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So Many Questions

Mixed feelings best describes my reaction to Lifemark, which hits theatres today. (In Canada  It can be seen in select Cineplex & Landmark Theatres. In the US it will be shown on about 1,400 screens, though in Canada you might have to look to find it.), I suspect that might be because of the difference […]

The Crucifix

It’s Sunday, and I am away on a retreat. This post from October 2014 seemed appropriate for the day. My wife’s aunt is a retired schoolteacher. She makes certain that any visit we make to her in Lippstadt, Germany, has an educational component. There are no options, we will learn something. Or else. Since we […]

Old Fashioned Religion

Stuck in an airport with no place to plug in, and battery power unexplainedly low, here’s a repeat of a post from 2015. If I get home (my flights keep getting delayed), I’ll share a new post on Tuesday. He seemed like a relic of a bygone era, a street preacher standing on a park […]

Looking At The Eyes

Sometimes miss the obvious. I never thought of the story of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker as something people would pay to see. Even less would I think that Hollywood would treat their story (somewhat) sympathetically. Maybe that is due to my own prejudices. Even before the scandal that brought down their televangelist Empire I […]

The Dance

Another one from 2016. Refections on a trip to Turkey taken in 2011. I had mixed feelings about attending – but I am glad I did. Whirling dervishes are part of an obscure branch of Islam, an ecstatic dance performed only in a few places. I won’t go into details, you can look it up. I […]

The Tomb

As I have mentioned, I’m traveing this month, a combination of business and pleasure. The pleasure part will produce a post or two (as I write this I have 15 partially finished, some travel-related, others not) but those will wait for my return to Canada. In the meantime, some of my favorites from the past, […]

Easter Thoughts

Again going back to 2015 for this one. The foundations of the earth shook when the words were first uttered. Angels danced with joy. Christ is risen! Friday had been about despair and shattered dreams. How could everything have gone so wrong? It wasn’t supposed to end like this! But it was. God had a […]

Twisting Again

This weekend seems like a rerun. Third COVID Easter I guess; many people are still (understandably perhaps) leery of get-togethers. So let’s go back to 2015 again today with one of my favorite seasonal songs. Sometimes a song strikes a chord in your soul. I was going to write extensively about this song (actually I […]

Still A Classic

It is Good Friday. Seems appropriate to replay this radio drama and post from 2015. As a radio guy I have a great appreciation for the traditions of the medium. I missed the golden age of radio drama. By the time I was born television, though still in its infancy, was beginning to take off. […]

Hey John

The war in Ukraine has been taking up much of my thoughs these days. I have friends who have fled Kyiv for their safety, leaving some family members behind. I have several unfinished posts reflecting on the situation and the global politics involved. At one time, I worked for a Member of Parliament who was […]