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Maybe Technology Isn’t The Problem

It Wasn’t A Scam!?

I thought this one would bring a smile to your Saturday.

Where’s The Logic?

The demonstration will not happen. The authorities say it is unsafe to gather. Somehow that doesn’t make sense to me. I agree there are safety concerns – but it isn’t as if the organizers didn’t know that. There was a mass rally planned for Berlin this Saturday. Now it won’t happen – unless the demonstrators […]

On The Forest Floor

Noticed this on my walk in the Black Forest this week. I think it is a mushroom, or some sort of fungus. Normally I can be quite oblivious to the flora (and fauna) as I do my daily walk. I know I need fresh air and exercise, so I do it. Too often though I […]

No Ice

Went to a garden party recently, which gave me the opportunity to note one of the major cultural differences (to me anyway) between Canada and Germany. No ice. I’m not talking about winter either, though the lack of snow and cold here is something I can’t quite get used to. Germans think they have winter, […]

Universal Language

Wandering through downtown Basel, Switzerland, I saw a building with an open door. Given that we were in what appeared to be the university district, I figured it was a school building. Specifically some sort of school of design. it’s not that the building was that impressive, but the corridors had that arty feel, if […]

Was Donald Trump Right For Once?

I had expected today to talk about the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. He or she was supposed to be announced before 9 p.m. Ottawa time Sunday. Yet as I write this at 8:30 Ottawa time (2:30 a.m. where I am), due to mechanical issues with the machines that opened the mail-in […]

Counting The Ballots

It’s the biggest turnout for a party leadership vote in Canadian history. A day before the deadline more than 150,000 ballots had been received at Conservative Party headquarters. (Don’t tell Donald Trump – it was a mail-in contest.) When the leadership contest started I had intended to devote the occasional post to the campaign. That […]

Following The Directions

Do you believe product descriptions? Do they influence your choice when you are buying something? I was thinking about that this week as I defrosted the freezer compartment of the refrigerator in our apartment. As you can see in the picture above, it needed it. And that is only the ice from the first of […]

An App For Our Times?

Have you downloaded the app yet? Installed it? Or are you distrustful of this latest bit of modern technology? Big Brother really is watching. When the COVID-19 phone app was first announced, I had my doubts. The idea seemed intriguing, an application that would warn you if you were exposed for 15 minutes or longer […]