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Racing For The Bottom

Living in Germany can be difficult for a hockey fan, unless you are willing to lose some sleep. The National Hockey League is far away, which means the best games start after 1 a.m., a time when I prefer to be sleeping. As an Ottawa Senators fan that has been pretty much a blessing this […]

The Big Game

Last November, for the first time in years, I didn’t watch the Grey Cup game, the Canadian Football League championship. I decided the midnight start was a  bit too late given that I had to work in the morning. Tonight’s game is another midnight start (my time), but I will be watching. If I had […]

Classy Move

Last night (my time) I was watching a Canadian Football League playoff game between the Hamilton Tiger Cats and British Columbia Lions. No matter the outcome, some feline was going to win. It was a 1 p.m. start in Hamilton, which made it 10 a.m. for fans watching in British Columbia. It was Remembrance Day, […]

North versus South

I have my preferences, but I generally don’t join in the chants, the most polite of which is “South side sucks.”  There has been rivalry between the fans sitting in the opposite side of the stadium for decades. When it started the field was known as Lansdowne Park. Then it became Frank Clair Stadium and […]

Non Sequitur

I’ve seen this sign for 50 years and never understood it. I know what the words mean. But what makes it significant?  When I was younger, I studied some of the poems of Robert Frost. Every school child did. The man was an American icon, rightly celebrated for his way with words. I don’t remember though […]

A National Disaster

No rioting in the streets – Germans are too stunned for that. For the first time ever, the country’s football team has been eliminated in the opening round of the World Cup. It is tough for North Americans to understand just how big a deal that is. When I was growing up soccer, or football […]

World Cup 2018/World Cup 2026

The biggest event in sports outside the Olympics starts today, and unless you are Mexican, nobody in North America cares. Well, that might be an overstatement given that yesterday the 2016 event was awarded to North America, but Canada and the US aren’t playing this year. For Canadians that is nothing new. In our only […]