Monthly Archives: April 2018

Welcome to Walpurgis Night

Tonight there are Walpurgis Night celebrations throughout Germany, or at least in our area. I knew about May Day and that it was a big celebration, but had never heard of Walpurgis Night. Looking at the poster I thought it might be something akin to Fastnacht, which is held in February (and yes, I know […]

Walking in the Forum – I

Feeling unfinished today. I have a dozen posts that just need to be read over once in the hope I can catch the typos, but I don’t feel like it. They can wait for another day.¬†Today we’ll go with a photo essay of sorts. On Easter Sunday we wandered for a couple of hours through […]

I Have Heard His Name Before…

…but seeing this quote in my Twitter feed (and a number of others when I went looking for the image) has convinced me that I want to read some works published by Stanford University professor Thomas Sowell. If what I saw quickly online is any indication, he has a tendency to speak his mind and […]

Generating Controversy

After more than three decades together you would think a rock band would have lost its ability to stir up controversy, especially inadvertently. Therefore, I was surprised to see Stryper in the news because Walmart refused to carry their latest album, objecting to the title. I must admit, when I saw the news report and […]

From me to you today…


If you want to read a thoughtful analysis of the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, then this is the book to choose, not Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury. There’s no gossip here, no anonymous musings such as Wolff gave us. David Frum, who has a set of solid Republican credentials, answers the question Hillary […]

Outside, After Dinner

Went to a family gathering on Saturday night. I expect to write a bit about that later. I won’t be writing about the experience of meeting¬† a bunch of relatives for the first time. That probably doesn’t interest you. However part of the event was held in a museum, and that I think you will […]