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Only In Canada

The Calgary Flames hockey team fired their coach last week. Well, he resigned before they could fire him over an alleged racial slur made a decade ago. Bill Peters might have been fired anyway, given the team’s poor performance of late, but the situation has cast the spotlight once again on the Canadian double standard. […]

Upon Reflection…

  Sometimes, rather than jumping into the fray, I like to let things percolate. Which makes me late with my thoughts on the firing of TV commentator Don Cherry, two weeks ago today.. To Canadians Cherry is an icon, or a buffoon, someone who has always stirred passions. A former National Hockey League player and […]

Grey Cup 2019

There will not be a post today. It is a national holiday. Well, not really, but for Canadian sports fans it is an important day. Our national football championship is being contested today, as the Hamilton Tiger Cats take on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 107th annual Grey Cup game. I had thought of re-posting […]

It Was Cold Out There

It suddenly occurred to me as I sat there: I haven’t been this cold in years! Southern Germany has mild winters. The beginning of November is still practically summer. In Sulzburg today it is 16 Celsius. In Ottawa it is 1. Which is why today’s post is later than usual – I needed time to […]

Safety Feature

I understand the reasoning, but I still don’t like it. I don’t expect I will ever like it. Went to the local junior hockey game Wednesday, first time in a number of years that I have done so. For those who aren’t hockey fans, “junior” is players aged 16-20. In Canada those playing junior hockey are […]

They Play What?

  It is September and the pennant races are on in Major League Baseball. If you are a fan, this is an exciting time of year. I have to admit I lost interest in the major leagues when the Montreal Expos were forced to relocate to the US. I had followed the team faithfully  since […]

What World Cup?

A year ago Germany was awash in patriotism as the nation cheered on the national team in the World Cup. It was like hockey in Canada only more intense. Business came to a halt during games. Church services were canceled. There were flags everywhere. Large screens were set up in public places to allow communal […]