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The Countdown Begins

Across the world today Christians are observing the first Sunday of Advent. It is a time of celebration leading to the biggest birthday party of the year. When I was a child we didn’t really observe Advent, it wasn’t part of our church tradition. The exception was the advent calendar we children received on December […]

Public Transit

I meant to ask, then forgot to do so. You certainly wouldn’t see something like this on the public buses in Ottawa! My assumption would be that the transit system buses in Valletta, the Maltese capital, are owned and operated by their drivers, and as such they are allowed to personalize them to some extent. […]

A Place of Pilgrimage II

Just a few photos today from my visit to this beautiful Ottawa church. Something peaceful to start your Monday.

A Place of Pilgrimmage

I have lived in Ottawa most of my life, but it was only this week that I visited Notre Dame Basilica for the first time. Which is not surprising. When you live in a place you have a routine. Things that appeal to tourists aren’t necessarily part of your daily life. You check them out […]

Stronger Than Death

It is a beautifully told story – and one of the most disturbing books I have read in recent years. I am left to confront the question: why am I not like that? Stronger Than Death, by Rachel Pieh Jones details the life and work of a woman you probably have never heard of, someone […]

Don’t Be Afraid

I had a post scheduled to go for today, then I saw this sign as I was walking through downtown Pembroke yesterday. I thought it was a great message. Seemed like something appropriate for this Sunday. Today’s scheduled post has been shifted to Monday.

Choosing Donald Trump

There are some mysteries that may never be solved. Where do crop circles come from? Is there really treasure on Oak Island? Are there still riches hidden in secret passageways in the pyramids? And why would American Christians vote en-masse for someone as un-Christian as Donald Trump? Why do they appear poised to do it […]