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The Oil Crisis

The price of oil regularly fluctuates on the world market. It is at more than $120 a barrel as I write this, up from below zero a couple of years ago. (If you don’t quite understand the math to that, join the club.) People are feeling the pain at the gas pumps. But there is another oil […]


At first I thought I had missed the announcement. There was only one person on the bus, besides me, not wearing a face mask. Was the mask mandate back in force? I checked my news feed. Apparently not. A day after the mask mandate for public transit was dropped, the vast majority of people were […]

Heading Home?

Canada’s airports are in chaos, especially Toronto’s Pearson Airport. That is the airport I am supposed to fly to today. I’m not looking forward to the experience. When reports of problems processing passengers first surfaced a few weeks ago, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra placed the blame squarely with air travelers. People had forgotten the routine […]

On The Road Again

It’s travel time. A combination of business and (I hope) pleasure. Which means some reruns are in order. For the next four weeks, more or less, I’ll be repeating some of my favorite posts from the past eight years. Mostly travel posts I think. I don’t promise not to break in with some breaking news […]

Down The Mental Rabbit Hole

I used to follow a blog where the author ran out of things to say. Actually, I still follow it, but I realized yesterday that it must be at least six months, maybe a year, since the last post. (I just checked – more than a year.) I suppose it is possible he died. At least […]

Breaking The Fast

Muslims the world over are observing Ramadan, a month of daylight fasting. Many are thankful that this year Ramadan falls in April and May instead of June and July when the days are longer. I was thinking more of travel than Ramadan yesterday, though some of my Muslim friends were on my mind. In Germany […]

Random Thoughts For Wednesday

I’d blame COVID brain fog for today’s post, but I haven’t caught the virus yet. I guess that means I have no justification for what you are about to read. After two yeras of pandemic, many of us have noticed a certain amount of indecision creeping into our lives. That was my problem last night. […]

Quick Thoughts On Masks

What do you think about having to wear a face mask in public places? Do you think they are effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19 or other diseases? Should your opinion matter? If you think so, why? Are you a doctor or other health care professional? An epidemiologist perhaps? I ask these questions in […]

Breathing Freely

Everyone was wearing a mask when I went to the grocery store on Tuesday. Even though they didn’t have to. Ontario lifted many of its pandemic restrictions Monday, including mask wearing in most public settings. I expected to see a lot of naked faces when I shopped. I didn’t. Some grocery store staff were unmasked, […]

Catching COVID

A little while ago, I got a text from a friend. He said: When we were kids, my parents sent us to visit friends who had chicken pox, so we would catch it. You’re welcome to come visit us 🙂. It wasn’t chicken pox in his household, but a case of COVID-19. Mild symptoms, as […]