Monthly Archives: May 2023

The King Of Canada

In all the pageantry and ceremony surrounding the coronation of King Charles III, I doubt the British people have paid much attention to his relationship with the colonies. Which doesn’t mean there has been no discussion of the monarchy in those colonies. Canada had strong ties to Queen Elizabeth II as the only Queen most […]

The Coin

It’s not often you hold an almost 2,000 year old coin in your hands. The rare time I use cash and get change in return, none of the coins is older than a decade. I got the opportunity to hold this one at the British Museum last week. To bring the experience home to museum-goers […]


It seems more civilized somehow, but I can’t see it going over in North America. Our sports system is different. I went to a football (soccer) game in London. I figured while I was in the UK I should take in a Premier League game, arguably the best in the world. Many of the team […]

The Family Churches

I went to services at two different Anglican churches last Sunday, which is not my usual practice. I wanted to experience a bit of family history. My father-in-law came to Canada from the UK, but had during his lifetime also lived in India, Ireland and Palestine. He was an inventor, working primarily in the automotive […]

The Snack Bin

I wasn’t sure whether to be depressed or impressed. As I sat in my seat for my Air Canada flight I noticed the orange bin in the overhead compartment across the aisle. The airline has had a lot of issues with waiting times recently, not all its own fault. I took four AC flights in […]

The Domino Effect

How much attention do you pay to the safety warnings at the beginning of a flight? I thought so. The first time you fly, you pay close attention to every word. If you are a regular airline passenger you might glance at the card in the seat pocket to see what type of aircraft you […]

Living In London

I want to live in London. And I think I can convince those already living there to pay me to do that. Why London? For the history and the culture. I just spent a long weekend in the city and didn’t even scratch the surface. I want more. I also like the weather, which is […]

Never Heard of Her

One of the little delights of travel is learning new things, history that had otherwise escaped me. That happened again Monday. I was walking through the Soho area of London when I came across this sign on a pub. I was intrigued – I had never heard of Jessie Matthews. So I looked her up. […]

The Roller Coaster

From a distance I was sure it was a roller coaster, some futurist and thrilling ride located in London’s Olympic Park. When I got closer I realized the turns would be dangerously sharp. I thought then it might be a helter skelter, that popular type of British slide. But wouldn’t people fall though the holes […]

Standing On Guard

They are iconic, the lions on watch at the base of Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square. Like so many things in the British capital, they are a must-see. I’ve probably been there a dozen times before, but I still make a point of dropping by when I am in the city. Saturday was filled […]