Monthly Archives: September 2020

An Acorn Grows Up

Three years ago Monday we drove into Sulzburg for the first time, knowing this was to be our new home. Mind you, we hadn’t seen the apartment or signed the lease – and wouldn’t be able to that day as our prospective landlords were away. First impressions are important. Sulzburg struck me as a sleepy […]

Grabbing Hold of Life

One year ago today, my mother died. I was with her as she passed through death into her new life. During her short illness I started a few posts about the experience, and have published a couple of them. I’m hoping to share the others when the emotions are a little less raw. Today though […]

Monday’s Smiles

What’s Best For Lydia?

I was going to make considerable comments on this situation, then decided to leave it with what was published on the website. Does this situation seem right to you? Iranian Christian converts Sam Khosravi and Maryam Falahi request prayer, after the appeal court in Bushehr upheld a decision to deny them custody of their daughter […]

Saturday’s Smiles

As promised, here are a few more images to make you smile. Once again, I have saved my favorite for the last. I was tempted to go with a few more, but decided to hold on to them for next week.

Friday Funtime

Today, and I think tomorrow as well, just a few random images I have saved while online. My theory is, if it makes me laugh, it might make you laugh as well – and we can all use a little laughter these days. The last one today is my favorite.

Visions of Van Gogh

Walking through downtown Basel Switzerland I noticed these sunflowers in a yard. I immediately thought of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, who is perhaps best known for his paintings of sunflowers. Van Gogh was famously unsuccessful as an artist in his lifetime, but is definitely appreciated now. If you want one of his sunflower paintings, […]

Six Months Later

We’ve been living with this coronavirus, COVID-19, for more than six months now. Are you as tired of it as I am? Last night, as I considered today’s post, I realized I wasn’t in the mood to finish a travel piece, or the political commentary I was working on. So you’ll have to wait for […]

False Praise

I downloaded and installed a new fitness app on my phone, Every Monday I get a report, filled with praise about my progress. Except I have no progress. Not that I am physically inactive. I walk at least 20 kilometres weekly, much of it uphill. But I haven’t bothered to record it with the app. […]

Monday Morning COVID

I know it’s a typographical error, but you have to admit, it is still funny. Six months into the restrictions (more some places) and everyone is tired of COVID-19. Which may explain the spike in cases in some areas as people ease up on their precautions. Humor helps us get through tough situations. We need […]