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Presenting The Case

I live across the street from a multiplex cinema. That means I see very few movies. I know that doesn’t make sense. The easy access should mean I would see more movies. My intentions are good, but something always comes up and the film I want to see is long gone by the time I […]

Definitely Not Disney

I’m not a big fan of theme parks. Never have been. I’ve never traveled to the various Disney or Universal Studios offerings in Florida. I’m told they are a great experience, but they aren’t the experience I am looking for. Too ersatz. I have slightly more interest in the historical parks such as Ontario’s Upper […]

Tyndale Chapel – II

A photo essay today, because, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe more, in which case you are getting a bonus today. These pictures are a continuation of yesterday’s post.  

Tyndale Chapel – I

I visited Tyndale Seminary a few times around the turn of the century (seems weird to say that – it always used to mean the turn of the 20th not 21st century), and remember the building as being functional and somewhat pleasing to the eye, but not spectacular. Then they moved. Somehow I wasn’t paying […]

Women Who Move Mountains

In the glove compartment of my car is the manual that came with the vehicle. When we first purchased it I consulted it frequently, as I learned what all the switches were. Now it is more of an occasional thing. I wonder if at times we treat prayer that way. Everyone knows what prayer is, […]

One Dominion

Canada turned 150 years old yesterday. We have reason as a nation to celebrate. By almost all accounts, this is a wonderful country to live in. This past week I read a new book celebrating that fact. One Dominion was written by Paul Richardson and Bob Beasley, who respectively are president and vice president of […]

Canada Day 2017

Canada celebrates its 150th birthday today. I can’t decide whether I should head downtown to Parliament Hill for the festivities and fireworks. I haven’t made the trek for at least 15 years, but had decided that this year I should. The fireworks show will be extra-spectacular given the year, and Bono and The Edge (from […]