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What If It Doesn’t End?

It doesn’t matter what country they are from or what their political philosophy is. COVID-19 is their worst nightmare. But not in the way you might think. Very few politicians worldwide have dealt with the pandemic with any degree of competence. At least that is the way it looks from my vantage point, and I […]

Walking The Dog

What would you do for love? Would you let your spouse lead you around on a leash? In public? That was what a Quebec couple did earlier this month. Police were not amused. The couple were ticketed and fined – $1,546 dollars. It wasn’t the leash that was the problem. Or even that the woman […]

The View From Quarantine

For ten days I missed my daily walk through the Black Forest and the vineyards. Taking COVID-19 quarantine seriously, I stayed inside for the required time. My wife wanted fresh air, so she would walk in the apartment building yard as long as there was no-one around. That didn’t appeal to me – 18 steps […]

Friday’s Smiles

We’re two weeks into 2021, so I guess it is time to toss out some COVID-19 related humor. Back in March who would have believed the pandemic would still be raging, and worse than ever. These were sent by a friend of mine – so if you don’t find them funny, it is all his […]

Reflections From Tenet

One of my friends asked me if I had seen Tenet yet. I hadn’t. He suggested we go together. He had already seen the film twice, but was confused. I figured that might be because English is his third language. We didn’t make it, because theatres closed again shortly after he suggested the excursion. But […]

Taking A Break In COVID

I’ve enjoyed the recap of your favorites from 2020, but it was difficult not to interrupt. A couple of times I almost broke into the cycle to deal with some breaking issues. So will be my focus over the next few days. Criticizing politicians is a national sport in Canada. Is it like that where […]

The Song of 2020

I don’t know where the year has gone. I started this post a couple of months ago, intending to share it sometime before Christmas, and then I forgot. Yesterday I remembered, so I bumped what I had planned for today to next month. It has taken the world by storm. A simple song that has […]

Changing Gears in 2020

So how was your Christmas? Different wasn’t it? I’d bet it was also satisfying. It is December and people have adjusted to the restrictions. Video calls may not be ideal, but they serve a purpose when you can’t get together.  The Christmas feast tasted just as good as if there were 15 people around the […]

Boxing Day 2020 Reflections

So this is it, the biggest shopping day of the year. In Ontario the stores are closed, the province starting yet another lockdown this morning. All in the name of shutting down the pandemic. Yet we have been down this road before. There was a lockdown in the Spring, COVID-19 cases were reduced, but the […]

One Last Time for 2020

Your last collection of COVID-19 jokes for this calendar year. Hopefully at least one will make you smile.