Monthly Archives: December 2019

The Christmas Market

For the first time ever, Ottawa has an outdoor Christmas market, modeled after the ones in Europe, which are a huge tourist attraction. I was excited when the market was announced. Then I realized that this is a modest first year for the market. There are only about 20 vendors. I guess that makes sense […]

Breaking With Tradition

I was rather curious as to how Canada’s Parliament was going to handle its opening Thursday, as for the first time in more than 150 years the Senate and the House of Commons are meeting in different buildings. Traditionally the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod has walked to the Commons Chamber from the Senate […]

Emergency Preparedness

The boy cried wolf. Everyone got excited. Then there was no wolf. Many people know that fable and the message it brings. And you can immediately see how it applies to the present-day climate change debate. But there’s more to it than that. I saw a news headline a couple of weeks back that 11,000 […]

Only In Canada

The Calgary Flames hockey team fired their coach last week. Well, he resigned before they could fire him over an alleged racial slur made a decade ago. Bill Peters might have been fired anyway, given the team’s poor performance of late, but the situation has cast the spotlight once again on the Canadian double standard. […]

The Irishman

When there is a lot of fuss surrounding a film, I sometimes feel it is imperative to watch, rather than fall completely out of touch with the culture. Which is why I sat through Martin Scorsese‚Äôs latest, The Irishman, which hit theatres briefly last month. While reviewers suggested this is a film better seen on […]

The Countdown Begins

Across the world today Christians are observing the first Sunday of Advent. It is a time of celebration leading to the biggest birthday party of the year. When I was a child we didn’t really observe Advent, it wasn’t part of our church tradition. The exception was the advent calendar we children received on December […]