Monthly Archives: December 2019

The Last Rant

I’d say it was time for my last rant of the decade, but that would make me more upset. Let’s call it my last rant of the year. What has been annoying me the past couple of weeks is the not usual end-of-year news reflections that seem to be dominating the media, but that the […]

Let It Snow?

Finally! Though I’m not sure I like it after all. All this fall I have been telling people how much I was looking forward to a Canadian winter, that the area of Germany we live in lacks winters, and my new boots are still in their box more than two years after I bought them. […]

Feeling Sheepish?

I meant to ask a couple of days ago and forgot. How was your Christmas? Get any unusual presents? Mine felt a little strange in a way. Maybe I’m not used to celebrating in Canada, though that seems strange after just two years in Germany. Maybe it was feeling my mother’s absence, this being the […]

Flying Frequently

I must be an optimist. Why else would I have a frequent flyer plan? My account was just reset by the company to zero because I have had no qualifying flights for a year. Rather ironic that the reset was done the day before a flight that qualified for points. I know the rules and […]


“Motives are a hard thing to pin down – especially when you’re talking about a mentally- deranged robot.” I wanted to post this a week ago so you could stick this book on your Christmas list. My apologies – but you could always treat yourself to Steven James new thriller, Synapse, for an end-of-year treat. […]

It’s Boxing Day

There are bargains to be had today for Canadian shoppers. Those in Australia are getting similar deals at stores there, while in the UK people are returning unwanted gifts to the stores. That’s why they call it Boxing Day. Americans don’t get the same shopping spree because they had Black Friday last month, possibly the […]

Christmas Messages

Christmas Eve 2019

No Santa coming by sleigh to my house today. That’s a tradition we don’t observe. No chestnuts roasting by an open fire either – no fireplace available. Last minute shopping? Possibly – we’re low on milk and the stores are closed Christmas Day. The stores will be closing early, allowing employees to spend the evening […]

Skywalker Rising

I liked the ending. Somehow it seemed fitting. I could have done with a little less action though – it seemed like one light-sabre battle after another, to the point they all seemed the same. And, spoiler alert, you know the good guys are going to win. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker brings to […]

First Hand Experience

Four years ago I wrote a post I called “Climate Change For Dummies,” my thoughts on environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio’s hysterical reaction to living through a Chinook, a climate phenomenon I only knew from books. This week though I was in Calgary, Alberta, and more or less experienced a Chinook.  I say more or less […]