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Three Countries, Six More Churches

Last Sunday’s post,”Five Countries, Five Churches” got a fair amount of appreciation, and I thought since it is Sunday I might once again post a photo essay of sorts of some of the churches we visited on our travels in Europe this past summer. We’ll start with the church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, located on Trafalgar […]

A Walk in Old Brasov

It was the sign on the hill that got me chuckling. I’ve never been to Hollywood, but I have seen the iconic sign in movies, print and television (and yes I know it was originally a real estate ad). So when I saw the sign for Brasov I had to wonder what image the Romanian […]

Black Friday

Today, if you didn’t already know, is the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday, which for the past 50 years or so has been referred to as Black Friday. It is an orgy of consumerism, a shopping frenzy with supposedly lower prices and longer store hours and chaos in shopping malls across the USA. It […]

Mystery of the Missing Pigs

Every family has certain traditions that have developed over the years. Frequently they are small, sometimes silly, things that don’t mean much but are fun to have. In our family one of those rituals involves having your picture taken with the pigs in Lippstadt, Germany, my wife’s ancestral home. The pigs in question are public […]

Freak Show!

It was our last day in Europe and we were just strolling along the banks of the Thames River in London. After 30 days of travel the idea of a museum or other such attraction was less than appealing; we were too tired really to do anything that would require engaging our brains. However, I […]

A Canadian National Treasure

The once rich baritone voice is a little thinner now as time has taken its toll. Some of the notes have gone wherever it is notes go when you age. The memory is no longer perfect, which means sometimes the lyrics aren’t quite right. But it is still the same voice and these are still […]

Five Countries, Five Churches

It’s Sunday, a day of rest and worship, and I thought today I would let the pictures tell the story. On our trip to Europe in July we visited a number of churches, some to worship in, others as tourist and cultural attractions. Today one church from each of those countries. We’ll start with St. […]