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The Phone Call

I didn’t recognize the voice when I picked up the phone and heard “Hey grandpa!”  Having just become a grandparent, I figured it was one of my friends calling to congratulate me. But I wasn’t sure which one. So I continued to talk, hoping i would be able to figure it out without the embarassment of […]

2021 In Review: An Ordinary Hero

The only post from 2021 to make the top ten list for last year was today’s offering, written on the tenth aniversary of my father’s death, and in third place on our list. I’m not sure if this was the post I was most emotional about last year when I wrote it – there was […]

Baby’s First Christmas

How do you feel about social media? About people living their lives, more or less, online? We can connect in so many ways that were science fiction not that many years ago. And with those connections has come a number of ethical issues that previous generations didn’t have to deal with. Much of what we […]

You Never Know…

Sometimes you are struck by just how small the world can be. I’ve had this photo sitting on my desk for about three months now. I found it when I was going through a box of old paperwork. None of the people in the photo looked familiar. Except me of course. I’m the one with […]

What Is Missing?

It is the first Sunday of Advent, which is when our family usually puts up the Chruistmas tree. We jumped the gun a little this year since we had a busy Sunday scheduled and did it a day early. Our routine is that I put the tree together and the rest of the family decorates. […]

Remembrance Day Memories

Today is Remembrance Day, a time to reflect on wars past and those who fought them. As I write this, I haven’t decided if I will be attending the ceremonies in person or watching on television. Originally I thought I would write some new reflections for this day – I have many unused phtoos of […]

Trusting To Memory

I’ve been going through some old family photos. It is an at times frustrating experience. When we take the photo we know we will never forget the moment. It will be burned into our consciousness forever. So there is no reason to write on the back of the picture who is in it. How could […]

My ABC’s

I had a different post planned for today, then got sidetracked and forgot to finish it. Instead, this one, which was first published here six years ago. During my childhood I was not exposed to the delightful children’s books penned by Canadian author Dennis Lee. By the time he turned his attention to writing poems for […]

To Boldly Go…

Sometimes you have to applaud something that is essentially silly. Like William Shatner becoming an astronaut at age 90. You probably saw the news stories earlier this month. Sure it was entirely a publicity stunt for a space tourism company. Sure the money could have been better spent. Certainly it wasn’t great for the environment. […]

Memories That Last

It was a harebrained idea. We were way too young. I have to admit though, we had fun. It was the summer of 1966. I was almost 12-years old. And my father, I think, came up with an idea to keep two pre-teens from getting bored during a long summer. Send them to secretarial school. […]