Monthly Archives: June 2022

Summertime Thought

Beach reading season is officially with us. I thought this was an appropriate reminder for the end of June. I do read a fair amount of books electronically, but not usually by choice – and certainly not outdoors where the glare makes reading difficult. Sometimes though there is no paper option. I will say though, […]

No Photos!

“No photos!” The security guard shouted as I pointed my camera at the obelisk across the street. I had been assured previously that pictures were allowed, but I had no desire to get involved in a shouting match with someone who spoke no English So I moved across the street, closer to the structure. The […]

Big Mythical Creature

It must be frustrating to plan the trip of a lifetime and have your photos ruined by events outside your control. Like renovations. Visitors to Ottawa the past few years have seen the iconic Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings with scaffolding and boards. It’s probably going to be another decade before the renovations are […]

Every Little Girl’s Dream

I attended a wedding on Saturday that was held at the Canadian Museum of Nature. I had been there before for wedding receptions, but never for the actual ceremony. During the service the officiant commented on the location, saying that it was “every little girl’s dream to be married alongside the carcass of a dead […]

Dreaming Of Summer

It is almost time for my annual vacation in Maine, where one of the highlights is eating local lobster. None of them look like this one though. I realize now I should have put something on the display case at the Canadian Museum of Nature so you could get a grasp of the size of […]

Overturning Roe

Imagine the outcry if it was the other way arouund. Imagine the reaction if the American president and vice president had referred to a Supreme Court of Canada decision in such a fashion, Canada’s government would have made a formal protest. It would have been a major diplomatic incident.  Feelings run high on all sides of […]

Who Was Louis Wain?

It was the title that first grabbed me: The Elecrical Life of Louis Wain. I’d never heard of Louis Wain before. Supposedly he changed the way we look at cats.  I also chose the film for Benedict Cumberbatch, a talented actor who tends to choose projects unlike the usual Hollywood drivel. What better time than on […]

To Watch, or Not To Watch?

I think Jennifer Lopez has only made one movie. But it is a formula that works for her. So she makes the same flm over and over, just changing the names of the character and slightly altering the plot. Marry Me, which was on of the films I watched on a recent international flight, is […]

Licorice Pizza

It sounds disgusting. For the record, I would never eat a pizza with licorice as a topping.  But I couldn’t resist a coming of age story set in the 1970s. After all, that’s when I came of age. Of course, I didn’t come of age in California. Nor was I a child actor. Which made […]

In-Flight Movies

I don’t remember when I was last in a movie theatre. Three years anyway. That shadowy past we refer to as pre-pandemic. There was no theatre when we lived in Sulzburg. There was one in Mullheim, about 10 km away, but it, I think, only showed films in German. To anything in English you had to go […]