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An Anniversary Somewhat Forgotten

It ended seventy-nine years ago today, though they probably didn’t know it was the last day. They expected the bombers back to continue the Battle of Britain. As they had every day since July 10, 1940, Nazi Germany’s air force, the Luftwaffe, had bombed British targets. Unprepared for war, the few fighter pilots of the […]

Summertime Memories

I was looking for a photo, though now I can’t remember what for, and came across this delectable plate of fish and chips.  With snow in the Ottawa forecast, summer seems so far away. It was the only fish and chips I had in a week in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2014. […]

Memories of Yesteryear

I remember steam engines, though only in a hazy way. They were on the way out when I was born, replaced by the more efficient (and I presume cheaper to operate) diesel locomotives. Newer trains though don’t have the majesty of a steam engine. There was something special about that technology, something that captured your […]

Still Brooding

A flashback for this Monday morning, a post originally published in October 2014.    One of the highlights of the Belgian leg of our tour of Europe was the Brooding Soldier at St. Julien. After Vimy Ridge this may be the biggest, best known, Canadian war memorial in Europe. It is a poignant site, a […]

Public Transit

I meant to ask, then forgot to do so. You certainly wouldn’t see something like this on the public buses in Ottawa! My assumption would be that the transit system buses in Valletta, the Maltese capital, are owned and operated by their drivers, and as such they are allowed to personalize them to some extent. […]

Random Thoughts For Saturday

Last night I had a long bus ride, which is was looking forward to, not for the ride as much as to write some material to grace this space. It didn’t happen. When I worked in downtown Ottawa I would write a post a day during my commute. Some days I’d manage two or three. […]

This Post Needs No Title