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Sign Of The Times

The best seller at the U2 concert last Friday at the Rogers Centre in Toronto was one of The Joshua Tree tour t-shirts that showcased how an old song can remain relevant today. As music fans know, the album opens with the song “Where The Streets Have No Name.” The opening lines of the song […]

School Choice

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has struck a blow for freedom. No longer will students attending the province’s Roman Catholic schools have to study religion. Ontario has a two track publicly funded education system. You have your choice of the taxpayer-funded public (non-religious) and Catholic schools. You can also pay big dollars and send your […]

U2 – Everything You Know

In 2013 I did a few guest posts for my friend Bruce’s blog. It wasn’t intentional. We had been having an email conversation about England’s Greenbelt Festival and some of my experiences there. He took those emails and published them (with permission of course). I figured now, with U2 on the road in North America, […]

Kiwanis Way – IV: The Chapel

It’s amazing what can happen in a small town that would never happen in a city. That thought struck me again as I walked Pembroke’s Kiwanis Way. Walking from the Pembroke marina to Riverside Park I noticed that sometime in the past 15 or so years since I last traveled the path, a chapel had […]

St. Michael

This sculpture is on display in a park in Liesborn, Germany (if I remember the town name correctly). It caught my eye when I visited in 2014. I took a few pictures, then forgot to share them. I had never heard of Bernhard Kleinhans before, which isn’t that surprising – I’m not exactly a sculpture […]

The Round Church – III

  I do wonder how you get chosen to be one of the fortunate students who gets to study in this place. It can’t be as easy as just sending an email request, can it? To me it seems like a singular honour, but maybe that is because I am living in Ottawa where the […]

The Round Church – II

After yesterday’s post, I thought a photo essay would be appropriate for today.