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Thursday Fart Joke

My first thought was that six-year-old boys would probably roll on the floor in laughter – but only if they speak English. German children wouldn’t see the humor. It’s another holiday in Germany, one that I never remember being mentioned in Canada. It is Ascension Day. For some reason, until this week I never heard […]

Virtually Marching For Life

Canada’s federal politicians are ecstatic Parliament is not meeting in Ottawa today. The second Thursday of May is the day they most dread. In ordinary times the annual March For Life would wind through Ottawa’s streets to Parliament Hill this afternoon. There would be at least 20,000 people calling politicians to account on Canada’s lack […]

Singing The World Into Being

Everyone lives forever – we just have to choose where – John Elefante (former lead vocalist for Kansas) A friend texted me, asking if I would write a short reflection for his FaceBook page. He gave no guidelines, and this is what came out. Not typical material for this space, but it is Sunday so […]

Celebrating Easter 2020

For those in the Orthodox and Coptic traditions (and a few others) Easter is celebrated a week later than other Christians. In recognition of that, some reflections on the Easter we celebrated last Sunday. Someone in Sulzburg had a great idea, though I’m not sure how successful the execution was – but that may be […]

Easter Morning

Today is a day of celebration. Forget the pandemic and dance with joy – today is Easter! I was looking for an Easter graphic to use in a different publication when I came across this post from Easter Sunday 2015. A lot has changed in my life and in the world in the past five […]

The Day In Between

This post first ran in 2016. Today seems like a good time to repeat it. I did add a word – ca o figure out which one? This is the in-between day. Yesterday was Good Friday. Tomorrow is Easter. Sorrow will be turned into laughter. Mourning into joy. They didn’t know that in 29 A.D. […]

Good Friday 2020

It feels strange not to be going to church today. Meeting virtually, though necessary, won’t be the same. It is a day of hope mixed with sorrow. The joy of Easter was an unknown on that first Good Friday. Rather than provide a reflection on the day like I usually do, here’s a post from […]