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The Warning

I thought I had posted this picture a couple of weeks ago, then realized that somehow it got overlooked. We spent a couple of days in Pembroke, Ontario, earlier this month reconnecting with some old friends and making new ones. We lived there 1987-1999, more or less, so the visit brought back a lot of […]

St. Peter in the Black Forest II

Following up on yesterday’s post, more pictures from the church.

St. Peter in the Black Forest

With only a few days left in Canada I have been rather remiss about posting in this space. So many things to do before we leave, and it seems there is never enough time. I have several new posts bubbling in my head but haven’t gotten around yet to putting pen to paper (so to […]

The Fine Print

I’ll admit it, I laughed when I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page. From a linguistic perspective, I’m not sure God’s instructions to Adam and Eve were “terms and conditions” like Apple (and other tech companies) use for software, but I guess it is close enough. Once I was finished laughing though, I took […]

Reflections from the Pantheon

The first time I was in the Pantheon, 2009 I think, I didn’t have my camera with me. Didn’t even have my cell phone, though I don’t know why. When I was there in April I made it a priority to visit again.   There’s something about the Pantheon that draws people. Perhaps it is […]


The church service at St. Cyriak, just a minute’s walk from our apartment, is at 10 on Sunday mornings. I gather it has been for centuries. But 10 a.m. isn’t when it starts. St. Cyriak is part of a multiple point pastoral charge, including churches in Laufen and St. Ilgen. There used to be a […]


I’ve posted this one before. Another reason why I try not to use the autocomplete feature. My phone is very creative with the options it gives me, but never have I had to deal with a choice like the one depicted below.