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The church service at St. Cyriak, just a minute’s walk from our apartment, is at 10 on Sunday mornings. I gather it has been for centuries. But 10 a.m. isn’t when it starts. St. Cyriak is part of a multiple point pastoral charge, including churches in Laufen and St. Ilgen. There used to be a […]


I’ve posted this one before. Another reason why I try not to use the autocomplete feature. My phone is very creative with the options it gives me, but never have I had to deal with a choice like the one depicted below.  

Return to the Lebensweg

We had guests from Canada, and when they were given options as to what they would like to see or do, they chose to walk the Lebensweg in St. Ulrich. Naturally we went with them. It’s a short walk, 3.8 kilometres according to the sign, and this time we made no deviations from the trail […]

Triberg – V

Given that it is Sunday, a photo essay today, St. Mary in the Firs Church in Triberg. As churches in this area go, this one is brand new, the building being constructed in the 18th century. The location though has been a pilgrimage site, associated with healing, since 1644. I’m not going to delve into […]

Dabbling In Dali

It’s a cliché to say, “I may not know much about art, but I know what I like.” In my case it’s not completely true either. I’m no art expert, but over the years I have accumulated a fair bit of knowledge. Having some friends who paint for a living probably helps – we all […]

Church on Sunday

Regular readers of this blog know that I attend church on Sunday, no matter where I am or what the local language. I could explain why at length, but I have no intention today of writing about Christian theology or practice. I am supposed to attend a different sort of church service this morning, a […]

Black Forest Ramble – VIII

When we entered the Lebensweg above the Black Forest village of  St. Ulrich, we did so from behind the church from which the village takes its name. It was founded by St. Ulrich himself almost a thousand years ago, and the monastery he started is still attached to the church where he is buried. I […]