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The Family Churches

I went to services at two different Anglican churches last Sunday, which is not my usual practice. I wanted to experience a bit of family history. My father-in-law came to Canada from the UK, but had during his lifetime also lived in India, Ireland and Palestine. He was an inventor, working primarily in the automotive […]

The Message

It was a short message with the world watching. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury spoke these words at the Coronation of King Charles III Saturday morning. If you missed it, or would like to read it as opposed to listening again (I’m a print person – probably not the only one), the text is below. […]


It was totally unlike me. I got up early this morning to watch  television, the coronation of Charles III. I don’t think I have watched live television (other than sports) since the 2021 federal election. Which means I didn’t watch Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Not did I watch Charles first wedding back in 1981, or […]

A Last Easter Reflection

Sitting in church yesterday for teh Easter Sunday service it felt almost crowded. While the sanctuary wasn’t more than half full, it seemed to me to be the biggest crowd in years. And that’s not counting those who attended online. We’ve been through a pandemic, though the experts warn that it isn’t over yet. Things […]

An Easter Bonus

Now that the meal is over, I thought I would share one of your favorite Easter posts. First published in 2016, this is still among the most read here each year. It’s Easter, and today I miss Johnny Hart. The creator of two popular late 20th century comic strips died in 2007. Neither the Wizard of […]

The In-between Day

Yesterday was Good Friday. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. What do you say on the day in between the two? The day after Jesus’ crucifixion was a sad one. His followers hopes and dreams had been dashed. They feared for their lives. There was no reason for optimism. The man they thought was the Messiah, the […]

Nothing More To Say

Thoughts for a Sunday

Looking for something from the archives that would fit my mood today, I can across this one from April 2015. I’ve spent most of my weekend reading and writing about ethics in political life, or perhaps the lack of it. This was a reminder that there are still principled people in public life. Canadian politician James […]

Life Is Like That Sometimes

It isn’t that they didn’t have GPS back in those days (which is where the recalculating joke comes from if you haven’t used one). Nor is it that difficult to get from point A to point B navigating by sun and stars, even with a million people. It wasn’t a geographical challenge that kept the […]

Jesus Revolution – The Music

Watching the film Jesus Revolution, I was struck by some things about the place and time that hadn’t hit me before. I remember seeing news reports and photos of the mass baptisms, but pictures don’t convey the power of the event the way a video does. The sense of joy and celebration came through on the big […]