Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Shootings

The news was horrific, the reaction predictable. Sunday night there was a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City. Six people dead, many more wounded. Details were of course sketchy at first, and are still becoming known. Politicians were quick to label it a terrorist attack, but at least refrained from assigning blame. Certainly it […]

Is it Monday Already?

I don’t dislike Mondays. I like my job and enjoy going to work. I will admit though, it is nice to have a break, to get a couple of days off for the weekend. This past weekend was busier than most, and it almost seems like there was no time to rest and recharge for […]

It’s A Panda Sort Of Day

You were expecting something black and white? No, this isn’t a giant panda, which is what most people think of when they hear “panda.”This is a red panda, enjoying himself at the Toronto Zoo. I had never heard of red pandas until my first visit to that zoo more than 20 years ago. They quickly […]

Assisted Dying III

I suggested last year it was all about the money. Depressingly, it looks like I was right. A new report has been issued on the cost of physician assisted suicide (which became legal in 2016) to the Canadian health care system. It looks like the savings will be about $139 million a year. More if […]

Welome Thursday

Personally I think that is aiming a little low. I wish you a great Thursday, a fantastic Thursday, a phenomenal Thursday. Now go out and enjoy it!

Feeling Lazy On This Wednesday

I was going to explain why I didn’t have a long wordy post today, but then thought you didn’t really want or need to know.

Climate Change Secret

It’s quite pleasant in Ottawa today, especially if you like snow. Admittedly, if you have to drive in the stuff you might be less than thrilled at the white stuff falling from the sky, causing problems for your morning commute. Overnight low was minus three (all temperatures in this post are Celsius. For Fahrenheit conversion […]

Your Monday Morning Smile

Yes, I know it isn’t theologically accurate – but I still thought it was funny. Also more appropriate than the rant I was going to post today. You’ll have to wait for that one.

Just Friends

Actually they really aren’t friends. The black and white one barely tolerates the other and would probably be happier as an only cat. He’s just too lazy to leave when she invades his space. Today’s post is being offered in the hope that you will re-post, re-tweet and re-whatever it. After all, the internet is […]

Welcome To Saturday

I decided to keep it light today. We’ve had a week with a lot of serous posts, so today let’s step back and just enjoy the moment.We’ll still need to think about solving the world’s problems, but maybe you should take the time to have breakfast first.