Monthly Archives: January 2018

An Interlude

Went to church in Freiburg yesterday. But that’s not what I am going to write about. After church we had a wait for the next train home. So we wandered through the old section of Freiburg. At least I think that’s what we did – I didn’t consult a map or guidebook. Originally, I had […]

Papal Audience

I think it was a Wednesday. We were in Rome and I said we had to have an audience with the Pope. Needless to say, it wasn’t a private one. Once a week the Pope comes out to meet the masses who gather. It was 2009, so the Pope was Benedict XVI. It was a […]

A Random Picture

I can’t remember why I took a photo of this sculpture, which, if I remember correctly, was in front of the Colosseum in Rome. My first thought is that I was jet-lagged. My second one is that with a digital camera I am not as discriminating as I should be since I don’t have to […]

I Couldn’t Decide…

…what I wanted to post today. Therefore this cartoon will have to fill the gap until I make up my mind. If you aren’t a parent you might not appreciate it.


  Sometimes things don’t make sense. I realize though that just because something seems senseless to me, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good reason. I’m still very much a stranger in a strange land here. When Epiphany came I expected the Christmas tree in Sulzburg’s town square to come down. For some reason it […]

Political Appearances

To some extent I have enjoyed being retired from politics. Mind you, I still check the news several times a day, just in case there is something I need to know. Sometimes a news story makes my blood boil, but then my mind kicks in and tells me to relax, I’m not on the front […]

Remembering Edwin Hawkins

Originally posted on Thinking Out Loud:
If it was the musical Godspell that inspired me that contemporary music could be used to present a Christian narrative, then it was the Edwin Hawkins update of the classic hymn, “Oh Happy Day” which convinced me as a young kid that a Christian message in music could have…