language. Tim is from Canada, my hometown of Ottawa in fact. He too came […]

Triberg – VI

One last look at the Black Forest town of Triberg today. I mentioned previously that we spent our time at the waterfall and on the walking trails, leaving the village itself for a subsequent visit. That means I didn’t see much, or take many pictures. Indeed, the only site of significance in these photos is […]

Triberg – V

Given that it is Sunday, a photo essay today, St. Mary in the Firs Church in Triberg. As churches in this area go, this one is brand new, the building being constructed in the 18th century. The location though has been a pilgrimage site, associated with healing, since 1644. I’m not going to delve into […]