Monthly Archives: June 2019

Up and Down II

Today a photo essay of sorts, though calling it an essay is correct only if you believe a picture is worth a thousand words. Which is something I am not going to debate here, or at least not today. I hope you enjoy these photos taken from inside the funicular in Orvieto, Italy.  

Up and Down I

You can walk from the train station into the old section of Orvieto, or take a bus. But it is more fun to take the funicular. I’m not quite sure how you would get up to this Tuscan town by foot, bus or car, because we didn’t consider it. Neither, I think, did anyone else […]

Visions of Sunset

Made an unexpected trip last night to the top of the Blauen, which is the second highest mountain in the region. Got there just in time for sunset. I’d been here before, four years ago on a trip to visit friends. It never occurred to me then that we would someday be living in the […]

Inside The Barrow

It has been stinking hot in southern Germany the past few days, which means I’ve been moving somewhat in slow motion. Things get done, but they seem to take longer. We have guests visiting from Canada, and we are trying to allow them to experience this area in a way tourists rarely get, to see […]

Attitude Adjustment

You make great plans and life intervenes, meaning that nothing on your “to-do” list actually gets done. Sometimes I don’t know where the time goes. Do you ever have a day like that? Tuesday started (after a quick email check) with a couple of hours work in a nearby vineyard. Grapes don’t just grown on […]

Preserving Cultural Heritage

I almost missed it. Probably because it obviously didn’t apply to me. I’m sure it wasn’t directed at you either. The sign was in one of the courtyards of a thousand-year-old monastery in the Swiss town of Stein am Rhein. We had just determined that we weren’t going to tour the monastery, deterred not by […]

What World Cup?

A year ago Germany was awash in patriotism as the nation cheered on the national team in the World Cup. It was like hockey in Canada only more intense. Business came to a halt during games. Church services were canceled. There were flags everywhere. Large screens were set up in public places to allow communal […]