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Canada Day Celebrations – I

  I remember Canada’s 100th birthday, July 1, 1967. I celebrated at Expo67 in Montreal, part of a crowd of, if I remember correctly, 471,000 people who gathered to celebrate the centennial. So when they predicted 450,000-500,000 people converging in Ottawa for Canada Day 2017 I wasn’t deterred by the thought of a crowd that […]

Baseball in 2017

I did something last night that I would never have dreamed of doing when I was younger. I guess that shows there are changes that come with age. I was at the Ottawa Champions baseball team opening game. I left in the seventh inning. A baseball game takes at least nine innings. The Champions play […]

The Canadian Bandwagon

Canada is a hockey-obsessed nation. That’s ice hockey not the type played on grass. The game was invented here, refined here and the best players still come from here, though the rest of the world now produced excellent players. Hockey is part of our national myth. Americans of my generation can tell you where they […]

Super Bowl LI

It is Super Bowl Sunday in the USA, the championship game of American professional football. For the first time in more than a decade I’m thinking about tuning in. The Super Bowl is the most watched, most over-hyped sporting spectacle in America. The game rarely lives up to the anticipation (unlike the Canadian Grey Cup) […]


Ottawa is honouring Daniel Alfredsson, the retired captain of the Ottawa Senators hockey team, with a special ceremony today retiring the sweater number he wore for 17 seasons. The game is expected to be a sellout. Alfie holds a lot of team records, for goals and assists among others. He was a bona fide superstar […]

Kicking Off Grey Cup 2016

The Grey Cup game is being held this evening in Toronto, the annual championship of the Canadian Football League (CFL). ‎I had thought about going, but decided to opt for the pleasures of watching on television instead. Being at a national championship in any sport is special, and I was very tempted to make the […]

A Cautionary Tale

When an athlete fails a drug test it isn’t newsworthy anymore. It happens so frequently to professionals and amateurs alike. No-one really pays attention. The process has become ritual, a dance we all know so well. There is shock and denial at first. Then the suggestion the results are tainted, or the athlete took something […]