Monthly Archives: April 2023

Words Matter

It was a friend in the United Kingdom who mentioned it. “I see your Prime Minister is lying again.” I hadn’t seen the interview. So I looked it up. Turns out Justin Trudeau didn’t lie in this instance. He said very clearly that he didn’t force anyone to be vaccinated against COVID-19, that the millions […]

Why Live Music?

Concerts are special. Not being able to experience live music in person was, for me, one of the biggest drawbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we can gather again, I’m trying to get out more often. Martyn Joseph, the Welsh sing-songwriter, played in Ottawa Friday night. He ends the Canadian leg of his latest […]

Stumbling Stones Again

If you look closely, you can see two metal plaques placed among the cobblestones, memorials to two people who used to live at this location. They are a common sight in German cities. So common they are easy to ignore. The weather was a little frosty Sunday, but that didn’t stop us taking a walk […]

I Thought About It

Tickets went on sale today for U2’s Las Vegas residency, with paid members of the fan club having first crack at them. I must admit I was tempted. I’ve never been to Las Vegas. Then I looked at the prices. I don’t want to go to Las Vegas that much, not even to see one […]

Witty Wednesday

I spent a good chunk of Tuesday doing my taxes (which as Canadians know are due Monday). It was a relatively painless experience. Almost 50 years ago I was a tax assessor for what is now called the Canada Revenue Agency. I know how to fill in a tax form, even though it is a […]

The Interview

A friend who was conducting job interviews yesterday sent this to me, and I found it too amusing not to pass on. It isn’t fair to judge all millennials by this example. It’s a fictionalized portrayal after all. I have been in hiring interviews with many millennial candidates. Not one exhibited any of the traits […]

Random Thoughts on Monday Morning

I’ve got to stop hanging around with people who think big thoughts. They lead my brain down unsettling pathways. I’ve also got to stop reading Ecclesiastes, even if it is one of my favorite books of The Bible. It too makes me think, reflecting on society – where it is, where it is going and […]

More From That Walk

We continue our walk in the woods from yesterday. Given that it is Sunday, I thought we’d go with photos today and not much commentary from me. If you click on the images you can see the larger version.

A Walk In The Woods

Our neighbors wanted to show us a nice forest walk. What better way to spend a sunny Fall Saturday? I meant to share these photos when they were taken, almost five years ago. I can’t remember what stopped me. Now I’m looking at them and wondering “just where was that?” I know it’s the state […]

To Keep You Going…

…until I finish what I am doing. Happy Friday!