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Somebody Loves Me

As I was decluttering our house I came across a box of cards, birthday cards. They were for my birthday, but they had been sent to my mother. At the time I was too young to read them. There were a lot of them; I didn’t recognize many of the names. Not surprising really – […]

Two Years Ago Today

You may have seen this before, but I thought it was worth repeating. THE WAITING ROOM I’ve been in this room at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute before; at least I think it was the same one. Seven years ago. Waiting for the heart surgeon conducting my mother’s operation to come and tell me how it […]

Who Are These People?

  I doubt things have gotten better as photography has gone digital. If anything it is probably worse. I think I first saw this picture about 1972 as we were packing our belongings in Montreal for the family move to Ottawa. It was in a box of photos, all black and white, that I think […]

One “R” Less

Poor Mrs. Hopkins. She tried her best, but she failed. It wasn’t her fault. Mrs. Hopkins was my First Grade teacher, and I hadn’t thought of her in decades, didn’t even remember her name, until the other day when I was cleaning the basement and came across my Grade 1 report card. I like to […]

Into The Sunset

Yesterday’s post was a milestone, and I didn’t realize it at the time. It was my 1,000th post in this space. I just thought it was worth mentioning, given that today’s post is about another milestone. Today is my last day on Parliament Hill. After 10 years of working at the heart of our democracy, […]


There has been a lot of bad publicity for airlines recently. Every day it seems there is a news story about someone who has missed a flight because of airline overbooking. There have been many well publicized American incidents, but the Canadian ones are just as compelling. Even the airline that advertises that it never […]

Valentine’s Day 2017

Suppose they create an artificial holiday. Do I have to participate? Today is Valentine’s Day, and I admit I struggle with the observance of it. It seems so artificial ‎somehow, one day out of 365 in the year set aside to celebrate love. Shouldn’t we be celebrating love every day? I’m not sure how historically […]