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Government Logic

In order to slow down the spread of COVID-19 the Government of Canada has introduced measures restricting travel, including a manadatory 14-day home quarantine for those entering the country. The civil rights violations are before the courts, as many feel government has overstepped its authority. I’m supportive of necessary measures to preserve public health during […]

Are You Surpised?

I should be outraged, but I am not. This is the sort of political hypocrisy I have come to expect from this Prime Minister. Heaven forbid he should even try and walk his talk. Rules are for lesser mortals, not for him. Justin Trudeau is going to attend the G7 Summit starting Friday in Cornwall, […]

Smile, It Is Monday!

Sitting at home in quarantine, all days seem pretty much the same to me, though I know for many people today is the start of a work week. So I thought I’d offer a few reasons to smile. The biggest joke of course is Canada’s government, which the Prime Minister insists believes in science in […]

Behind Bars

Justin Trudeau is holding me prisoner. I am not alone, he has had thousands of other Canadians locked up without charges, without trial, without conviction. That this “quarantine hotel” is somewhat comfortable does not mitigate the fact this is essentially an internment camp. There is no public health reason for my being here. The government […]

You Be The Judge

Did the Canadian government lie to the people when quarantine hotels were introduced? They wouldn’t do that, would they? Back in January, when it was made mandatory for returning air travelers to stay in a quarantine hotel, the government said there would be exceptions. The rules were made public, and anyone who felt they qualified […]

Experts and Government

Canada has something called the “COVID-19 Testing and Screening Expert Advisory Panel.” These are the experts from which the federal government gets its advice on how to handle the pandemic.  The Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that his government follows the science in these matters, in order to protect Canadians. Unless, of course, it doesn’t […]

Quarantine Nightmares

Was having an email discussion with a friend yesterday about COVID-19, pandemics, lockdowns, restrictions on rights and the necessity for quarantine. His idea was that quarantines help prevent the spread of COVID-19. I won’t reproduce our discussion, except to note that at one point he mentioned Typhoid Mary the American woman who infected dozens of […]

Free At Last!

It was only two weeks – but it was a long two weeks. Today I will celebrate by going for a walk. COVID-19 restrictions vary from place to place, and are never easy. In Canada those arriving from overseas must quarantine for two weeks, whether they show any signs of illness or not. I understand […]

Thursday Humor

I realized yesterday it has been a while since I shared the latest COVID-19 memes, so that is what we have today. We’re all tired of social distancing and working from home, but it looks like the virus will be with us for a while longer. Spending time scouring the internet may seem like a […]