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Five Countries, Five Churches

  If you have been following this space for a while, you may have seen this before. I decided today was a good time to repeat an earlier post. This one is from November 23, 2014 and was one of my favourites from that year. Each one of these churches is deserving of its own […]

Reflections on the Psalms

I ran a video clip from Bono, lead vocalist for the band U2, about a year ago, where he was talking about the Psalms. There’s an addendum that came out this past week that I thought you would also be interested in. I have promised myself that I will write more about U2 this year. […]

About Those Lies…

Most of us were raised with childish notions about God, sometimes planted in the gardens of our souls by others who had the best of intentions. But those ideas have found root and become assumptions that continue to engage our minds and hearts without question. Don’t be too surprised when the Holy Spirit begins messing […]

Easter 2017

I had so many things I wanted to say today, about hope and resurrection and the joys of Easter. I thought about all the Easter sermons that will be preached today, and marveled that almost 2,000 years later there are still ways to tell the story that are fresh and intriguing. I thought about telling […]


I knew what was coming, and I still found the film unsettling. It is however not without hope. Faithkeepers is a new documentary that examines the plight of persecuted minorities, especially Christians, in the Middle East. It is not for the faint of heart, and is especially timely given the Palm Sunday attacks on Christians […]

The Guards’ Chapel – I

I am always uneasy at the relationship between church and state, especially when they become intertwined. Jesus said we should give the state the respect it deserved. Paul, a little later, urged Christians to pray for those in authority, which seems like a really good idea these days. No matter which country you are in, […]

The Chapel

In my younger years I was a student at Carleton University in Ottawa, a relatively new institution which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. So I hesitate to make a comparison between Carleton and Cambridge University, which has been a seat of higher learning for more than 800 years. But I’m going to anyway. […]