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Memories That Last

It was a harebrained idea. We were way too young. I have to admit though, we had fun. It was the summer of 1966. I was almost 12-years old. And my father, I think, came up with an idea to keep two pre-teens from getting bored during a long summer. Send them to secretarial school. […]

Jogging The Memory

You think you will always remember. But you don’t. I took this photo in the summer of 2009. Summer vacation in Germany. Exactly where? I haven’t a clue. I know it is within a couple of hours of Heidelberg, because the photos before and after include members of my wife’s family from that area. I […]

The Naked Fridge

You can tell a lot about Canadians by looking at their refrigerators. Not just the food inside, but by what is on the front and sides. Is it like that where you live? Can you learn about people’s lives by what they display on the fridge? Is there a calendar? Family pictures or photos of […]

An Ordinary Hero

Today would be my father’s 95th birthday. Instead it is the tenth anniversary of his death. A day of mixed emotions. It somehow seemed fitting that he died on his birthday. It gave a feeling of completion to his life. Given that his father died at age 56, my dad had never expected to reach […]

2020 In Review – The Cycle of Life

I had intended to write quite a bit about my mother in 2020, as part of the grieving process, but it didn’t happen. There are still several half-finished posts I wrote in her hospital room that one day I will finish. We’re probably reaching the point now where I can write with a little less […]

Changing Gears in 2020

So how was your Christmas? Different wasn’t it? I’d bet it was also satisfying. It is December and people have adjusted to the restrictions. Video calls may not be ideal, but they serve a purpose when you can’t get together.  The Christmas feast tasted just as good as if there were 15 people around the […]

Advent Continues

Today is the last Sunday of Advent, the season of anticipation of the birth of the King. Advent wasn’t a big thing in my Baptist childhood – but I married into a family with a lot of traditions which became mine as well. Those traditions were passed on to our children. Four years ago my […]

Time To Remember

I was planning on continuing my commentary on the US election today, then I looked at the calendar. It is almost November 11, Remembrance Day. We who have never experienced war can only dimly understand the sacrifices previous generations paid for our freedom. Today though, and for the next couple of days, some older posts […]

Five Years Later

There are days you always remember. Sometimes they are momentous for society. Americans of my generation remember where they were when they heard JFK had been assassinated. For a younger generation it is probably the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. Then there are other days, important only to you and your family. Like […]

Thanksgiving 2020

What a difference a year makes. Have you said that recently? Things are so unlike 2019. Last year the Canadian Thanksgiving fell less than two weeks after my mother’s death, so we made it a family celebration and time of remembrance. This year instead my sister will deliver a turkey meal to my daughter’s doorstep. […]