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There has been a lot of bad publicity for airlines recently. Every day it seems there is a news story about someone who has missed a flight because of airline overbooking. There have been many well publicized American incidents, but the Canadian ones are just as compelling. Even the airline that advertises that it never […]

Valentine’s Day 2017

Suppose they create an artificial holiday. Do I have to participate? Today is Valentine’s Day, and I admit I struggle with the observance of it. It seems so artificial ‎somehow, one day out of 365 in the year set aside to celebrate love. Shouldn’t we be celebrating love every day? I’m not sure how historically […]

It’s A Panda Sort Of Day

You were expecting something black and white? No, this isn’t a giant panda, which is what most people think of when they hear “panda.”This is a red panda, enjoying himself at the Toronto Zoo. I had never heard of red pandas until my first visit to that zoo more than 20 years ago. They quickly […]

Santa Revisited

I first posted this a couple of years ago. Well, technically, I first published it in 1991 – but there wasn’t much Internet back then. I don’t know of the word “blog” had even been invented then. (I know, now that I have said hat someone will look it up and let me know.) What […]

Cat Litter

I may have mentioned from time to time that I am not a fan of either of my daughter’s cats, particularly this one. She’s a needy animal, more dog than cat and always in the way as she begs for affection. I was pleased therefore that she decided to package herself for disposal. The box […]

First Sunday of Advent…

…and nothing has really changed from last year. My daughter’s cat, who usually behaves like a dog (all the worst dog features imaginable), for some reason spends Advent thinking she is a Christmas tree ornament. I’m sure I’ll get some much better shots of her in the tree before Christmas Day arrives.  

No Fortune For Me

When I was seventeen I was offered the opportunity to become a millionaire. I turned it down. I have no regrets. It was 1973 and I was working at the time for the local McD‎onald’s, making the princely sum of $1.12 an hour. Summer was ending and I had decided not to return to school, […]