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Another Death In The Rock and Roll Family

When I saw Tom Petty perform in July it never occurred to me I was witnessing one of his last shows. The news of his death of cardiac failure earlier this week was a shock. I know there is a generation of performers who are aging and not likely to be with us much longer. […]

The Church Down The Street

Went wandering through downtown Sulzburg last week. There’s an apartment there I wanted to look at, a possible place to live for the next few years, so it seemed to make sense to check out what the town is like. I hesitate to use the word quaint, but it did seem like the quintessential German […]

The Lesson

I downloaded this the same February day in 1998 that I discovered yesterday’s post. At times I do wonder just how much of Jesus’ teaching his followers really understood when they first heard it. So much of it went against the cultural norm (something that remains true for Jesus’ words today. This version of the […]


I thought yesterday’s post might be a bit depressing, so I wanted something lighter for today. In my ongoing purging of junque from my basement I came across this yesterday afternoon. No idea who wrote it, but it has been floating around the Internet for decades, maybe as long as there has been an internet. […]

The Copyright Notice

It wasn’t a website I would have normally visited. Having seen it though, I feel an urge to discuss it. I’ve never bothered to discover what is considered proper etiquette for bloggers. When I started this project I wasn’t a regular blog reader, not even the posts from my friends, so I didn’t have much […]

They Did It Right!

About a decade ago, my mother mentioned that the small Baptist church she attends in downtown Ottawa had seen an influx of newcomers whose English was limited to non-existent. She didn’t know much about them. They were Karen people from Myanmar (or Burma as it is sometimes known – the name keeps changing) who had […]

Welcome to Fantasyland

Americans are crazy. Kurt Andersen should know; he’s one of them, though he insists he is sane. Don’t all crazy people say that? Fantasyland, which is published today, is a voyage through American history, a look at how American society reached the point where someone like Donald Trump could be elected as President of the […]