Monthly Archives: July 2022

Is This The Beginning?

Heading off on vacation, and I’ve been waffling about what to do here. Normally when I travel I repost some of my favorites, but I’ve been feeling to lazy to do even that. So today some humor-related cartoons. If you aren’t traveling today they are probvably pretty funny. If you arfe, especially if you are […]

The Packing List

When you are getting ready to go on a vacation, what do you pack first? No, that’s not right. Depending on your personality or vacation destination you may have thought sunscreen, camera, maps, bathing suit or tour guide. Money and credit cards may also come in handy. Your phone charger – especially as phones have […]

The Joys of Flying

I was looking at flights for a business trip this fall, and dreading the process. None of the options allowed me to avoid Toronto’s Pearson Airport, which in recent months has been the worst in the world (Yay Canada, we’re number one!) when this list came to mind. You can tell it is an old […]

Changing Science

I don’t remember where I found this one. Twitter probably. I thought it was funny. I’m actually rather sympathetic towards the World Heath Organization and the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, mistakes were made, but I doubt they were deliberate. You could make a strong case that they did the best they could under the circumstances – […]

A Great Deal?

A few weeks back I told you about the German oil crisis and the shortage of cooking oil. Several restaurants i visited in May had dropped items like French Fries from their menu becasue cooking oil had gotten too pricy – if they could get any. Now a news report tells us of a German […]

Times Change

I must admit I don’t remember anything in a car owners manual about adjusting valves. Changing oil, perhaps. I will also admit I didn’t check my car’s manual – but I find it hard to believe there is a warning against drinking the battery contents. Then again, I can easily see myself being wrong on […]

Earlier And Earlier

Last August I shared my surprise that Halloween decorations and supplies were already in local stores. It is only July, but apparently Halloween is coming earlier this year. At least the preparations. On Wednesday I saw this storefront across the street. A new store featuring all things Halloween is about to open. If you can’t […]

A Truly Extraordinary Woman

I fell in love with Clara Kip when on first meeting. She was perfect, almost. I didn’t tell my wife. There were, of course, a couple of problems. First, at 79 she really was too old for me. And she was dying.  We probably could have overcome those obstacles. What we couldn’t get past was […]

Heat? What Heat?

As North America and Europe are sweltering with record temperatures and an increased number of forest fires, I’ve been thinking about the next ice age. The one that didn’t happen. Back in the early 1970s climate scientists were concerned that volatile weather patterns were a harbinger of another ice age like the one that froze […]

Starting Another Work Week

After taking the weekend off from this space (did you miss me?), it is time to get back into a rhythm. But no-one wants to really want to do that on a sunny summer day, especially when it is Monday. So let’s try for a little humor instead. Maybe if we ease into the week […]