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Easter Thoughts

Again going back to 2015 for this one. The foundations of the earth shook when the words were first uttered. Angels danced with joy. Christ is risen! Friday had been about despair and shattered dreams. How could everything have gone so wrong? It wasn’t supposed to end like this! But it was. God had a […]

Twisting Again

This weekend seems like a rerun. Third COVID Easter I guess; many people are still (understandably perhaps) leery of get-togethers. So let’s go back to 2015 again today with one of my favorite seasonal songs. Sometimes a song strikes a chord in your soul. I was going to write extensively about this song (actually I […]

Still A Classic

It is Good Friday. Seems appropriate to replay this radio drama and post from 2015. As a radio guy I have a great appreciation for the traditions of the medium. I missed the golden age of radio drama. By the time I was born television, though still in its infancy, was beginning to take off. […]

Hey John

The war in Ukraine has been taking up much of my thoughs these days. I have friends who have fled Kyiv for their safety, leaving some family members behind. I have several unfinished posts reflecting on the situation and the global politics involved. At one time, I worked for a Member of Parliament who was […]

The Question

Another older post resurfacing today, this one from March 3, 2015. In case your math skills are poor, that is seven years ago today. Wheo knew I would be posting still in 2022? Why do people ask me what my favorite Bible verse is? I just don’t get it. Is it some type of spiritual […]

Tuesday? Must Be!

Not only is it Tuesday, but it is Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginnning of Lent. I figured it was a good day for some topical humor before we get solemn. Okay, those last two had nothing to do with Tuesday. I thought I would throw them in to see if […]

Small Town Church

From time to time on a Sunday I share some pictures from a church I have visted on my travels. Today we look at St. George’s Church in Ehrenstetten, Germany. Ehrenstetten is a place you probably have never heard of before. It is like a thousand other small German towns, rich in history but not […]

2021 In Review: The Colosseum

Coming in at number seven as we count down the top ten posts of 2021 is this one from March of 2016. If you are ever in the position to visit Rome, this is a must see. I’m hoping to see it again – there’s always something you hadn’t noticed on previous visits. This cross […]

2021 In Review: Hagia Sophia Frescoes

We start our review of 2021 today with the tenth most popular post of the year. It is an enduring favorite since it was first published here in 2015, and in 2020 was the most popular post. Sometimes I can’t figure out why a post becomes popular, but I understand the interest in the Hagia […]

A Matter of Choice

“I am an adult. I get to choose.”  I found that quote when looking through my notes, trying to decide what I would write about today. I don’t remember everything about the conversation. I do remember the context. The speaker was a woman, a political refugee from a Middle Eastern country. Her crime was advocating […]