Monthly Archives: February 2015

Live Long and Prosper

Leonard Nimoy died yesterday, at age 83, felled by tobacco even though he quit smoking 30 years ago. Star Trek’s Mr. Spock is dead, for good this time – unlike in the movies. Although I never met Leonard Nimoy, I did meet James Doohan, one of his co-stars in the original Star Trek series. In […]

Lessons from 24

I don’t watch broadcast television. No inclination, no time and really no interest. Which may be why I missed the series 24 when it was first broadcast. I have spent the past two years watching it, the first eight seasons anyway, courtesy of Netflix. I know it is supposed to be a thriller/adventure series, but […]

Pigs Is Pigs

I had to write a book report last week for a course I am taking. No need for details, let’s just say I didn’t much enjoy the experience. It reminded me too much of high school, which I think was the last time I had to do something like that. Hating book reports was what […]

The Offer

According to the fine print of the email I received yesterday: “This offer does not include a 6” Subway sandwich.” Which has me confused. I’m on the mailing list for the Ottawa Senators hockey club, and yesterday’s discount ticket offer had that message, indicated by an asterisk beside the ticket price. The Senators have been […]

“I Think You’re Hot”

I seem to get the email or its variant every week or so. I’ve never opened it, so I really can’t say what the contents are – but I can guess. The subject line is “I found your profile on Facebook and I think you’re hot :)” I suppose I should feel flattered. A middle […]

Searching For Dracula – II

Dracula is everywhere in Romania, perhaps, the biggest tourist draw. Romanians would be proud of him, you would think. But they’re not. Oh, they’ll exploit his image and soak the tourists. The image of Dracula that you know from Hollywood movies and Bram Stoker’s novel is everywhere. But Vlad Dracul, 15th century ruler of the […]

Forgotten Heroes

One of the things I enjoy about vacation is just wandering around the community I visit. No set agenda, no plans to see any particular sight or building; just soak in the sights and sounds of the city. When doing that I occasionally notice things that aren’t in the guide books that intrigue me. A […]

Too Good To Be True

My needs have always been fairly simple. My desires on the other hand can be rather extravagant. I tell my family I never make a list of the things I want for Christmas because there would be nothing on it that anyone can afford to purchase for me. Those things are more fantasy than reality, […]


Now I wish i had taken more pictures. It was a storefront in Ypres, Belgium. I can’t remember if the store was empty or under renovations, but the drawings of cats with accompanying quotes caught my eye. In English, they must have been aimed at tourists, saying things like “Cats are smarter than dogs. You […]


I am a morning person. Even when I am on vacation and have no need to rise early, I am still awake at the crack of dawn. And if I am awake, I might as well get up. When we are in Maine, which is our usual August routine, I frequently head down to the […]