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The Guns of America

In Canada we take government restrictions on the possession of weapons as the norm. There is a general agreement, even among gun owners, that possessing firearms is a responsibility, not a right. There is from time to time debate about how intrusive governments should be in regulating firearms, but the basics, such as criminal record […]

Rhyming Thoughts

I love the English language – just because it is so weird!

Sand Castles

I walked by this sand castle on the beach while it was being constructed, when it was finished and again after it had been washed away completely by the incoming tide. It was a big one, took a couple of adults several hours to construct. I have made my share of sand castles over the […]

More Random Thoughts From Bluesfest

The 2015 RBC Ottawa Bluesfest is now over. I promised some impressions, but it seemed like during the festival there was never time to do more than jot down a few notes. Time to get caught up, with some mini-reviews of the artists I had a chance to see (or at least hear) perform. Interpol: […]

What If Orange Was A Swear Word?

Being subjected to a fair amount of hip-hop music at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest has me thinking about language and its usage. Hip-hop comes out of urban black culture, the inner-city ghettos of the United States. It is folk music in the true sense of the term (which has been expropriated to usually mean relatively mild […]

Kanye West – Beyond Bluesfest

Kanye West is the headline performer at the closing of the Pan Am games tonight. He’s a controversial choice. Before his appearance at this year’s RBC Ottawa Bluesfest and England’s Glastonbury Festival there was also a fair amount of controversy over his upcoming performances. People seemed evenly divided into two camps, either loving of hating […]

Clarity is Important

I came across this when I was looking for something else on the Internet. I hope it is just a case of a poorly written sign – they don’t really mean that do they? I wish I knew the sign’s exact location though – I would avoid the area, just to be safe.

Bachman At Bluesfest

When you’ve been making hits for 50 years it seems somehow unfair to the fans to only be given an hour to play those tunes. It gets even more complicated when you are still releasing records and want to showcase that new, less familiar, material in your concert. Such was Randy Bachman’s plight at the […]

Kurdish Textile Museum IV

I took a lot of pictures, so I thought another sampling would be appropriate.As I said, I am not normally a textiles fan, but hjere was something about the museum that day that struck a chord within me.

Kurdish Textile Museum III

Some more pictures in the series. Today we look at some traditional clothing styles. I’m not sure f these are common anymore, except for he men’s caps I didn’t see anyone dressed like this, but I was mostly in urban settings.