Monthly Archives: August 2020

Harvest Is Coming

The grapes are turning purple in the vineyards around Sulzburg. Some of them anyway – many of the local varieties ripen green. An unexpected benefit of COVID-19 is that we will be in Germany for the harvest, probably early in September. Our usual schedule has us in Canada then, so we’ve always missed it. I do […]

Lights In The Sky

I was thinking Thursday evening how I would ordinarily at that time been walking by the ocean in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, on my way into town for the weekly Thursday night fireworks. Not this year though. I texted a friend who lives there, wondering if indeed, in this age of COVID-19, the fireworks were […]

Smile, It’s Wednesday

Just a  few images today, reflections on society in 2020. I’m hoping the experts are wrong, that there will be no second wave, and we can all get back to normal soon. Though by then we may ave no idea what is normal anymore.

Different Visions

Walking through Sulzburg the other day I noticed familiar flowers in one of the yards. Familiar, but not ones I had ever seen in a Canadian yard. I  will admit to not being a horticultural expert. Plants, to me, are something someone else grows. So maybe I am wrong in my observations. It did look […]

Is This Really Democracy?

Almost every day I’m getting emails about registering to vote in the upcoming American presidential election. They are not spam. When I worked in radio I was on a number of mailing lists. I stepped back from radio last year, but haven’t unsubscribed. Just in case. The emails are coming from a public relations firm […]

Trump and Funk

I find myself paying more attention to the upcoming American presidential election than I was earlier this year.  Is that true for you too? It still seems strange to imagine Donald Trump as President of the United States. It seems as if I ave somehow fallen into some science fiction parallel universe. And you are […]

Why I Don’t Visit Berlin

I was planning on taking today off, then I saw this in my morning newspaper and knew I had to share it. Apparently there is a clothing optional park in Germany’s capital. Not only do humans roam free, so too does the wildlife. Which can lead to some interesting interactions. It isn’t every day you […]

Sad Commentary

  I’ll admit I laughed when I first saw this. Then immediately felt embarrassed for having done so. It is a sad indictment of the state of politics in America that such a concept could be taken seriously, but political divisions seem to have deepened in recent years. Demonizing your opponents appears to be the […]

Sounds of Summer

We seem to have a bit of a musical theme here recently. That’s because Sulzburg has had a couple of concerts in the market square this past week. I must confess I didn’t take an pictures in the hour I spent watching the local “hand harmonica” (accordion) club. After all, if you have seen (and […]

Blowing Their Own Horns III

A few photos today to finish our look at the alpenhorn concert in Sulzburg’s market square.