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One “R” Less

Poor Mrs. Hopkins. She tried her best, but she failed. It wasn’t her fault. Mrs. Hopkins was my First Grade teacher, and I hadn’t thought of her in decades, didn’t even remember her name, until the other day when I was cleaning the basement and came across my Grade 1 report card. I like to […]

Into The Sunset

Yesterday’s post was a milestone, and I didn’t realize it at the time. It was my 1,000th post in this space. I just thought it was worth mentioning, given that today’s post is about another milestone. Today is my last day on Parliament Hill. After 10 years of working at the heart of our democracy, […]


There has been a lot of bad publicity for airlines recently. Every day it seems there is a news story about someone who has missed a flight because of airline overbooking. There have been many well publicized American incidents, but the Canadian ones are just as compelling. Even the airline that advertises that it never […]

Valentine’s Day 2017

Suppose they create an artificial holiday. Do I have to participate? Today is Valentine’s Day, and I admit I struggle with the observance of it. It seems so artificial ‎somehow, one day out of 365 in the year set aside to celebrate love. Shouldn’t we be celebrating love every day? I’m not sure how historically […]

It’s A Panda Sort Of Day

You were expecting something black and white? No, this isn’t a giant panda, which is what most people think of when they hear “panda.”This is a red panda, enjoying himself at the Toronto Zoo. I had never heard of red pandas until my first visit to that zoo more than 20 years ago. They quickly […]

Santa Revisited

I first posted this a couple of years ago. Well, technically, I first published it in 1991 – but there wasn’t much Internet back then. I don’t know of the word “blog” had even been invented then. (I know, now that I have said hat someone will look it up and let me know.) What […]

Cat Litter

I may have mentioned from time to time that I am not a fan of either of my daughter’s cats, particularly this one. She’s a needy animal, more dog than cat and always in the way as she begs for affection. I was pleased therefore that she decided to package herself for disposal. The box […]